Yoakam, Dwight - Intentional Heartache Lyrics

She drove South I-95 straight through Carolina
She didn't use no damn map to find her way
She pulled off on the state route just north of Charlotte
And took mostly country roads the rest of the day

She said I'll give him an intentional heartache
That'll hurt a lot worse than the one he left in me
Would you all step back so a girl might to get started
And he won't have to look twice to see

She drove up across the yard and though his mama's garden
Didn't touch the brakes, she slammed right into his Chevrolet
Tossed out his clothes, boots, bud cap, and signed Dale Jr. poster
Then shot the whole mess neon green, a can of DuPont spray

She said I'll give him an intentional heartache
That'll hurt a lot worse than the one he left in me
Would you all step back so a girl might to get started
And he won't have to look twice to see

She said I'll give you an intentional heartache
That'll hurt a lot worse than the one that you left in me
And tell your little tramp to step back so your ex-wife can get started
And you won't have to look twice to see

Just watch this
Then she sprayed that Bud cap bright green
Said honey put that can of spray paint down
Just watch this
Then she pulled them Nakona boots out, sprayed them neon too
Put the can down honey
She give it hell with that can of spray paint
He kept yelling at her
Put the can down
And she sprayed to him
Then she did a little dance on top of that Dale Jr. poster
Just kind of a hoochie coochie
Alright honey
He said I saw you comin', now put it down
Just watch this, she run over to the passenger side of that Monte Carlo
And she sprayed tramp
On the hood on the back of the house
She tried to call her sister
What was that girl's name
Said you gotta come get this girl
Nancy, I think
Said Look at here
Look at here
She run that girl back up on the porch

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Yoakam, Dwight Intentional Heartache Comments
  1. Bonnie Friend

    One of his best!

  2. arlichar11

    its comin at ya like a women scorned ....hard rockin love it,......

  3. John Bell

    Dwight is super cool

  4. John Bell

    Great Great Video and the lyrics are wonderful fun just love this.

  5. Stephen B Oliver

    I wrote this one on Halls Mill Rd at the old High C in Mobile, Alabama! Right in Front of the Police!

  6. Duane Ulmaniec

    Sing it Dew....

  7. Mickey Bowser

    OH OH YOU.!!!!!!OH MY GOSH.!.

  8. Steve Miller

    Dude is a national treasure.

  9. Brenda Barnes

    Wow this mans a heartache for sure lord have Mercy xoxoxoxoxo

  10. Kitten Lyric

    that guy definitely traded down lol

  11. tim fogt

    best little bald hillbilly ever

  12. Lisa Roye

    Looka heah.... 😎

  13. Lisa Roye

    This is what drove him to become Doyle Hargraves. Lololol.

  14. Dharma Beach Bum

    The young lady at the center of this video can really wear a t-shirt.

  15. Duane Ulmaniec

    Sing it Dew

  16. joseph williams

    Awesome ! --- justin moore uses Dwight Yoakam Style cowdoy moves that shake the bones of desire/? ------ you know ---- it's like ground pounding tire smoking desire to BONE!

  17. Firestar Hart

    Still fun even after all these years!

  18. David Sirmon

    "I can't even as much drink a glass of water around a midget, or antique furniture".

  19. Georgia SAMANTHA DALL

    Love you

  20. James Brown

    This might be the greatest hillbilly song ever this the stuff that happens back home in OHIO

  21. Aline Robichaud

    love dwight

  22. Brian Kelly

    Connie , Connie ?! No map Who the heck is playin with. Him. here lol

  23. Treetop Flyer

    Eddie Perez from the Mavericks on lead guitar, saw them on this tour front row, loud as hell and Perez was awesome.

  24. Michael Lane

    The man

  25. MrPeterbennett

    great guitar sound ! Dwight using 2 guitars in 1 song !

  26. jay edwards

    why so many drummers

  27. Wendell Stafford

    Boy should have known not to piss Connie off, she's worse than a tornado.

