Yoe Mase - Throw Me Away Lyrics

Throw me away
You throw me away
Throw me away
Throw me away

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Yoe Mase Throw Me Away Comments
  1. القحطاني


  2. Ralf Mandujano

    Love the new video edits!

  3. Antigen

    Wow, just started listening, LOVING this channel! so many different tracks but all getting me in the feels :o excellently melodic <3

  4. Silent Symphony

    home sweet home

  5. The Melodic Truck

    Gotta love Yoe Mase and his music. All hail the king Mase!

  6. Kogarashi

    I absolutely love Yoe Mase!! His music is always top notch <3

  7. KnightOfUmbra

    Being a music producer myself I have to say that Yoe Mase has become one of my biggest inspirations. I aspire one day to create music that makes people feel the way I do when I listen to Yoe Mase. I hope he never stops, and I hope he keeps up the good work. Because he inspires people like me every day.

  8. Al Alice

    Great music LOL ❤👍💕🐜

  9. UltimateSlayer

    I really enjoy the use of the art of Hades from Aura Kingdom~ It is a fantastic song too!

  10. Wild Boy Kayzo

    "Sho me de waeyyyy!!"

  11. Mason Dillon

    Not a bad song at all (in fact I already replayed it a few times), but i feel like in any chill mix it would fade to the back as filler instead of standing on its own. Its just missing that je ne sais quoi element. Just my $0.02.

  12. Benjamin Jones

    So 1:40 makes it!

  13. Ryku Tyrrel

    sounds like it could be part of Made in Abyss' OST

  14. Ángel Sebastián Corona

    good track

  15. NεεsτΥ

    yoe mase is a god

  16. VXNTY

    ✔ I love that

  17. I Am Numa

    Bout to hit the replay button. Great upload Arctic!

  18. Nicatchu

    If anyone is wondering who's the guy in the picture - it's Hades from Aura Kingdom.

    Emilie A

    thank you. he looks like someone else, though.


    Italy maybe he does, but still it's Hades.


    aura kingdom still exists? I thought the bots took over

  19. Anime Aesthetic

    *Omg Yoe Mase!! ♥*

  20. Marcel Goodwin

    Truthseeker is also a very good one by Yoe Mase. All of the songs I've listened to from him I've liked though. This one especially.

  21. Justin Pagano

    This song is amazing!

  22. Black J.C

    Sooo Cool! :3 Love u.

  23. FiestyFrog1198

    Yoe Mase + Chill = Like

  24. DJ SAM

    me encanto <3

  25. Colton Shaner

    I reject your reality and replace it with Yoe Mase.

    Nico Jones

    I love this comment so much.

  26. Ahmed Ashraf

    Yoe Mase ❤❤

  27. Arctic Empire

    Join the Arctic Empire community on discord: https://discord.gg/74TCEzV!

  28. Aric Krueger

    this is beautiful😍😍

  29. Faded Nebulon

    I love his music

    Arctic Empire

    it's beautiful ^^

  30. Arctic Empire

    Yoe Mase is fantastic. I love his voice and his production! Let me know what you think of this new tune of his in the comment section :)
    Spoiler alert: 1:40 will take you for a ride!

    Iron Originel

    Why you spoil ;_;