Yoke Lore - Everybody Wants To Be Loved Lyrics

Everybody wants to be loved
I just want to find a way out
And change the sudden taste in my mouth
But if I can't chase you what do I have

It's not like I don't want love
I just want to feel so far

I know when I look in your eyes
All I see is pain in disguise
I know it feels in your mind
My heart's steadfast it don't lie

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Yoke Lore Everybody Wants To Be Loved Comments
  1. The Limerence Channel

    This is how everyone should dance.

  2. Cj Ichida

    I love this nigga😂😂😂

  3. Julio César Brindis López

    Una muy buena rola 👍🏻👍🏻

  4. noi minggu

    One of the best music video I ever saw in my life. Love it!!

  5. Anyelo Flores


  6. Tea Wai

    this needs to have more views wtf this is a jam

  7. Luke Her

    I love your song! Ahh ❤️😍😍

  8. Christian B. Coon

    I love the video. Has a free vibe to it

  9. Surbhi singh

    Me when no one's at home .......btw song is just 😍😍

  10. shawntee merrick


  11. Fatih

    Love you from Turkey

  12. Montse CR

    Thanks Spotify ❤🤩
    My new favourite song

  13. alex tief

    I guess thats the Most depressing video i‘ve ever Seen. Your the Best artist ive been listening to

  14. Rens

    If this song isn't my most listened to song on spotify of the year 2019 I do not know what will

  15. Audrey Perez

    Happy to find you in Spotify 🥺 I’m lucky to listen to you

  16. Lobson44

    This song makes my day, everyday.
    I listen this when i sad.
    good job !!!

  17. Mark Turbish

    Could you imagine being this guy's friend? Yeah dude, I don't know what the fuck that was. "You could have at least said you liked it."

  18. Magaly Gonzalez

    wow another great song & music video!

  19. Hide and Oak

    Canadian tour pleeeeease!!!

  20. wiczka piczka

    Omg I love u 🥴💕

  21. kenny g

    Best song of 2019

  22. Yan Ryckewaert

    See you in DC tomorrow!

  23. Philip Beeslaar

    Why am I always late to the party? Absolutely love this.

  24. Doug Oliver Martinz

    I am addicted to this song, I already spread it on all my social medias♥️♥️♥️

  25. Doug Oliver Martinz

    I love this song♥️♥️⚡

  26. Yohana Tapia Parra

    Me encantaaa ♡
    Te conocí por tu canción Beige y desde ahí soy realmente fan ☆
    Desde Chile ☆♡

  27. Sewer Squad

    This video gotta be in the top 10 coolest/weirdest videos on YouTube. Love the song by the way. Saw NVDES live at the Oliver Tree concert in Atlanta. Man has some serious talent.

  28. viktoria

    He is SO weird

    I like it

  29. EmotionalMisfit

    I’m so addicted to this song

  30. Maurício Rodrigues

    Nice track!

  31. rulelove1

    Every single time i listen to any of your songs i think that they could totally be in a movie. And i love that.

  32. Luke Her

    Love U ❤️🇧🇷

  33. Echo Echo Wine

    Cheers to the new song and music video! 😍🍷

  34. Best Guest

    Great song I absolutely love it, when will it be on spotify?

    Yoke Lore

    whenever you want! https://open.spotify.com/album/2sJKsxdfqTiPxvaI1cf65m?si=pk5uIfJHRCGa0HBKFw4pcw

  35. Leslee Garcia

    You honestly never fail to amaze me :))

  36. Cullan Gramlich

    I love you. can’t wait to see you dance like this in denver 😄

  37. little prince

    I'm your fan! From Thailand ❤️

  38. Brooke

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 I listen to this song every morning while I get ready for work and just jam! Get's me in the right state of mind:)

  39. Dionisia Jodi

    This song feels so nostalgic yet calming. The melody triggers me to look back on good old days. Thanks for making such masterpiece Adrian! I also produced my own song by the way. Really appreciate if you check it out on my channel. Much love! 🖤

  40. Yahani Moran

    woooo is beautifull

  41. Seth Nelson

    Beautifully unsettling.

  42. Scott October

    Cool. ☺

  43. Mara Gillesse

    So much love for the song and the video 😍

  44. Elyza Lacsado


  45. Sesam Khan

    Great work as always Adrian!

  46. katheroone

    you continue to amaze me! you go above and beyond <3 ✨

  47. Júlio Júlio

    Música incrível! Muito boooom <3

  48. Karmalisse Nurse

    I love your music and i wanna go to one of your concerts. 🔆💜

  49. Alex 8A

    You never disappoint us!! I hope someday I can attend one of your concerts and dance to this 🇲🇽

  50. Honorable Blue Sky

    This guy is so underrated

  51. Madison Hamil

    Hey Adrian, I know you may never see this. But from the bottom of my heart i want to thank you for sharing what is Yoke Lore with all of us, and for sharing all of the beautiful heartfelt masterpieces that are every single song. I saw Yoke Lore for the first time 6 months ago at the Songbyrd Cafe in DC right up front with a girl who means the world to me. The night remains to be one of the most magical experiences that I have ever had with live music, and left me feeling inspired. Your music has carried me through some really difficult times and reminds me to let loose and just dance in times of troubles. It makes me feel free, and at peace. True music, with genuity and passion. Thank you so much for this art. Keep going, we believe in you

  52. Jasmine Salas

    LOVE IT 😍 your eyes thoooo!!! 💙💙

  53. Cactus Greens

    Your music videos are so entertaining! My favourites

  54. Maxwell May

    This is amazing...all his songs are amazing...he's gonna blow

  55. Nick Klouda

    Sooooo that was amazing...I hope you do this on stage tonight in Seattle

  56. Spidy qda

    I love your music!! you deserve more

  57. Никита Фирсов

    such a beautiful man, both artisticly and physicly

  58. SuperRubster

    I <3 you so very much!

  59. Lera Predelina

    it's soooooo gooooood ❤

  60. Keegan Bell

    I thought that was me dancing for a sec.. Let it All Out

  61. kenny g

    It too good this song

  62. tifaf123


  63. Nicole Davis

    GOD YES!!

  64. Madison Hamil

    Adrian, you never ever disappoint. INCREDIBLE once again

  65. Lélika Sashkóva

    Hello✨good video✨Have a nice day!)) Come visit🤗Maybe you will like what you see🎶

  66. Lutiebelle

    I'm really glad to see a new upload!!! This song is definitely a Tuesday mood.

  67. Lutiebelle