  28. Autumn Ensinger

    That's my uncle!!!! He was a great soul. Rip uncle Gregory

  29. Mark Howard


  30. David Cooney

    saw in concert in Rockhampton at the great western hotel in 2006 and anyone would think it  was a hit from the crowds reaction. 2nd or 3rd song played  I think

  31. Nick Jaramillo

    Lookie here watch this!!!!!!

  32. Nick Jaramillo

    Gentleman get be prepared and be careful when you leave a woman scorned especially at 7 woman scorned treat her right if it isn't going to work? And it in a nice way end it in a nice way

  33. Harry Brookover

    it should be illegal to have this much fun

  34. Kitty Kat


  35. Barbara Gurner

    My theme song xo

  36. Dixiele

    Humor can't live without it😂✌🏼💥🎸🎶👠

  37. Jeff Collins

    Connie is hot

  38. Georgia Rebel


  39. AshlandMan

    Last generation of good country.

  40. Dixiele

    Luv this video! It's hilarious bahaha!💥✌🏼🎸🎶👠❤️

  41. Tammy

    Damn straight.... Southern girl, been there. Lol... WATCH THIS! LOL.

  42. Barbara Gurner

    I love the fact that he is smiling xo :) I swear he writes my life xoxoxo :) Sprayed him neon too !!! I sprayed something once lol !

  43. Dixiele


    Fernando Rocha

    I love this song and this video. This video of Dwight Yoakam is hilarious

  44. Dixie Ingalls

    The humor is priceless! :-)

  45. Barbara Gurner

    I love it xo

  46. Georgia Rebel

    Dwight is cool 🤠🤠🤠👍👍👍

  47. Gayle St. Onge

    Gettin DOWN andd singing on the front porch ! Love it!1 GREAT set up!!

  48. Yardbreather Outdoors


  49. Randall Terry

    Awesome song! !! Dwight can write a song like nobody's business. Been a huge fan since day one.

  50. G Michael Do

    i like his raw country style, nice music, nice hard working 2Grammy guy

  51. thespankdmonkey

    Watch this here Dwight is tearing up some chit!

  52. Barbara Gurner

    My theme song ! So funny ! "Take that asshole!" That's a crack up Dwight xo

  53. Leigh MacKeen

    3-16-18 @ 1740 hrs. I may have been listening to this song when I cut up my 2010 shitbox lemon Dodge Ram 1500 pick up horse with my sawzall in 2014 while I wuz in a semi-coma since Oct.30, 2012. .......: - ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ]

  54. Massimo Belloni


  55. 24 Lancelot

    1:39...nice bod.

  56. FoxtrS2

    he directed this video as  movies- great man there DY

  57. Alan Harris

    are jaws dropping?

  58. Haley moore

    Dwight yoakam is underrated

  59. Sandy Jacobs

    "looky here...watch this😂😙😙😏😮😮

  60. dw hunter

    Keeping hillbilly music alive ! Great video

  61. Barbara Gurner

    I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!! It 's a song about me lmfao ! Go Connie ! lol !

  62. Ray Wright

    Very underrated entertainer. Got more swagger than Elvis

  63. black cat

    Cutest smile! So adorable!

  64. joe

    sad,  but he's not as good in concert without pete Anderson as his lead guitarist

    Joy Smith

    joe well maybe but Eugene Edwards is Fabulous and I love that he’s with 💫DWIGHT 💫 I’ve seen Eugene in 3 concerts with 💫DWIGHT 💫and he is spot on every time. Best concerts and entertainers ever. ❤️🎶🎶🎶🎶❤️

  65. James Daniels

    Lookey here.. she ran that tramp back up on the porch!

  66. Brett Vinton

    My favorite from Dwight Yoakam

  67. RedNeckRick1

    BAD AZZ.... Love it and have since it was released. Just did a search for it tonight because I wanted to hear it.

