Yoe Mase - Lonely (Phantom Sage Remix) Lyrics

I sold my own soul to the Devil
Said, "You don't need your heart"
In this world full of trouble
Where the madness won't stop
And they take advantage
And they run for the hills
'Cause a life is harder
When they swallow the pills
Being lonely

Took a walk with an angel
Because she said she can't fly
I screamed out, "Can you forgive me?"
Before she said goodbye
Well, go into darkness before I try
Is life worth living when you need to get by?
I'm still lonely

I was the king but not the king of anything
I'm still lonely
I'm still lonely
I'm still lonely
Call me Mr. Righteous even if I always sin
I'm still lonely
I'm still lonely
I'm still lonely

I'm still lonely
I'm still lonely
I'm still lonely
I'm still lonely

Told myself I was going
To get out of this place
Find running water
And find a new space
But in my own time
I will know
That deep inside
We don't ever let go

I was the king but not the king of anything

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Yoe Mase Lonely (Phantom Sage Remix) Comments
  1. João Paulo

    Solta mlk

  2. Meshari Al-Malki

    I bought my dream car when this song just got released, it was the first song I heard in the car. I've sold the car and every time I hear this song it reminds me of it :(

  3. walace Borges

    The patriots

  4. Bruno Corinto

    Is real boys the patriots 🤘☣

  5. Matheus Santos

    The patriots, toxidade começando

  6. Victor A.P. Halps

    olha a toxidade começando, frita mlk

  7. Justin Howell

    Anyone else here this in different tempos depending on when you listen to it?

  8. Arthur Nunes

    Bando de dinâmico escutando essa fritação

  9. Connor

    I shared this song with my Dad on Father’s Day

  10. Gustavo Hamerski

    Oh Yeah Boys!

  11. E.T Noob


  12. Lucas Santana

    Olha a skill aumentando seus dinâmicos inúteis..THE PATRIOTS MLK

  13. Рустем Турусов


  14. Armando Henrique


  15. Lepszin


  16. Oscar Gameplays


  17. Alberto A. Cavalheiro


  18. Kayo

    Só tenho uma coisa pra dizer:: vim pelo patriota e nois

    Minzon Play

    Somos dois kkkkkkk

    LGDA Gamers

    Kkkkkkk é nois

    Gabriel Mattge

    kkkkkkkkkkk é noois



  20. maicon allves

    Ta começando a toxidade!!! Is real boys!!!!!

    Rafa B.

    hahahahah It's real boys 8|

  21. Iago Alves

    Frita danada!!! 😎☢️

  22. Irregular'-' Gameplays

    *the patrioootssss*

  23. LucasSilva6x1


  24. Snow -

    *Tá começando à toxidade!!!*

    Irregular'-' Gameplays

    *the patrioots*

    Irregular'-' Gameplays

    _só skill_

    Snow -

    @Irregular'-' Gameplays ooh yah

    Victor Luigi

    It's real boys

  25. Dragon

    who's watching 2019

  26. joaopira4198

    the patriots muleque

  27. Enzo

    Aí q agonia patriota

    Irregular'-' Gameplays

    Vai pro inferno dinâmico

  28. Leo Xavier

    The Patriots MLK<33

  29. Kwame Acheampong

    This song gets me.

  30. Nw VrauZin

    Its real boys, the Patriots homão da poha

    Irregular'-' Gameplays

    Musica tóxica fritação

  31. Felipe Sartorato

    The patriots, is real boys

  32. Ultimate BG

    Tio patriots da fritacion is real

  33. Teus Rocha

    The patriots mlk!!

