Yoe Mase - Need Your Love Lyrics

I need, oh, I need your love, love...

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Yoe Mase Need Your Love Comments
  1. Nite

    This was uploaded on my birthday <3

  2. MrCosas12345678

    Maybe there was a moment when I needed share my life with another person but that was long time ago, nowadays I don't feel that I need someone in my life, just I don't have anybody.

    *I prefer stay alone.*

  3. PK williams

    Help whenever I touch my IPad I get electrocuted and it's not fun.
    I can't hit the like button 😭

  4. captain moonrise

    Someday we will be able to attach chords of a song directly to our nerves and that will be heaven.

  5. Cat

    Yoe Mase is a KING

  6. Prismuh

    Im not even going through a break up and I felt every single emotion they were trying to portray.

    PS That bass line is soooooo intricate

  7. Tavi T

    And i need tacos mmk

  8. BarStoolcommenter69

    Hello fans of Yoe Mase. How is your life going??????? Call my number if you know me

  9. Theballsohard U

    Love you Yoe. Can’t wait to see you shit on Justin Bieber on billboard

  10. PumkinKiing

    would of been way better without the depressing and annoying phone stuff bringing you out of the song

  11. Chr0mePisto1a

    Love the distant city artworks going on here. Makes you seems so small.

  12. TestTube ML

    Why does it sound like tekken 5 song?

  13. ishtails

    The attitude of not worrying about what people think about you is precious. Absolutely love the song ❤️

  14. Kahandran

    Implementing the dial tone @ 1:50 was genius. awesome track

  15. USUNIL Hughes

    ill lead ;cause ur need ur love love wadood needs when i need haq hakeem upfront

  16. USUNIL Hughes

    we are la beautiful ed shaeran picture staring lack the one that she loves caring or are u caring and displacements a jami for u?

  17. charles ouimet

    Old sheepy got me here *_*

  18. câmbio milena hoseok


  19. soy alguien

    Nadie que hable español :'v??

  20. TammyHuynh USA

    Hello my new friend nice music thank for sharing

  21. Devonta Young

    Man this song is dope 👌I need your love!

  22. Jéja


  23. Adeline Krasniqi

    What a gem of a song.
    Props; This is magical.

  24. Mαяιиα Šυzυкι

    I need
    Oh, I need your love, love
    I need
    Oh, I need your love, love

    I need
    Oh, I need your love, love
    I need
    Oh, I need your love, love

    I need (I need)
    I need (I need)
    I need (I need)
    Oh, I need your love (love)
    I need (I need)

    I need
    Oh, I need your love, love
    I need
    Oh, I need your love, love
    I need
    Oh, I need your love, love

    I need
    I need

    (Hey, so, this is a little awkward, but.. I kinda just wanted to call and get it over with. Um, things haven't really been working out as well between us, and I just.. I think it's time for both of us to kinda just move forward. Um, I care about you a lot, but I think that this is the best decision for me. So.. yeah.)


    She says Hey at the beginning :D

    Mαяιиα Šυzυкι

    @Launchpad_xVenom Thankies! ♥️🤭

    Caterina Carlone

    Amazing 😍👍

  25. Vyp3r

    I think it's funny how art like this is so beautiful but you can see it in real life, but no on e really appreciates it until they make themselves or they want to. The art really opens our eyes that we need to enjoy the beautiful things In life

  26. Vyp3r

    I love the art in the backround

  27. Breno Barros

    Muito bom, essa música

  28. jopojopo1

    sad break up
    hurts me hart

  29. Stanley Nzerue

    What a lovely chill music.

  30. Wild4o

    What a nice wub...haven't heard one for a good while...thanks!

  31. Locke900

    Any chance we can get a version without that ending bit

  32. Kawsar A

    I love the backgrounds. Its like a signature for this channel

  33. Perry Kaljareuk


  34. Juvia Loxar

    i lyk that yoe mase is making music with other artists these days

  35. ALONE

    Aenami is becoming my favourite artist :D

  36. fabled!

    I know this is common on this channel but the artwork fits sooo perfect to this song!

  37. Bthelick

    🎵info: 109bpm G#minor

  38. MSTR Hazza

    Sad ending 😭

  39. HutreGoxe

    Yoe mase's music is the best ! ♥

  40. Baptiste C


  41. Zoldar Music

    Who else is hearing deadmau5 - Monophobia (feat. Rob Swire) ? :D
    Anyway, this song is amazing.

    Saeed El Tobgy

    yessss me i love deadmau5

  42. AlexTheProtoType

    Anyone know what's the lyrics

  43. Zeynep Büşra KAYA

    Omg very good

  44. Hevvy

    My god Yoe Mase!!! This song took me out of reality for a few minutes there. Absolutely unreal!!!

  45. Liberty Fambarega

    Wow its beautiful. Well done

  46. Kush

    does somebody know songs simillar to this one? The vibes man this gives me so chill

    Jhil Music

    Listen Yoe Mase’s “Solider” album. it should have the vibes you’re looking for!

