Yoe Mase - Floating Lyrics

Oh god, what have you done?
And I thought I was the chosen one
Clear water is tainted black
Kneeling on the floor, can it come back?

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Yoe Mase Floating Comments
  1. Toms Alcore


  2. Baharul Islam

    Oh god,
    What have you done?

    And I thought I was the chosen one...

  3. Lenz Tarr

    Thanks Voy:)

  4. Kyler Lothrop Kostrov

    The kid himself sent me here. Voyboy.


    Ayyyy Same here

  5. Desmond cheng

    i come from voyboy channel :D

  6. Mohammad Shafiul Amin Bhuiyan

    I came from Voyboy!!

  7. Roberto Riva

    Meravigliosa... ❤

  8. R B

    Ambent is my life! ❤️

  9. ENKii

    Another masterpiece <3

  10. Griff

    Some days in life you just need some ambient music!

  11. MrMOG91

    Hate it. Sorry everyone

  12. Stephen Truckey

    Yoe Mase you have postively impacted my life in a way that words cannot explain. My body resonates at the emotions you capture in your music and I would give anything to give others the beauty that you have given to the world. Thank you for sharing this healing symphony with the world as you remain one of my favorite artists forever.

    Zakaria Jamad

    That's deep.

    And i like it ;)

    Prasad Thomas

    @Zakaria Jamad Me 2

  13. Johan Andrés Hormaza Ricardo

    3:40 es magnífico!!!

  14. Cruddie

    It's either I listen to this when in relaxed or just sad
    I really adore how the song is put to together
    The feeling of "lost" in this song still gives me chills even after a year

  15. Lana Clifford

    I love yoe mase so much ❤️❤️❤️

  16. Lich4

    Yoe Mase <3

  17. Gould

    The song feels like it's really short, but then 5 minutes just pass by you...

  18. Sohaib Alam

    Beautiful. Such a beautiful piece of art. Nice job !

  19. razmig tavitian

    Very good

  20. NoobSpecGamer

    damn wowowowow that singing part though <3

  21. Harrison

    minion sad posting?

  22. Stephanie Liao

    hey so i recently made a video and used this as the audio and i want to post on youtube but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to because of the copyright? i don't know exactly how it works, so someone please help :)

  23. Joya Lewis

    I feel like I'm safe underwater. It's calm and dim with small rays of moonlight surrounding me. Thank you, Yoe Mase and Ambient. This is an amazing experience.

    Prasad Thomas

    But you have to sacrifice your life to be in them or be one of'em

    Prasad Thomas

    Yeah you can.. but you have to sacrifice your life to be in them or be them !


    Que hermosa cancion <3 wow, yoe mase <3

  25. One Time Ronnie

    Picture of the rapture? Is it?

  26. s k

    really good ;)

  27. david ubl

    so so so sooooooo good

  28. Moric

    Yoe Mase <3

  29. William 93

    does anybody know a song similar to this kind?


    William Timm Subtact - Falling?

  30. Gustavo Pellegrini


    Oh god,
    What have you done?

    And I thought I was the chosen one...

    Clear water was tainted black,
    kneeling on the floor can it come back?




  31. Jose Jerez

    beautiful from yoe mase

  32. Yashveen Roopun

    More Vocals.. Reaches Millions In Few Weeks

  33. ParanormalCat

    I'm getting serious coldplay vibes by this. I love it so much.

    All PSY Tech

    sky full of stars ?


    this is so much better! <3

    winterx kiran

    I think it's more of a midnight and amazing day mix.

  34. LemonCoconut編集

    Yo, Mase! ... goodbye

  35. Cherries' Girl

    I need a remix of this haha

    Baharul Islam

    Why do you need a remix of this one?

  36. AKMextreme DerPole


    AKMextreme DerPole

    Holy crap


    AKMextreme DerPole vocals are really nice sometimes

  37. James Del Rey

    I've been pretty sad these past couple of days and this song helped me through it..Thanks!

  38. ShootManiaCinema

    vocals on ambient....i'm out


    It's not a bad thing.


    I like it when there is some vocals but it depends on the song and the vocals if it'll be better or not

    AKMextreme DerPole

    That is S*** xD


    In my opinion, it fits alot.

