Yoe Mase - Neon City In Shattered Glass Lyrics

6:42 again. Strange, he thought
For as long as he can remember he had always woken up at 6:42. He never had his alarm set for the time or anywhere near it
He wasn't trying to wake up
6:42 seemed to be observing him, and it never seemed to lose interest. And in some strange way, it comforted him
He flipped his lights on and squinted. It had been happening for over eight months
No matter what pills he took or how late he went to bed, his internal clock always prevailed
He wasn't angry, wasn't tired, but he felt helpless
His name was Oden. He lived on the sixth floor of an old apartment building with a balcony overlooking the city. The view was nice, but the neglected projects took away from it all
The city was odd, the sidewalks almost always deserted and the streets seemingly devoid of all noise
And at night, the stereotypical neon signs and flashing lights were replaced with a quiet far away hum of the city's factories producing steel
For as long as he can remember, graffiti covered almost every wall of every building, and windows were cracked on floors up high. Tommy often wondered why the city never bothered fixing it up
Despite the eerie emptiness, the citizens seemed happy enough, always with a smile and a friendly greeting
They would nod and say hello while passing Oden in the hallway, always appearing busy with something
He picked himself up and walked from his bedroom to another room. His small television was hanging on his dirty blue wall, and was turned off as usual. There was an old grey couch that seemed small, awkwardly placed in the middle of the room. It was dirty and faded. He felt he should replace it, but he hardly used it anyway. He was never in the room. He found it amusing that they called it a living room, because he hardly lived in it at all
However, his most prized possession was in this room. His rectangular crystal chamber was lying on the desk and he absolutely cherished it
It was the only reason he entered his room. It took him to a world of mirrors. What was it like to see the world through the eyes of a glass cage, segregated from all the discomfort and awkwardness of life?
He would have to know
He needed an answer
There was nothing as essential
He thought for a moment and then sat down on his couch
He glared into the black abyss of his television. That was the only show he really liked anyhow. He looked into the black abyss of his television. That was the only show he really liked anyhow

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Yoe Mase Neon City In Shattered Glass Comments
  1. Thuk Ducg

    may i make a game based on this story? :D

    Thuk Ducg

    im guessing the heart means "im dying to see your game"

  2. Canal DHX

    One more night im here

  3. aeon

    i woke up at 6:42 after listening to this if that's not a sign i don't know what is

  4. Francesco Rotolo

    Maybe Oden is the Yoe's friend that committed suicide. I don't know if is it true but in this site https://genius.com/11889315 a guy called Fortressfighter in on of the annotations of the song ''Lonely'' wrote ''The artist’s friends committed suicide because of “personal reasons”. And without friends life can get very difficult at times.''

  5. White Pheonox

    At 0:42 his name is Oden, but at 1:24 his name is Tommy? Kind of confused about this. But I love the music, lyrics, and video. Thanks so much for the upload!

    Davi Arndt

    Thank you!!! Tommy is another guy.

  6. Josiah Hunt

    This really captures my imagination. Such a captivating song - I don't know why it doesn't have more views.

  7. Hex

    I don't suppose there is a specific genre of content that has more stuff like this? I thoroughly enjoyed this even after the 10th replay

    Davi Arndt

    Hahahah thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

  8. kingdom 220

    he is talking about alcohol a rectangular crystal
    chamber stands for a crystal decanter its standing for how a depressed person needs nothing else after awhile good work on the video btw

    Davi Arndt



    A perfect interpretation of this text. You would make an excellent English student.

    kingdom 220

    i should know i lived it

  9. Thành Lê

    I'm dying seeing and listening this, please if i can ask the font in the video?

    Davi Arndt

    +Thành Lê Hey, no problem. The font is called VCR OSD Mono.

  10. Ewen Kerridge

    Who's Tommy?

    Davi Arndt

    +Ewen Kerridge I have no clue brother

  11. Boldeelox

    this is so good I can't even

  12. Tommy

    I absolutely cherish my rectangular crystal chamber

  13. D_ar-K

    omg i'm learning english and this is fucking awesome for this :D

  14. Hasch rebellen

    The text is really touching me, and the music and the video accompanies the atmosphere very well. Did Yoe write the text?

    Davi Arndt

    Thank you! No, the text is not mine, Yoe did it.

  15. Mars

    it's kind of original. I really liked it

    Davi Arndt

    Creativity Civ Thanks a lot!

  16. htlrbrstmlk

    An absolutely astonishing and incredible story. Well done :)

  17. SquidsTv

    i always thought his name was Ogen

  18. MrZombie Durp

    I have listened this song more than 100 times and I am in love with it

    Davi Arndt

    MrZombie Durp 😆

  19. 好迪Haody

    i love this one sooooooooo much <3

    Davi Arndt

    Thanks man! <3