Yolanda Adams - Thank You Lyrics

When I think about how you saved my soul
I'm compelled to praise you
Like a woman out of control
So I lift up holy hands
I take advantage of this chance to say thank you
When I think about what you brought me through
I'm reminded to praise you for all that you had to do
So I lift up holy hands
I take advantage of this chance to say thank you
So from the bottom of my heart I say

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

When I think about were you brought me from
I gotta praise you like the victories already won
And I lift my hands
I take advantage of this chance to say thank you
When I think about oh Lord yes
Why you love me so
I'm compelled to praise you because
I really don't care whose looking and who knows that I love you
And I lift up my holy hands
I take advantage of this chance to say thank you
Oh, everyday of my life I just wanna say

Thank you, (Thank you Lord)
Thank you, (I gotta thank you)
Thank you, (Because of who you been to me)
Thank you, (You been a shealter in the storm)
Oh and I Thank you
You been a rock that I can stand on Thank you Lord
And I say Thank you
You been a bridge over any kind of water
I gotta say Lord I thank you
With all my heart with all my soul
Everything within me says thank you Lord
Thank you Lord
Lord I thank you, Lord I thank you, Lord I thank you
For all you done to me
Thank you Lord
Theres no words that I can say but you been good
I can't thank you enough no no no no no
Thank you Lord (I just wanna thank you)

I wanna thank, I wanna thank you
I gotta thank you, just wanna thank you
I thank you yes, I thank you yes, I thank you yes, I thank you yes
And I say.....I wanna thank you
Said Lord I thank you yes
Thank you

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Yolanda Adams Thank You Comments
  1. SirRock bloom

    LOOOOOKKKKKK YESSSSSSSS ‼️🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  2. Daniel McElroy

    I MISS SINGING LIKE THIS. Class, Power, and Conviction!

  3. Well Ronota


  4. Jamaal Morris

    Every time something makes me mad, sad or if I start thinking about an ex...I rush to this performance

  5. Dawn Mcdavis

    She can blow my God

  6. Lisa Burgess

    Still watching this in 2019♥️

  7. AAord 787

    Thank you Lord

  8. tamia11 falanna


  9. Isaiah W

    This the kinda carrying on live for🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  10. Melinda Kai


  11. Kenneth Bailey

    Fake shouting... She can sing tho

    Hezekiah Savage

    Kenneth Bailey how u kno it’s fake

  12. Paulette Stovall

    Yolanda Adams is the greatest Gospel singer. Hands down. No one matches the power, the versatility or the range of that voice. She is definitely the Queen. #ThatIsAll

    Misha Lee

    Paulette Stovall That’s Right!


    On God!!..🤯🤯🙌

  13. Jailson Silva

    Yolanda Adams
    Muita glória 😍

  14. Paris Sanders

    They just don’t make singers like Yolanda Adams anymore.

    Misha Lee

    Paris Sanders So TRUE

  15. toomuchfourU

    What I hate about Yolanda is stuff like this. Now she went in here. However when she sings in front of a secular audience she DOES NOT sing the same type of songs nor put the kind of energy into it or break out into a praise. So for them she's just another singer. I wish she showed them the real her


    @Darrian Hew Did i say I hate her or what I hate about her? Inspirational songs is the same as singing about Jesus and God. Mahalia NEVER had to compromise who she was and she sung before everybody.

    King Tutt

    If you understood anything about connecting through music, you would understand that what you "hate" is called dynamism. It is that dynamism that ferries Yolanda into various arenas "other" gospel-singing artists have always been unable to go to. Measuring her performances, and using her skill to communicate for Christ in many ways - because contrary to your seemingly solemn belief - there is more than a single set way to share the gospel. ps: I'm not Christian, and I know this ... Perhaps you should spend less time judging others, and judge your inability to see the obvious. Peace.

    Paris Sanders

    toomuchfourU go sit your hating azz down. Yolanda is the greatest gospel singer sitting or standing. #TeamQueenYoYo 👸🏾👑

    Anniyah Rhone

    Don't hate on her because she is not only a legend but an icon and an inspiration to others sh you can have a blessed day


    Because secular audiences don't react to gospel the way a church audience will

  16. toomuchfourU

    That's Vision! I wonder why the don't just hire these choirs to do background?. Vision, tri-city are some of the best around. Instead they keep getting these other people that can't sing.

  17. Andre Relford Jr

    I get teary eyed every time. this woman is gifted!!


    Omg me too❤️

  18. Alethia Akins

    GOD have and still is doing good things for me in my it not the big things it always the small things that counts Thank You GOD

  19. Emmanuel The Key

    3:02 the Holy Ghost Slammed her...YESSSSS!!! thank you Lord :)

  20. Gerald Dove

    this is what i miss about celebration of gospel!!

  21. Jhacksparrow1088

    Wow now that how to sing to the king of kinng!!!!!!!!amen


    Everytime I hear Yolanda sang songs of praise!! I instanteously get the spirit of Jesus through me!! She is truly an annoited child of God!!

  23. Black Ice

    standing ovation, exactly wat it deserves, gives me chills everytime i watch it

  24. O'Neil Joseph

    God bless this woman