  47. Inyrth -

    This song has taken over my life the last few days. It is definitly my favourite song at this moment. Absolutly amazing job to both Yoe Mase and ILYA. Hope to see ILYA on more music with Yoe Mase

  48. Osama Bin Laden

    *I need your love*

  49. Dylan

    The inclusion of the voicemail at the end changed this song from somber to flat out depressing. I wasn't sure if he was pleading with someone or not, but now I know for sure that he is. Good job, y'all.

  50. danny sohilait


  51. Jack B

    I’ve been waiting for this for so long. Love the vibe Yosef! As soon as I saw this come out I immeadiately added it too all of my playlsits

  52. Pepe_The_Frog

    The background is dope

  53. infernopirate98


  54. Relax And Deep

    Beautiful track :)

  55. Zoey Young

    More chills tonight🔥

  56. Paweł Ogrodnik

    Sound's good.. :)

  57. Alex Reed

    Yoe mase continues to be my favorite artist.

  58. One TM

    Yoe Mase, I love your tracks! Keep it up! ❤️

  59. Ella Orbase

    All the artworks of alena aenami is very unique and beautiful <3

  60. iceninja2

    What an epic collab. <3

  61. Epicishness 137

    Wow the message at the end tore me up...

  62. sai Dhruv

    Those 85 ppl who disliked this video must've been autistic or something

  63. 탁이스쿨YouToube

    신나고 즐거운 리믹스 음악 잘 듣고 갑니다 사랑해요
    화려하고 멋진 일러스트 잘 보고 갑니다 사랑해요

  64. Denzel Patrick

    People wants poetry, yeap :)

  65. Maddy V

    For some reason, the background gives me chills every time I see it ☺

  66. Kiana Kaslana 恋の生活

    I thought it was the music... But it's an ad by ENFORCE

  67. I AM DRY

    0:00-3:13 Just Lovely

  68. Pumaxcs

    Nice song but bigger thanks for letting me know Aenami made a 3rd wallpaper pack

  69. rawfalcon4

    a cyberpunk sticker yay, also this song is amazing !

  70. the simplest Click

    Yoe Mase Nunca decepciona ✌️🤩💓


    Esta buena la rubia. E e e e e

  72. ibraheem saeed

    Yoe mase 😍😍😍

  73. Atul Kumar

    ❤ love Yoe Mase

  74. Angel Lance7

    I needed this song exactly right now, so thanks a lot

  75. Lea cutaya

    This is beautiful, the colours of the sunset is mesmerising.

  76. Quiet a little

    idk why but Yoe Mase's music always takes me back in time somehow ..

  77. Future House Cloud

    sometimes we all need love and now i need your love 😍
    So amazing

  78. Paballo Molata

    This background art is beautiful 😍

  79. Nick Malai

    Like old days :')

  80. FarLux

    Perfect picture!

  81. Rebekah Anderson

    When he ignores you until he "needs your love."

  82. Carina C

    me: cries
    Mom: tf is going on?
    shows her the song
    Mom and I : crying
    Dad: oh god…what is it?
    shows him the song
    Now we all crying.

    Fantasy Girl

    Uh... that's a joke i think
    ... no?

    Carina C

    @Fantasy Girl jk

    Hi There

    @Carina C it's like hearing a kid telling a joke

  83. Noel Rodriguez

    Dang, that phone call breakup hit me really hard. About 3 months ago, I broke up with my ex over the phone after attempting to do it in person and not succeeding.

    It just reminded me.

    its kxrda

    Noel Rodriguez keep your head up bro. it’ll be okay.

    •twenty øne piløts panicking at the discø•

    phone break ups are almost as bad as being broken up with through a friend

  84. Khairul Daniel

    *This is breathtaking*

  85. Kenke Nightcore

    Amazing 💞♥️

  86. Lucas S.

    Thumb is beautiful...

  87. Leigh Taylor

    Beautiful song!! Struggling with memorizing the lyrics though!

    Google Usahh

    I love your need, or somethin like that


    Big vibes!

  89. Rhiannon Taylor

    Hit me harder than a spank to the ass 😂

  90. Mari Ne

    The girl looks loke rose from blackpink

  91. dayankris

    Yoe!!! yessa!

  92. Reny Sunshine

    Awesome addition to have a nice friday, Thaks Sheepy!.

  93. Yoe mase

    Hey there. Thank you for checking the track out!

    I made this track with my close childhood friend, ILYA. We have known each other since we were 5 years old. We chose to chase a sound that represents what we care about in music. Stories. Painting pictures with music. And not worrying about how people view you.

    That being said, for all those producers out there, I put out a Splice audio pack for people who are chasing similar goals.
    you can check it out here.

    Thank you so much for listening and Ill be back really soon!

    MR Mister

    That sound is beautiful


    Yoe mase you are my easily one of my favorite artists, and I have no idea how you haven't gotten radio play yet!


    was curious what that clip at the end was from?

    Gonzalo M

    the audio at the end is ilya ?


    Yoe I don’t know any of your names but this shit is beautiful. Call me if you want to