  39. Theblue Toother


  40. Panayotis Skavantzos

    Oh Gooood, what have you done? And I thought that I was the Chosen one.. I love this song :D

  41. Panayotis Skavantzos

    Great track!

  42. manolo ts



    I know, right?

  43. William 93

    This song is so perfect! I would just make more lyrics for it or increase that part. When it comes to the high part soon goes down again

    Baharul Islam

    At first I thought so
    But now, nah, it's perfect.

  44. NØMAD

    Wish the singing part was longer...

    kakon uday

    NØMAD ya me to 😔😔

    Mushfiqur Rahman

    me too, the lyrics are so amazing!

  45. mazen rikab


    William 93

    Well, this is what I can understand,

    Oh god,
    What have you done?

    And I thought I was the chosen one...

    Clear water was tainted black,
    kneeling on the floor can it come back?


    mazen rikab

    William Timm ty baby

    Cherries' Girl

    William Timm thanks!

    Gustavo Pellegrini

    Oh god,
    What have you done?

    And I thought I was the chosen one...

    Clear water was tainted black,
    kneeling on the floor can it come back?




    Germain Cassé

    Gustavo Pellegrini i'm french and I thought he said "oooh girl" instead of "oooh god" at the begining. It would have been a sad song

  46. Diamanrouge

    For two seconds I thought "wait- what is my fav Coldplay Album doin in my playlis-Noooope not them-" and I saw it wasn't them. And I was glad. Because it's a new artist to me, and he does precisely what makes me interressed in music on the first place. Thank you ! This gives me good shivers <3

    William 93

    Diamanrouge lololol same feeling here. I thought I wrote this comment hahah

    Trion NInja

    Similar thoughts. Cold play vibes, but distinct in its own right. Lost count how many times I have listened to it since discovering it :)

    Tamir Moseley

    Coldplay has become the body of the commercial face. There is nobody in the industry as original as Yoe Mase

  47. Hazy Hope

    Damn in this song he sounds so much like the singer from Coldplay

  48. Grodko Music

    Sweeet! Ambient thank you for posting this, Yoe Mase is my boy! And I love when you post things with some vocals :)

  49. selfproclaimKING

    Life in Boxes is stunning.
    Floating is the track that got me hooked up!

  50. Juan Jara valdivia

    I don't know where this song needs to be: in my Ambient playlist or in my Indie playlist.

  51. Randy Castillo

    From 4:00 to 5:20 is worthy noise... Waste of space.


    Randy Castillo it's called Ambient for a reason man

    Time Engine

    Your face, looks like yoe mase

  52. Marti Dominguez


  53. Catherine Tran

    Just close your eyes. And listen.

  54. Clint Wind


  55. Sidechaining is Important.

    Holy crap Yoe Mase on Ambient? Can't wait to listen later aaaahhhh

  56. Marriiam4

    Everyone please have a listen Life in Boxes its a great album.

  57. Advait

    suicidesheep feels

  58. NicetoChill

    Beautiful! <3

  59. Noureddine Eden

    I love this song, but i feel that it needs a remix.

  60. Beyond Eternity

    More vocals would have made this track even more sublime. Its really good nonetheless.

    William 93

    Beyond Eternity same same same feeling here. Beyond eternity for president lol

    Beyond Eternity

    @William Timm​ Thats what Im talking 'bout!


    its called being a legendary piece of work with the most effort put in

    Selima Amin Chowdhury

    Beyond Eternity i

  61. Amanpreet Singh

    Lovely Music , So Soulful Thanks for uploading

  62. Beyond Eternity

    I was waiting for someone to upload this, Thanks!

  63. Arjun Shenoy

    Wow! Yoe Mase, your music is always so beautiful !! Thank you for this soothing music :)

  64. BakaLifez

    amazing Song!!! Guys Sub and comment and i'll sub back let's help each other <3

  65. Niladri Haldar

    floating like a hovercraft with this track!

  66. Crow Father

    Ambient,Thank you. <3

  67. eggy tunez

    4th bitches !!! Sniper Gang Kodakkk

    Sidechaining is Important.

    not with this channel is for bro.

  68. Tim__ _

    third, keep it up

  69. CrimzifyMusic

    first , keep it up