Yolanda Adams - Unconditional Lyrics

Unconditional, unconditional
Unconditional, unconditional

Who else would let someone nail them to a cross
For the sake of others so they would not be lost
No one, No one, will go that far for us
Who else would let someone get away with so much wrong
But still extend them gret (*grace*)
No one, No one, have so much love for us

The kind of love he shows is unconditional
His love don't come and go it's unconditional

Who else but him
He's a constant friend
Even when others turn them backs against
No one, No one is always there for us
So what kind of love

So even when your closest friends and family give up on you
Theres not a day when you can't depend on him

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Yolanda Adams Unconditional Comments
  1. Jerry B.

    I remember listening to this early 2000s, had this thing on repeat couldn't stop bopping my noggen. Smooth inspiration.

  2. DeneiceMarshall

    I have always loved this song makes me get up and dance every time thank you Lord ❤️Come on Yolanda

  3. Kyle Brodhead

    Love this song 👍🏿♥️😇

  4. Sherlena Mass

    i love the lyrics

  5. Ms. Pretty Brown


  6. Renae Thames

    I can't believe people don't like this song 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  7. Florence Parker

    I am falling deeply in love, with this song! This is a terrific Y.A. throwback!! ❤❤❤❤

  8. Florence Parker

    This album is incredible, and this song is equally incredible! I LOVE it, with all of my heart!! ~Florence Parker's son, Gideon Joshua Parker~

  9. Andrea Coleman

    99% of my childhood was Yolanda Adams. Thanks to my momma!!! One album represents her struggle while being a single parent to two babies—the other is a testament to her getting married, moving to another city, moving in faith and now she’s in nursing school! Proud of her—this was our beginning!

  10. Kim Falls

    Jesus paid it all who else would and gives unconditional love I know you right people walk off Jesus walks with me never turn away my savior

  11. Nomit

    My mom's used to bump this whole album during my childhood and I wasn't complaining😂

    Kova Capone

    Nomit lol I’m tellin ya. Issa bop

  12. Team Coko

    Yolanda sure can croon, 'cause she beautifully & flawlessly murders this song!!! #Brava