Yoe Mase - Lonely Lyrics

I sold my own soul to the Devil
Said, "You don't need your heart"
In this world full of trouble
Where the madness won't stop
And they take advantage
And they run for the hills
'Cause a life is harder
When they swallow the pills
Being lonely

Took a walk with an angel
Because she said she can't fly
I screamed out, "Can you forgive me?"
Before she said goodbye
Well, go into darkness before I try
Is life worth living when you need to get by?
I'm still lonely

I was the king but not the king of anything
I'm still lonely
I'm still lonely
I'm still lonely
Call me Mr. Righteous even if I always sin
I'm still lonely
I'm still lonely
I'm still lonely

Told myself I was going
To get out of this place
Find running water
And find a new space
But in my own time
I will know
That deep inside
We don't ever let go

I was the king but not the king of anything
Call me Mr. Righteous even if I always sin

I sold my own soul to the Devil
Said, "You don't need your heart"
I sold my own soul to the Devil
Said, "You don't need your heart"

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Yoe Mase Lonely Comments
  1. Bart Malone

    Still one of the best song! ❤️

  2. XxPyroSplitterxX The real

    Use this song when your loved ones are going away in the space / other country.. 💔💔

    Keeratika Kongsuk

    Lol roblox oof

  3. Dynamite Lynn

    *I’m here cuz of Geometry Dash-*

  4. Nicola Malherbe

    this hit the spot... thank you
    i really needed this

  5. Pootis - brawl stars

    It's a *lonely* night on 4am and I'm just going through some legendary songs
    Onward to 10 million views and many more!

  6. Gage Sulek

    I cried and I don’t usually cry

  7. PlatinumDS Beats

    0:40 The Best Part

  8. Guardian

    I’m going to like everyone’s comments to bring back to this masterpiece

  9. Cristal Republic

    This guy's needs to be famous

  10. Sheikh Gulbaz

    Who else is listening this in cold december nights lonely?

  11. Yusef Kalam

    We accepted our fates and said what? That we didn’t need our hearts,

  12. Ahri

    Wtf this is one of the best things I've ever heard

  13. Erick Ademar

    Esta música ha formado parte de mi vida desde los 13 años, fue una gran canción. La compartí con alguien una vez. Es una lástima todo esto.

  14. forSaturn

    Guess i’m the only one here who prefers to be lonely?

    Shadow Star

    You can't prefer to be lonely; you can prefer to be alone. They aren't the same thing

  15. Marianne Charon

    I love it <3

  16. Sean Daniels

    I love you sheepsterq

  17. Fawjan Khan

    Yoe mase - lonely kisnou remix

  18. k t

    I’ve listened to u since i was the king but not the king of anything, about 5 years ago... to ponder what loneliness is

  19. Wilmar Botha

    Thank you Yoe Mase. You truly have the best music for all us sad, lonely drinkers 12:00 at night. Best fuckin artist.

    (PS The touch of war in your songs is amazing)

  20. cesar arce

    OmG... can i survive till 2020????

  21. القحطاني


  22. BarStoolcommenter69

    If you have no one please text me on any social media and I swear you will be one person away from lonely. It’s not worth it your life will turn around

  23. Joker Siam

    As a Loner i enjoy this song

  24. Mş. Můşhřøøm

    The image reminds me of an Astronaut that got left behind. :(

  25. Giann Mikhael

    its been 2 years I'm still coming back to this song
    the only song that keeps me calm from a stressful situation
    all I can say is thank you

    Joker Siam

    I last heard that song 2 years ago

  26. dexter 79

    Bagus coy

  27. Nona Mhboula

    Every time im alone i listen to this song theres no friends no family who knows what im going threw who would think a girl like me is so broken and misjudged its a hard feeling to have no one and wake up at night crying then i listen to this song and i feel good... Thank u mrsuicidesheep#lucy#

  28. Sleepy

    this guy has literally never made bad music

  29. setan alas

    Everyone still lonely?or jst me...,So im here again

  30. CrimsonLogic AL

    *New Statefarm ad pops up*
    *5 seconds go by*-Lady leaning on the SUV-"Hit skip, you don't wanna see this"
    Me-"You're right, I really don't"

  31. Jose Perez

    I've come to enjoy loneliness

  32. NeutralBytes [GD]

    This Song make me remember about LUKAS GRAHAM

  33. mafioza mafiozy

    I cant find this picture. Someone can halp me?

    s l

    It seems to be taken down from the Art Station Account :/

  34. Nathalie Verdida

    My new fave channel 😍💕

  35. O o

    Came from asphalt 9

  36. Kurasakii Dimeja

    Anyone else missing the old Mr. Suicide sheep?

  37. Alice Wonderland

    ⚡️I have a big hug waiting just for you

  38. Abdullah Bin-Qasim

    Omg I remember when I had a lot of friends and looked forward to school now look at me one year later

  39. nitin kumar

    In love with this song :')

  40. START

    É legal, se tiver uma idéia, sendo praticada, que é um sinal de * estrela, por exemplo; nos vídeos, sinalizado pelo autor, do vídeo, indicando que o vídeo, está liberado para ser usado pelos YouTubers, que fazem boas produções.

  41. dxxm

    i think we all have dealt with this together :)

  42. Smok3d Hon3y

    My God how stunning this track is and the art is just on another lvl one ofy favorites since it came out!

  43. Midoriya Deku

    When you don't have any friends or family to support you througout schooling and college 🙃. This song really resonates with my life. I've been alone for so long that it's messed with my mental state. Sometimes i feel itds not worth it. But i still havent given up. I keep pushing in hopes that one day ill find the people that truly stick by

  44. Lonely

    I am so lonely and I can’t say anything else:(

  45. Second Opinion

    "I sold my soul to the devil" But why?

