Yoste - Blue Lyrics

I've fallen on my own regret
Building towers from my love
Your claws around my throat again
All I am is not enough

Tell me that there's something left
I'm a coward and a cub
We try so hard but stay bereft
Mm, I'm broken up

I don't know where you go
But I know you so well
When I'm alone with you, alone with you
I don't know who you are
When you're with your friends, I can only lose

It doesn't matter what we said
Leave the flowers in the dust
I can't remember what it meant
Only that I wrote for both of us

Won't you tell me that I'm more than just my chemicals
I've been thinking and it's more than just electrical

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Yoste Blue Comments
  1. JayStarzz

    Someone in this house is cutting onions right now, dammit . . :-\

  2. Aiden LF

    This song makes you just wanna slow dance with her til' the sun rises.

  3. the mjoamio

    Infinity love ❤️ for your music...India

  4. George Ortega

    This is how I reduce my anxiety

  5. Third_Eye_of_The_Slav

    "Won't you tell me that I'm more than just my chemicals"

  6. Radix Reuel

    Thank You Mr.Yoste

  7. Orlando Jones

    Where is the Blue Video from the add not the animation?

  8. Orlando Jones

    Found you on an ad. The only ad I was happy to find. Your music is awesome fr. Subscribing right now.

  9. Giovanna Pezzolesi

    I have this song on repeat. I LOVE the vibes of this song and the lyrics are so beautiful <3

  10. amanda goh


  11. Rupak R K

    Great one, Keep going... Greetings from Nepal🇳🇵🇳🇵

  12. Wesley Dos Santos


  13. David Kitita

    Your music always brightens up my day, just got this on repeat.
    With love from Kenya....

  14. Daniel Campo

    Yoste, your Music and lyrics are amazing!

  15. Navdeep Singh Ranote

    Bro yoste u r too good man totally stupendous

  16. Elitju

    How is his name pronounced?

  17. Emmanuel Dii

    animation and song 👌👌👌

  18. Entity

    Love it, Yoste!

  19. Zach Walford

    Absolutely amazing. I constantly check for new songs, and you guys never disappoint <3


    Actually, Yoste is just 1 guy! :D

  20. Rohini G

    I love this kinda music! Was Excited to see there was a new upload!

  21. Kate Jepson

    Another song - YES!! Kurt this is great. Your voice goes right through me during the chorus. Fantastic as always!!

  22. SuperVasil85

    Listening to Yoste while reading classical Russian literature. Greetings from Moscow!! You are amazing 🤩🤩🤩

  23. RonMiki

    Love your music! Incredible! Keep up the good work!

  24. Larry Gao

    can't believe this just happened :O

  25. Danielle Travassos Szabo

    This makes me so happy

  26. Kari6413

    Sooo chill...💙

  27. Mr. π

    Repeat repeat & repeat 😍😍😍

    C3ll Project

    It repeated all day lol 😅

    Mr. π

    C3ll Project man where are you from??

    C3ll Project

    Bangladesh ♡

  28. In Sané

    Finally some Yosté !❤

  29. bakedbean1232

    Yoste never disappoints. Stunning as always

  30. BelovedObscurity

    It’s obvious why this doesn’t have a dislike. ITS AMAZING!!!

  31. Lyn

    AAAAA, whens this coming to spotify =o

  32. KickeT Sama

    Amazing 👌

  33. Matt Island

    Another beautiful song, by the incredibly talented Yoste. Thankyou sharing your gift with us !

  34. Julieta Sturtz Gonzalez

    Buen dia Amorcito

  35. shadow 199122

    This is amazing

  36. C3ll Project

    This is true love Yoste😍😍, my friend!!
    Amazing lyrics 😇😇😇😇
    Gonna Remix that

  37. Midwest Melodies

    Hell Yes! Seeing a notification for your new video just made my night.

  38. -Marinara-

    Stunning man. Come to Boston my brother and I would 100% come to a show!!

  39. Bryan Kim

    on repeat

  40. Ryz3nS

    Amazing 👌🏻👏🏻

  41. Rodrigo Olive

    Awesome! Greetings from Mexico!

  42. CarlosJavier1485

    Couldn't ask for more 💙

  43. Adnanaldo