  34. Golden Tinus

    this song is so good it gave me a boner


    aiiiiii que agonia patriotaaa

    Nw VrauZin

    Its rea'l boys, the Patriots kkk

  36. Claudio Lopes


  37. Iago Alves

    Música da toxidade

    Irregular'-' Gameplays

    *Tá começando a tóxicidade*

  38. EpicTyro

    Gave me goosebumps

  39. Rhuan Kevenn


    Nw VrauZin

    The Patriots homão da poha kkk

    Irregular'-' Gameplays

    The patrioootsssss

    Irregular'-' Gameplays

    Só skill

  40. Artthur Bernardo

    The patriots is real

  41. Vinicius Moura

    Oh yeah boys

  42. Rafa B.

    the patriots

  43. Deivid silva


  44. Lucas Teixeira



    *Achei com muito custo essa música ... The patriots ídolo*

  45. Raiane Caldas

    The Patriots ❤☢️

  46. MayTrix

    When Phantom Sage was good

  47. Ars Currendi

    Does anyone else hear "I was the king but not the kink of anything"?

  48. revoxx

    I love how chill it begins and then ramps up really quickly <3

  49. Oliver Deloso

    A bit if distortion., would've been on my best list

  50. Truong Phuc

    1.5 speed is amazing :D

  51. blackbbbbiochip

    SteelSteel ... Lonely xd;

  52. Dondorondo Anvil

    Too much feedback, but still great as the original

  53. Hanif Nashrullah

    i don't know why but my soul resonances with this

  54. Giovanni Panaro

    What a remix! Wow!

  55. Michael Cabral

    Where do they get the pics

  56. Bruno Polato

    Ki tezaaaaaaaoooo

  57. Faheem Dowlat

    1:24 😍

  58. Un Skateur

    The artwork is incredible

  59. Steven Finch

    Amazing remix!!

  60. Krista McBride

    Me and my girlfriends favorite song

  61. Dom


  62. ᗧGabrielCarneiroᗤ

    Wallpaper link?

  63. Trumpatier

    That "hi" from Lucian's remix of Black Coast's TRNDSTTR. lmfao. Why take it? Sounds so out of place.

  64. Loell's Lost


  65. Bionom mc

    Im lovin' it😍😍

  66. iAlexinhoAMV

    This track is kinda awesome.

  67. Unlimited Bladeworks

    Spreading love 🙋✌

  68. David Moralee

    owl city

  69. ChappiBK

    Do you guys every find a song so amazing with such good artwork you just fullscreen and listen

  70. sailen kalita FTC

    Nice 😍

  71. The Inferno

    Answer the phone!

  72. Burai

    so good

  73. Simon

    this artwork, wow!

  74. Suzuka Nakamoto

    This picture... goes perfect with the song. I love this.

  75. zako badaoui

    Inspiring pic <3
    Love it

  76. Parn


  77. Marco D ́Amico

    Nice Drop!

  78. Dannubyo

    cann you guys bring some NEW blood into the muzica-industry(by intention i make spelling masteik) this guy sound s like YELLOW

  79. Raeboe

    4 months late but Im not complaining because *LOVE IT*

  80. Miguel Gallegos

    How can you feel lonely when Jesus is with you ❤️

  81. Hiran Raveendran

    Nice song

  82. majestic magnum

    I might like this remix slightly more than the original....That's not bad, right?

  83. adavidmon

    Reminds me of Owl City - Fireflies

  84. Madelien Espeno Parmis

    Love musuqes <3<2♥|♥

  85. Spaze Unofficials

    Amazing artwork!

  86. KemoKa77

    This almost sounds like it could be a Puppet remix.

    How awesome would that be if we could have a Puppet and Yoe Mase collab...

  87. NCMFY

    Finaly the Remix is so good
    I now it since the remix competition ❤️

  88. Nikesh Wasnik

    At 1.25x its much better :D

  89. Willkingster

    Love this :D

  90. ItsFlozAirez

    Better than original <3 Love so much

  91. Ibraheem M.

    i had mental and spiritual orgasms .

  92. Optimal Thinking

    esta más bueno el original... Es más inspirante :v

  93. scottish Scotman


  94. Electroguy411 :3

    Damn this is so good

  95. CyberPixl Music

    *_Fireflies ;)_*

  96. FedeLuz

    Picture ?

  97. Cornel Victor

    I searched how to commit suicide and got this

  98. Kolder The Child

    Yoe Mase <3