Yoe Mase - Despite All Lyrics

Baby I said that I'd be better
Baby I said that I'd be better

I don't care, I was wrong and you were right
You almost left my arms over a pointless fight
I'll admit, nothing's wrong on your side
I was careless and I want to be alright

And I don't think we were meant for this
All the energy, and the consequence
Of breaking it down, of breaking it down
And I know, we're wonderful, we're perfect, we'll never go
Away from it all

And I love you despite all
And I love you despite all
And I love you despite all
And I love you despite all

We were in this spot, many months ago
When the fire stopped and lightning hit the snow
I'll admit, nothing's wrong on your side
I was careless and I want to be alright

And I love you despite all
And I love you despite all
And I love you despite all
And I love you despite all

I love you despite all

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Yoe Mase Despite All Comments
  1. J0fVW UhJnV7

    I love this song despite all! 😍

  2. emicas31

    Bruh... i was waiting for the drop

  3. Nome Olvides

    ⚡️the man said “If it’s devoid of the heart it doesn’t mean anything!” He’s right😍

  4. Ahri

    Indie dance done right

  5. anam tanvir

    I love you despite all!!!

  6. Xen

    I love how warm this song feels. It's like a hug! :)

    One TM

    it is! :D

  7. Shy


  8. CavesyRS

    Reminds me of YOU! ❤️

  9. YoIocaust

    "Baby I said that I'd be better,
    Baby I said that I'd be better,

    I don’t care, I was wrong and you were right
    You almost left my arms over a pointless fight"

    Yup, that's pretty much it. Except she really left me over a many pointless fights because I was so stupid, nothing was wrong on her side, I was the problem.

    And then

    "And I will love you, despite all
    And I will love you, despite all
    And I will love you, despite all
    And I will love you, despite all"

    5 years later, still loving her like noone else.

  10. NoNa Zxi

    my ex gave me this
    he said ''Despite all love you'' then i found out that he liked someone else.

  11. Rahul Ghosh

    I had a crush on my classmate,but I was too naive to realize that I actually love her,sadly enough I was too late,she was already dating my best friend,all I could do was look at them and fake a smile.

    I started distancing myself from them,but even after all this time,I love her.

    Sorry this is perhaps the only place I could share this.

    Thanks for reading.

    monster fiz

    Dont worry, you are not alone and i belive a good karma will come to you.

    Harshit Sharma

    Have patience my pal :)

  12. Snupy Garcia

    con este temaiken esta pera tomarse alto mate a la mañana ahre

  13. ApeMusic

    very dynamic song

  14. tomato884

    So I'm searching for comparable music.
    Ill begin and try: you may totally disagree








  15. reverie.

    Sheepy don't just has good music to offer, but also the best stories and experiences from different perspectives. Damn I love this community

  16. Danielle Dan


  17. Don Sargone

    Despite being 13%

  18. aayush Kapoor

    its been 2 years and there doesn't passes a single day when i don't listen to this song.

  19. MaulMachine


    "Look, I heard 'Theme wedding.'"

  20. Jordan Fernandes

    I really like this song reason being, I'm trying my best to change, to be better to become the best version of myself so I have a chance with the girl I love. But nevertheless even if I don't get her, I'll still love her....despite all

  21. GINGERGREEN 'mashups

    this is sooooo pretty

  22. Trevis x

    the song gets under your skin. so wonderful.

  23. Charles Baby

    I know we were meant to be.... I haven't seen you in so long. Despite it all I'm still madly in love with you Shorty.......

  24. Junior seno kristino impas


  25. Sarah Croysdill


    Because of this song, I am always reminded of him

    And for this I will be eternally grateful for this song you created


  26. Julianna S

    I have to say this made me cry

  27. Kartas Kertia

    weird that I only get to hear this now

  28. Amorstopineed

    the symbol on the shoulder of the astronaut ... i saw it often here on the channel. Is it the symbol of the artist or the channel?

  29. Jo-ann Louw

    Despite all, i love you more ❤❤

  30. Aqua Mar

    I always understand "tired of you despite all" which doesn't sound so nice...

  31. Mandaloolu

    I felt this so strongly once before... Now I find the shoe on the other foot and I'm afraid.

  32. Dinite

    where can I find this art of the astronaut and the bride

  33. Ending ToBey

    I like so much :3

  34. Martin Jugolin

    Respect to the astronaut

  35. Nick Moore

    He should be more popular, this is amazing

  36. Rashawn Williams

    New second chances

  37. Chris Joe Paul

    This song made me cry…
    Best song ever❤️❤️❤️

  38. Danielle Dan

    I had chills all over during the song from the start to end... also tears in joy.. ❤

  39. IM ChickeNugget

    High in this😮

  40. Frozen Maiden

    oof that artwork plus the music, bless

  41. Honey Pie

    Just one year ago I wondered who would be my moon-man...now I now :D

    Atom 98

    Honey Pie that's sweet 😁

  42. rcsexpetals

    This is beautiful!!