  68. Haley Moore

    Favorite song

  69. Hannah Johnson

    Dwight has the best videos that go perfect with his songs. This video is great.....we all know someone like them Love it!!!!

  70. Bonnie Friend

    Love this song!

  71. Bonnie Friend

    What a great song!!!😘

    Andrea Burton


  72. Jean Scott

    does got some sexy legs and a sweeeeeeeeeeeet butt

  73. Jean Scott

    wish i was in this video

  74. DJ TimeMasheen

    Song is insane good, the video not so much

    Hannah Johnson

    Video fits to a 'T" It's so true and funny at the same time LOL

  75. Bradley Wells

    Dwight is the best!

    Pheonix McCormick

    Of course he is!!!!😍

    Fernando Rocha

    Dwight is best singer of Country music since 1986

  76. Jean Scott

    he is so underrated so sad

    Hannah Johnson

    He puts on the greatest concerts. Always and the band is wonderful Your fans love you Dwight :)

  77. Jean Scott

    rock on mr dwight yoakam

  78. Jean Scott

    sexy video

  79. Jean Scott

    how hot can he get i mean it's dwight yoakam your talking about

  80. Jean Scott

    simply sexy and a great dancer

  81. wahoo fan

    I think this is my favorite Dwight vid, way underated.

    Jean Scott

    amen he is underrated

    Hannah Johnson

    This one and "Sorry You Ask" with Harry Dean Stanton Oh, shoot, I love all of Dwight's many talents.

    G Michael Do

    but not really underated, he have 2 grammys, hhh

  82. Samanthacaskey Caskey

    Lol I can so relate

  83. Becky Chestnut

    Such an underrated classic.

    Jean Scott

    i agree he is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay underrated

  84. cornshucker77

    Love Dwight's drivin' Rockabilly!

  85. jennifer hensley

    Love  this song

    Jean Scott

    sexy right

    jennifer hensley

    yea I saw him in Pikeville in june really good performance!!

  86. Rosemary Grenn

    So what you're sayin' is.....😉

    Jean Scott

    your right

  87. John Bell

    Watch this.. Here

    Jean Scott

    yeah i know

  88. John Bell

    Fun song and video dwight rocks

  89. Cam M.

    I LOVE this video! LOL!

  90. Chloe


    Jean Scott

    i know sexy dancin ouch

    Pheonix McCormick

    OOH YEAH!!!!

    Brenda Barnes

    Hell yeah I Agree

    Robert lipperd

    Cold shower Chloe

  91. texxfletch1

    fun song

  92. Edward Mynning

    Dubbed, "the country singers, singer!"
    Oh so true!!

  93. Julia Whiteside

    Love This Song, Great Tune!!

  94. Kathy Green

    LOL!  I love this!  Dwight is awesome!

  95. skikansas66617

    How many different drummers were there, one looked a bit like Kenny Chesney

  96. Barbara DeMatteis

    I SO, SO, SO LOVE THIS. OH, MY!!!!!

  97. Hugh Hall

    Should have been a hit......

    Jean Scott

    i know he is so underated

    Hannah Johnson

    and won an award for sure

    Linda Lindemann

    Jean Scott

    spikealee Baker

    it's a good song, for sure, but it's pop country, this song I mean!! Dwight is Great, and he's earned his country strips. mo


    It's still a hit with me! Love the song and video. Great band; thanks Mr. Yoakam.

  98. Perry Cain

    Sunshine Tutt is so hot!

    King Achy Braky

    NO, the other one.  The "little tramp".  Much nicer than Connie.

    Perry Cain

    @King Achy Braky She's is cute. But Sunshine is FINE! "To each his own," I guess. 

    King Achy Braky

    My first wife was a Connie.  My second is like the little Brunette.

    Perry Cain

    @King Achy Braky A bit biased are we? But remember Connie is a character and Sunshine Tutt is real.

  99. Virginia Kennedy

    Absolutely authentically brilliant Dwight. Luv luv luv it!!!!!!

    Jean Scott

    amen he is