Yoakam, Dwight - If Teardrops Were Diamonds Lyrics

If teardrops were diamonds
And only mine were used
They could pave every highway
Coast to coast

And not be close to through
If teardrops were diamonds
Cold blue
If heartaches were rubies
Stacked up just like stones
There would be a mountain
Ten miles high
Built by mine alone
If heartaches were rubies
Mine alone
You might begin to understand
The price that love has to pay
For being wrong


If sad thoughts were emeralds
And with not counting
In between
Just half the ones
I've had today
Could turn
The whole world green
If sad thoughts were emeralds
And the world turned green

You might just
Get the message that
There's more to loneliness
Than can be seen
If teardrops were diamonds
And only mine were used...

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Yoakam, Dwight If Teardrops Were Diamonds Comments
  1. Dorine Mckay

    I love this song. If teardrops were diamonds and only mine were used. Awesome!!

  2. Canaan Atkinson

    Take it to the limit man.

  3. Canaan Atkinson

    Hello the real Me..sorry John.

  4. Harry Stangel

    Great Duet‼️

  5. jblcva

    Just listening to fav tunes from Under the Covers CD.. Then turned to this. Dwight is the most versatile artist in country today. IMHO On record you can't beat Dwight. in 2020

  6. Jeff Halverson

    Some of THE best use of the pedal steel guitar. Haunting. Sincere. Real.

  7. Denise Stiewel


  8. jblcva

    Dwight is imho the best artist in country music.

  9. Ashley Gervais

    Thank u.well sang

  10. jeannie carr

    One of my favourite songs. Wish he was singing it to me, lol.also love willie,

  11. Ashley Gervais

    Suttle my good freinds..as I walk this ground above..lost so much love,The heart can bare no pain such strong memories remain.Fonze Cook

  12. jeannie carr

    My favourite song with my favourite man,

  13. Dan63

    love it

  14. Horace Jones

    best eva

  15. Joy Smith

    Not only does 💫DWIGHT 💫 sings these lovely songs so beautifully, but he writes them as well. 💫DWIGHT 💫is and will always be #1 for me. Great job with Willie🌟. ❤️🎶🎶🎶❤️

  16. Chevy Chase

    Good song, but it was kind of a weird one to collaborate together on...

  17. lewis dunit

    It really doesn't get any better....

  18. Donna Marie Pszoniak

    Love these two together Willie& Dwight I love my Country music🎸🎸🎻🎻💞💞💞💞💞

  19. Constance Domino

    Lovin it.

  20. Linda Walet

    My very very favorite difficult as making a choice is. Tell me how could it get better? Both of their magical sweet voices and that steel guitar.

  21. Kaye Tufton

    Perfect real country,,

  22. Traci Hill

    I just found a diamond

  23. Alice Randall

    Love the twang💕💕💕💕

  24. Dixiele

    If lovin you is wrong then I'm going straight to jail!🎉😳😳😳😳😳

  25. Dixiele


  26. Princesslaya104 P

    this song is so beautiful i love it Dwight and Willie sing it with such Passion,, 11-25-2018

  27. Patricia Amundson

    Dwight Yoakam, I love your music, your words and your fantastic voice and I have and will love you forever xoxoxo

  28. Alice Randall

    Love Dw's voice, Willie too💕💕💕💕

  29. Alice Randall

    Love listening to the twang of the steel guitar and Dwight and Willie💕💕💕

  30. Alice Randall

    Love the sound of the steel guitar and of course Dwight and Willie💗

  31. Linda Brandt

    Another heartbreaker!!! My Dwight!! And the man with experience in life... Great match For this song!! Sigh.......

  32. Dixiele

    Cool 😎 stuff💥✌🏼🎸🎶❤️

  33. Connie Williams


  34. Beth D

    Love it!! Thank you.

  35. Alice J Carlisle

    I love Dwight's great talent! I love Willie's also! He came to Utah in concert. Loved it. His sister can sure play that old ragtime piano. Iam not sure how Dwight is live.

    Joy Smith

    Alice J Carlisle 💫DWIGHT 💫is Fabulous in concert. Really plays to the audience and fans. Strongest voice around and still dances up a storm. See him whenever he is in Corpus Christi

  36. Milady Virginia

    Dwight and Willie: two of the altime greater and more special voices of Country Music together!!! Just perfect!!!

  37. Donna Marie Pszoniak

    Beautiful Dwight& Willie awesome 🎸🎸🤠🤠🎶🎶🎶🎶💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  38. Janice Leftwich

    God Bless Dwight and God Bless Willie

    Milady Virginia

    Yes! Two legendary voices!

  39. Dianne Jennings

    I love this song ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  40. Gloria Stapp

    Dwight and Wilie -- that's what I call entertainment!!!

  41. Jacque


    James Malcolm

    Jacque As you are with DY, I am with WN. And with my hat off to Dwight, if stranded on an island with only one musical artist to listen, Willie Nelson is the one for me. The Everest of music men

  42. Peter Pollock

    perhaps the oldest tricks in the book musically and theme wise but by god these two come together like the bottle and the glass

  43. Mai-Liss Amundsen


  44. Kate Bellanger

    Love it! !!

  45. Patty Smith

    <3  I love the duet of Willie and Dwight.....feeling sad.

