Yoke Lore - Body Parts Lyrics

Do my eyes see enough can they spot my enemies
Can my tongue taste truth, can it say just what my heart means
Do my palms stay dry, can they grip what I need
Our legs they were tangled like the roots to a great tree

I grind my teeth in my sleep
When you're not next to me
I use up all of my feels
Until your lips break my seal

Lovely make me believe
That all my love is real
Lovely make me believe
That others feel what I feel

Take a dive from your head to your thighs, taste the dark side
Old delight and destiny, don't want you to be my used to be
We'll make believe we're kings and queens, Draculas and forest fiends
Rest my hands between your knees and make me want to scream

I grind my teeth in my sleep
When you're not next to me
I use up all of my feels
Until your lips break my seal

Lovely make me believe
All my love is real
Lovely make me believe
That others feel what I feel

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Yoke Lore Body Parts Comments
  1. Sewashree Baruah

    Can you please publish your song safe and sound in india!!!!!!! Huge fan!!!!!!! Love your music man keep up the good work more to go cheers!!!!
    Much love :)

  2. Dan Dave Faeldonia

    I cried.. this song is so beautiful and your voice, wow!.. I love you man. Thank you for your music. Thank You God

  3. Alyssa Thompson

    ✨This takes me somewhere,
    && I’m freely letting it.✨❣️

  4. Joey Ting

    He is sooo underrated😫

  5. Juanfer Melendez

    Dakotaz ❤️

  6. Charles Andrews

    Thank you, Dakotaz (:

  7. Hazel Tibaya

    Your music is emotionally dazing.....just beautiful💕. Thank you

    Brë Ê

    It's also very addictive. I always come back to it🖤

  8. faraz shah


  9. Myeverydaylife

    “All my love is real”😌


    Rising ⭐️ star🌟

  11. The Smiling Titan Sama

    I need the lyrics for this

  12. Dan Dave Faeldonia

    Thank You So Much, Yoke. Your music inspired me so much. It touch my heart and soul. I dont have a words to explain what I feel everytime I listen to your music. Thank you so much. God bless you all guys. <3 I wish I could go to your concert but Im from the Philippines.

  13. Rowan Cain

    you should come to pittsburgh we need your talent

  14. ThereIsOnlyChange

    Genius. .....especially code name, "lovely"....

  15. orhan çetin

    ❤️🔥🔥 from 🇹🇷

  16. Jennifer Addison

    Saw you tonight (well last night now technically) at Bishop Briggs concert. You guys absolutely smashed it. Was youtube'ing your stuff whilst you were on so I didn't forget. Well done. Wonderful songs. (Singer is insanely cute btw) xxx

  17. shawntee merrick

    "Do my eyes see enough can they spot my enemies
    Can my tongue taste truth, can it say just what my heart means"

  18. Javi ñaaa

    Me encanta esta canción, no entiendo por que no tiene mas del millón de views TU MUSICA ES ARTE PURO, y tu voz es realmente única, de verdad te admiró mucho ❤

  19. Isadora Lais

    Come to Brazil

  20. ihopeurot Francis

    your songs are amazing, they affect my soul so much, god I never stop listening to you, you are cutie

  21. ihopeurot Francis


  22. Ccie4u

    I've listened to this song legit more than 100 times on repeat.

  23. Electronic Music

    it's a magical feeling👍🏻❣️

  24. Paris Ryan

    I'm in one of these crowds. Thank you for the amazing show and the beautiful music.

  25. jdylan237

    Perfect fall vibes <3 wish more people tuned into this!!!

  26. Ccie4u

    If you have come here by accident or because you like them, congrats because you have an outstanding taste in music.

  27. Yahani Moran

    Thank you, i like you music⚘⚘⚘♠

  28. Jinxachu

    beautiful~ your music keeps me dancing, thank you so so so much <3

  29. Melanie Law

    Loved this song live!!! So stoked to listen to this on repeat!!!

  30. pes19 mobile

    Just wow.when you will get fame..u really deserve it,.😍

  31. Spidy qda

    love you man, you´re awesome

  32. yeliz karadayi

    Ooh dang dope lore you're really comin' up. I've been to two of your concerts now, it's awesome to see you grow.

  33. Cat

    Come to Asheville, NC!!

  34. Nicole Davis

    Such an AMAZING concert! Just absolutely phenomenal, I would buy tickets again in a heartbeat!!! COME BACK TO COLORADO!!!!

  35. Leslee Garcia

    Absolutely amazing !! Had a blast seeing you Wednesday you truly are the most down to earth guy 🥰❤️. Keep up the amazing music!!

  36. Nick Klouda

    YOU'VE DONE IT AGAIN! Such beautiful music - I want you to go on tour again so I can come to multiple shows!!!

  37. Jackson Thomas

    In love with this and your voice.

  38. sandiegocalifornia


  39. Laurelinda Carota

    You make the most beautiful touching music, please come to Australia

  40. Sakinah S

    this song makes me wanna go out on a night run

  41. tifaf123

    I LOVE your music so so much

  42. Victor Patch

    Fire of song

  43. Philip Beeslaar

    Finally! I'm on time for the party. When are you coming to South-Africa??

  44. Rochelle Brandom

    🖤🌌 Life has meaning again.

  45. SimpleGrain

    Wish I could go to your concert again. If you guys still haven't seen him live, one of the best concerts i've been too.

    Katie Linn

    DANG IT! I tried to see him in Columbus but he was sold out. :(


    @Katie Linn bummer, next time try to get tickets asap or buy resale tickets like I did haha (10 bucks more, not bad)! worth it.

    Nick Klouda

    Absolutely agreed. Hands down one of the best music experiences I've ever had!

    G Um

    Definitely, agreed!

  46. Alex 8A

    Oh, what a beautiful surprise!! This is lovely as always. I’m glad you are doing okay Adrian 🇲🇽

  47. Jhonatancarrascocruz Carrasco Cruz

    Chicos que Buena cancion muy hermosa 😍💞👍

  48. kenny g

    Great song. Can't wait to see you perform next month in Glasgow

  49. Alex Yacobozzi

    Thank you, Yoke, for making music that resonates so well with me.

    You get me , and you don’t even know me.

    Thank you.

  50. Fany Arenas

    I love Yoke Lore ❤❤❤❤