    Mikey G

    It's a metaphor and it's not like he actually wanted to sell his soul to the devil (he regrets his actions anyway).
    The song isn't just about breakups even if it seems so because of the second verse. The third verse is my life btw.
    Just know that circumstances shape people.

    Second Opinion

    @Mikey G I do. I am just wondering how u get in the circumstance to sell your soul to the devil. What is it a metaphor for exactly? Being edgy?

  46. Stephen L_L

    Who's still listening🤙

  47. Aditya Singh Rathore

    That one tear drop on the pillow..

  48. Oscar Gameplays

    cade os toxicos do patriots??

  49. Jesse Junior

    One of the best songs ever made. Evergreen forever!

  50. Daniel Chung

    can someone send me the art lol

  51. Incógnita 2 Incógnita 5

    Que tal quibo

  52. Greek Justice

    2019 am i the only one who still loves this song???
    I relate to this song
    In many points in my life i was just lonely and it really hurt luckily im good for now


    Hey me too

    Nguyen Son

    you got me

  53. the gurdian

    The best song for ski!!!

  54. AlexDuzGames

    Oh my god thank god the oh yeah people haven’t reached you

  55. mr.penguin

    we came here alone, we remain alone, we will die alone. just remember that when you feel lonely or alone.

  56. Sunny Rawal

    I’m sitting right now in a class, alone, and I can’t believe how good it feels to be an empty class with this perfect fitting song! Thanks Yoe Mase for this song, and everyone for supporting him

  57. Queen Novah

    cant stop listening

  58. Asuka Nakashima

    its new year everyone is having fun and im alone listening to this song perfect night

  59. Rafael Malizia

    Queria que meu amor escutasse essa musica comigo !Jogando rs

  60. Ralph Cueva

    U in I’m getting out today u have rodin number

  61. Ralph Cueva

    I assume ur in now brother achey she a n mods any

  62. Carrot Survivor

    I love this artist so much

  63. Momoka

    Read this if you have ever felt alone, depressed, suicidal, lost, scared, worthless, abandoned, or anything of that nature, this is for you You Are Beautiful. You Are Wanted. You Are Wonderful. Don't quit on yourself. Don't hurt yourself. You are worth the world and nobody wants to see you suffering. This is not the end. The way you feel right now will pass. Peoples minds will change. Things WILL get better. We love you and are always here for you. Do NOT do something permanent over something temporary. You're better than that. All stars need to see darkness before the light. And always remember, Don't change so people will like you. Be yourself & the right people will find and love the real you. Your own unique Mindset always trys to engage in the right ways Now read the first letter of every word You Matter! no matter what other people may say. Always know this is true. It helps. You are worth my time to write this. I do care. ❤ Continue on ❤ be a soldier. Fight that war. Because YOU can. I believe in you. I'm rooting for you! Good luck! ^^ ❤️❤️❤️


    I smile now every time someone says "it will pass", not because I believe it, but because I know that it won't...

  64. Adam Callaghan

    I do tho. But thanks for the moment made.

  65. McCaulley Cooper

    This is the only thing I need right now and forever 💓

  66. Aerophina

    B E A U T I F U L
    ---------------------------- !

  67. Alejandro Arias Betancur

    Where can i get that picture?

  68. Jerome Capundag

    his rocket left him

  69. Mikey G

    I'm still lonely..

  70. zero zantiago

    I do like your songs bro 👍

  71. Aaron Christenson

    This is great composition. The feeling, the phrasing, the story. Its spectacular

  72. Cameron Cockrell

    i clicked by accident and now im in love with this song

  73. S R

    I was in a car with my friends laughing and joking on a rainy night

    What a wonderful dream ;-)

  74. ashis naiding

    So perfect ❤️

  75. Vidmantas Simkus


  76. Dennis Musingila

    How I love this track💆‍♂️

  77. Demo Gog

    Can you forgive me?


  78. Areal Alien

    Whenever i listen to your music sheepy, i always think of long winter days. Winter days where i'm up in the cold moutnains listening to your playlists and riding my snowboard. I'm riding down the mountains and through all the beautiful landscape and snowy trees. Riding with my friends, looking at the beautiful sky and just enjoying life.

  79. tommy stace

    this what i felt when i got broken up i still feel it today idk if it will ever go away one day it will be good and hurt a little bit but some days i just feel like will i ever find anther person who will love me makes just want to curl up in a ball in a corner/ just give up

  80. XFSR CH


  81. Pritam Kumar Patra

    I love you all💖💞

  82. Mysterious Man

    I love the beat and the rhythm

  83. Bekyuu

    This has become one of my favorite songs.

  84. Blake Bucknall

    Need more songs like this

  85. Blake VanDamage

    Still Lonely

  86. Aditya Sari

    Such a soothing voice 😭💖

  87. Rabbaneeya Samuel Chaudhry

    Sad beautiful song

  88. Denmark Immatong

    Mesmerizing... I've been listening to this everyday!

  89. taco lover

    Hey person scrolling down through the comments your beautiful and amazing

  90. Sandra Ström

    I was the king but not the kink of anything? 😏😉

  91. Rider& Délire

    Good 10 . 000 .000

  92. Midget

    The vocals are stunning, chasing away my loneliness.


    thank you...


    for being nice
    to me

    Gigel Nistor

    LUCIAN SAUCIER anytime man :)


    "chasing away my loneliness" The picture with an astronaut, lonely, and the rocket taking off for a better world.