  46. Shannon Seaton

    Mkaes me just wanna
    grab you and dance...

  47. azmonkey mann

    WOW!!! Cool Song.

  48. Rita D'hondt

    Like this 2 great singers ! Pure country for me !!

    Linda Brandt

    Dwight's music haunts me.... the best artist out there!!! His face ,his mouth, his voice.... you feel it , it gives me chills...

  49. Hannah Johnson

    Fanstatic !!  Just love this CD    Love "The Dwight" :)  FOREVER


    Muito bom.

  51. H B

    Two great voices....

  52. Larry Beavens

    Wow!  Dwight Yoakam, Willie Nelson and a crying steel guitar...what's not to love?  This is as good as it gets for an old country music lover like myself.

    Milady Virginia

    I agree 100%, Larry Beavens! Dwight and Willie: two of the grater icons in Country Music!!! Two very special unmistakable voices. Music from Heaven!

  53. Rainer Koring

    FULL GOOD ! Mega !^^

  54. sandra darnell

    2 of the best together. Love it.

  55. Harrie Jeurninck

    Great Song.   Wonderfull !!!!!!!!!!

  56. Daniel Lucena

    Qué maravilla de canción x Dios!!Dos grandes haciendo esto x Dios...Espectacular!!Un buen whiskey y escuchar esto...

    Shirley Harrison

    Daniel Lucena

  57. Chris Burgess

    As only DY can sing it - great song

  58. Kenny Dillard

    Regardless of what DAC says, This IS the Perfect Country and Western Song!

    Shrek Shrek

    Kenny Dillard lol i get it

  59. Beverly Streight

    Good song

  60. Ricky Wright


  61. Lena (SentimentalMe69)

    Just awesome!

  62. Guy Morrison

    Jimmy not suprised with those ears you can have it all :-) just kidden great song

  63. April Severin

    Thanks for posting this tune. I hope to get a copy of DY's album "Population Me' soon. I loved him in concert on Nov. 14/14. My Dwight Live photos are on Twitter and Google+.

  64. Irene Breech

    Dwight your one hell of a man,but my hero Willie is my favorite.

  65. Dennis Ahlm

    Beautiful duet

    Macmillan Lavety

    Dennis Ahl

  66. mairendee

    Love this song - love the whole album.  Dwight and Willie - a great combination.  They are both legends. 

    Supp D

    Bob Dylan on some steroids - but even better

  67. Berry de Groot


  68. Anna-Lena Westin

    Dam Unatid stats of Amerika, bigg pople dont Think, the reakt, stupid. This man hawe giving poplele, werry much, for free, and you have just throet away. Albums misic, what becom OF ELVIS PRESLY. Thanks, give me more. He daid. Music, is that Music. Populaten me, its stans in my bibel, Populaten me. When will you ewer lern.

    Corey Taylor

    In English please

    Joy Smith

    Anna-Lena Westin What ??!?

  69. Tamie Mcbride

    Why is it saying This video is not available in this country. ...I know people have seen it....Crap!

  70. Mikke Mus


  71. Valerie Richardson

    This song is one of my top 10 fav's :o) Just fantastic!

  72. Valerie Richardson

    I love this song! 2 legions here!!!

    Janice Leftwich

    Hey Sister, You sure got that right. These two are awesome. I saw Willie way back in the 70's...

    Corey Taylor

    Legends baby x

    Maurice McDonald

    @Valerie Richardson my next tattoo will be "If Teardrops Were Diamonds" in script

  73. marty1964fishingman

    I know people see this when they listen to the song so with that, I just have to say : I am gonna die with a Brokin Heart Not only cause of these songs I listen to its just the way the people / So called friends treat me and it seems to never stop so here I sit  home alone with a broken heart and all alone with so much on my mind Get this I have been alone for 5 days now in the past its not normal to not speak or see someone but this time its different not to see or hear from anyone WHAT A LIFE well I just gotta try to get through another night this time with a few drinks and more tears


    Are you rea l?

    Noah Zark

    You are a very depressing person marty1964fishingman.... go outside and eat a popsicle.. you're pitiful.. no wonder you've been alone five days.



    Noah Zark

    Tom Wally ...... How could you not recognize the two most distinct voices in country music? Duh.

  75. ellamichaels

    Love this!

  76. pumpthewheydis

    hell yes it is not sold in stores my freind you have to order thats what i did love these guys

  77. lorri harris

    just so beautiful and sad love the words

  78. Brenda McC

    sounds like a beautiful heartbreak.......if there ever was one

  79. Full Blown Country

    Damn, such a hard hurting song. But it strikes a nerve, for sure.

  80. Delbert Burnside

    awesome song.... had to hear this, this morning... after hearing George Jones leaving us all... All for Country

  81. martyna fels

    Love this song, love Dwight, he's the best.

  82. Linda Hudson

    this song is so goog, makes you cry, Dwight is great.

  83. Bernard Mainwaring

    This is what FANTASTIC means. Singers and band.

  84. dagny1207


  85. zachary6667


  86. Shell HonkyTonk

    Beautiful Song.

  87. im4au1

    Badass tune!

  88. gail emerson



    What a GREAT song--thank you for putting this on---it is beautiful. What a combination~~Dwight and Willy.

  90. liz21UK

    Absolutely great! I'm so glad this has been put on. Thanks.