  43. The B5

    Hahaha fortnite guy got married

  44. Haedyn Martinsen

    700th comment ;)

  45. Sohaib Alam

    Can someone please link me the wallpaper. I cannot find the wallpaper under the link in the description. Thanks

  46. Aigul Kudiyarova

    The music and lyrics touch my soul☺

  47. w weckvert


  48. Nathan

    This goes really well with the movie the space between us

  49. Summmerrr :3

    men Winstead. I'm 17 years old. I am very similar to you... Did I mention to you that I'm dead. A few years ago a group of girls pushed me down a sewer hole to try and embarrass me. When I didn't come back up the police came. The girls said that I had fell and everyone believed them. The police found my body in the sewer. I had a broken neck and my face was torn off. Send this message to 15 people after you read the whole message if you value your life! A boy called David received this message. He just laughed and deleted it. When he was in the shower he heard laughing... MY LAUGHTER! He got really scared, rushed to his phone to repost this message... But he was too late. The next morning his mum entered his bedroom and all she found was a message written in his blood saying, "You will never have him back!" No one has found his body yet... because he is with me! A girl called Charlotte received this message and she immediately sent it to 25 people (10 more than required). I still watch over every second of her life to make sure that she is safe and to keep her and everyone close to her out of danger. Send this to 15 people in the next 5 minutes if you don't want your fate to be the same as David's. Your time starts... NOW! The story is true you can research It on Google check this out

  50. Yvette rosas

    I love this song!

  51. imabeapirate

    how do I get this image?

  52. Dafnely G

    photo please

  53. Im Keker

    What kind of music is this considered?

  54. Hector De Souza

    Q vibe xique viajei agora

  55. Neil Saft

    Baby I said that'd is be better, baby I said I'd be better. I don't care I was wrong and you were right, almost left my arms over a pointless fighting admit nothing's wrong I'm on your side,.And I was careless and I want to be alright.And I dont think were meant for this all the energy & the consequence of breaking it down, of f breaking of breaking it down. and I know your wonderful your perfect you'll never go away from it all. And I love you! Despite all and I love you despite all.& I love you despite all i love you despite all.

    Neil Saft

    I made a few typos i was trying so hard to be perfect in the lyrics lol

  56. Evreskorp

    The touching love story of an American beauty queen and an asexual alien lizardman.

  57. tyder rogue

    So beautiful..

  58. William Elliott

    Still one of my favorites

  59. 홍레기

    really!!! Im gonna be best fan of yoe mase.

  60. Anthony Perez

    So I met my wife, we married fast due to me being in the military. I loved her to death. We had a miscarriage during my deployment, it hurt her so bad. I wasn't there for that support, for her. We almost ended. We got counseling, and eventually had a beautiful baby girl. Months later she was done. Because I guess I should of done better, but I didn't know better. I said I would "Be Better". I guess that never happened. Almost 3 years later we are in the process of a divorce. She is currently with someone else.

    I don't know, but this song just makes me think of my situation. She doesn't want me back...my baby will be in a broken household. Despite all, I love her. I was a great guy, I thought but everyone has different perspectives.

    For all of you out there. Don't have regrets. Try your hardest, keep fighting for that person. Always.

    Chris Haigwood

    Condolences brother

    Jhon D

    is entirely her fault man, if she doesnt want you back for what reason? She has no trust, faith, no attempt to be with you?

    Shawn Lafferty

    I absolutely love you, and hour family my friend! Hope all is better for you brother!


    This made me cry and I never cry. May I ask how are you doing right now sir?

    Lucy Mae

    Anthony Perez two years later and i hope you’re doing well 💗

  61. Tauseef Malik

    You reminded me of my ex-girlfriend and made me cry. Thank you!

  62. Tyladon

    Hey sheepy! That the same Easter egg as "Lonely"? The box with a rose?

  63. Your Average Talking Potato

    The astronaut's the same person from "Yoe Mase - Lonely"! Glad he had found the one for him.

    Here's the link if anyone is asking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9eJgMOf4m0

  64. YschCow

    I love Yoe despite all

  65. SageMode Austin

    Wow this picture.

  66. Dylaseu

    Chills are literally coming down my back it hurts.

  67. Khiang Sata

    your channel deserves more recognotion

  68. Nick

    i hope to play this at my wedding some day

  69. Grace Kim

    Love this 😌😌😌❤❤❤

  70. Dark Steel

    Such an underrated song.

  71. Carl

    Cool song but the grammar in the title bothers the hell out of me xD

  72. Miikkaa Mars


  73. Niyar Pawan

    3:29 to 5:25 is where i cant stop my feet...

  74. Vicky Saavedra

    Someone saw Taylor from Lifeline?

  75. 4eversupersonicgirl

    awww, the picture is so lovely!

  76. Joshua Rosales

    what if Yoe Mase and EDEN collab?

  77. Louis Key

    You only love, Sebastian Key

  78. Anttics

    Wow. what melody.

  79. Sydney Hyligar

    This literally made me cry😭😢

  80. Shruti Shah

    wow this is so calm and soothing <3

  81. DaAiden

    I love how all of Yoe Mase's songs on this channel have backgrounds of an Astronaut.

  82. El Migs

    alessia where are you girl?
    reminds me on hard bit nice times

  83. Lari Katie

    I fell in love with this just at the intro itself!! Amazing!

  84. Will-Eight

    1:39 ...just chills :D

  85. Riley Trần

    Ohh my Goosebumps...

  86. 02superkid

    Indeed, this is beauty and the beast version 2.0.. The ROSE is inside the box.. 😂

  87. Jean

    This song makes me wanna cry without shedding tears.


    yoe mase has to be my favorite producer right now

  89. GUI FACH


  90. K ProctorC139

    Anyone else notice she's standing with an astronaut?

  91. KarenBNRS

    Beautiful <3 <3

  92. GUI FACH


  93. Long inspiration

    are these songs copyright?


    NCS (No Copyright Sounds) youtube channel has music u can use for vids n stuffz