Yoakam, Dwight - A Heart Like Mine Lyrics

I saw you coming, you saw me
And took off running
Shells in your eye,
What in disguise
I wonder why you never try
To understand a heart like mine

Oh I didn’t waste any time
'Cause I love, I’ll have to find
So is what you see
You’re in love, belong to me
Oh I, I wonder why you never try
To understand a heart like mine

Oh I, I wonder why you never try
To understand a heart like mine
Oh I, I wonder why you never try
To understand a heart like mine
A heart like mine, a heart like mine
A heart like mine, a heart like mine
A heart like mine, a heart like mine
A heart like mine, a heart like
A heart, a heart like
A heart, a heart, a heart like
A heart like mine, a heart like mine

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Yoakam, Dwight A Heart Like Mine Comments
  1. Wenche Sørensen

    Ther are nobody that ever going to be like him hi is the best of them all ❤️🎼🎶🎤🎸

  2. Elaine Smith

    Dwight is wonderful

  3. lendl kaiser

    Great singing, but his characters in movies, are total assholes!

  4. Lil Red Corvette

    💋 YA HOOOOO 💋

  5. Tony D

    I'm here because of Beck

  6. Billie Forrest

    He is a great country singer, but doesn't kiss ass, so he is not given credit for his work. WOW! My kind of man.

  7. Leisa Pennington

    sets me on fire shewwwww

  8. Charlie Montoya

    Nice video

  9. Elaine Smith

    His moves are awesome

  10. dynodonfb7

    By far the greatest country musician of my life. He channels the traditional, throws in some 50's swing into it, and his voice just puts it over the top. I grew up in southern Illinois, in the country, 100% good ol boy and used to blast Dwight out of my pickup truck everywhere I went. Now that I am grown and live outside Chicago, I still revisit the old songs and it takes me back to me as a 17 yr old, ripping down country roads, with a few friends, singing tunes.

  11. Alice Randall

    Dwight is a cool cat, love him💕💕💕💕

  12. Leisa Pennington

    my older sis goes with darrin his band is bluesteel they play alot of ddy,s songs going to see if they can learn this one

  13. Alice Randall

    Dwight is the best love him 💕

  14. Chris White Jr

    Dwight Yoakam is the G.O.A.T. y’all 👌👌👍👌

  15. Connie Williams

    sweet sweet sweet voice

  16. GUSTAVO A.

    Nice job! Well done. Expanding the boundaries of the medium.

  17. Janice Leftwich

    3 pears is one of the greatest CD's I've ever heard. But then I say that about most of All of Dwight's music.

    New Damage

    3 Pears was definitely one of the greatest albums of this decade! He's really the only country musician I listen to.

  18. Cosmetic Tattoo by Terry Lively

    Those boots....

    Milady Virginia

    And those jeans....

  19. Valerie Richardson

    Every time is like the first time! "My Rockabilly Hero" A song remembers when and I like it!

  20. Dawana Watson

    Gary lived in Nashville for awhile he was the greatest he was a dancing fool and play any kind of music

  21. Dawana Watson

    He reminds me of my uncle Gary smith from concord I miss him he passed away

  22. Dawana Watson

    I was the blonde I couldn't believe I didn't grab you up

  23. Dawana Watson

    I never forget sitting on the bench w/ Dwight Yoakam he is the sexiest man I've seen yet along w/with others I couldn't keep my eyes off him he had me all shook up

  24. Patty Miller

    He knows what the "C" in the CMA stands for!

  25. makwabid69

    Very Petty-esque with the jangling guitars and harmonies...I lahk it a lot !

  26. Woa Leng Chapman

    Fancy the pants of Dwight Yoaham.😜😜sex on legs,love his voice,love his face,love his move,love his songs,just LOVE Dwight😍😍

  27. 24 Lancelot

    After the beginning, I always expect him to sing, "I thought love was only true in fairy tales".

  28. Germaine Smit

    So good no words love hes music me and my hubby just love it

  29. aditi banerjee

    Wooooooooooooh I absolutely LOVE this vid.. was dying to see his footwork closely.
    And yeah Every bit of him.. every bit of what he does.. Sings,talks, sighs,remains silent, walks, stands, sits, moves, dances, smiles, laughs, or wears that intense faraway look (hell yeah)... Everything he does..in suits or ripped jeans or in rhinestones jackets... is Mamma Mia moment for me..

  30. Audrey Orourke

    Love love love him

  31. Lena Bussman

    Dwight is the Shit! He Rocks!

  32. Denise Perkins

    Great dance music.One of the best at keeping fast 2 steps alive👌

  33. Linda Hudson

    love this song

  34. Elizabeth Rebecca McCormick

    Great song. Great video. Cool boots!

  35. karen michael


  36. Hannah Johnson

    Perfection !!!  Dwight, singing with just his guitar, fancy footwork  and those legs...OH MY  !!

  37. Nick Jaramillo

    another great Dwight song

  38. Bonnie Friend

    Love him! Great artist!

  39. Kurt Stafferd

    Badass motherfucker

  40. Brandon Miner

    Lifelong fan Dwight. This one is top 5 easy. Also you were awesome in Durant Oklahoma. Great show!

  41. Elayne Hamlett

    he talks about that guitar Epiphone (reverse firebird) in one of the listed interviews, he goes into detail about it. Check it out if you want to know more about it.

  42. Christmas tree walker

    Love his music

  43. BazookaHorse

    Such a damn catchy album

  44. Sweetpea027

    I bought Dwight's new CD & I love his moves & fancy foot work !! ~~Ava~~

  45. Sweetpea027

    I love Dwight's heart of love !!! So happy for Dwight . ~~Ava~~

  46. Bridal Suite Louisville

    ❤️❤️❤️Louisville, KY REALLY needs a visit from DW. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Loved him since the 80's ~talent like nobody's business. ~And sexy even today! Gawwwwddd, that asssssss...& tight jeans .

  47. anybodycanart

    Country music never gives him his props, he's so good.

  48. Jen Jett

    always loved this man. his music tells the stories of my life. especially this one. he's got such a beautiful voice and he rocks the boots and cowboy hat like no one else can!

  49. Author Beverly Cialone

    All these years of being a Dwight Yoakam fan, and I never knew he could play drums as well! *SIGH*

    Kathy Pope

    Author Beverly Cialone

    Let It Bee

    He played drums in high school. There's just no end to his talent!

  50. Anita Draughon

    I am praying about it Dwight

  51. michele dawson

    I love Dwight's musice yesterday, today and forever.....love love love

  52. Vince Ryan

    One of the true greats of country, rockabilly, southern rock, don't care what label you give him. Great songwriter. singer of the last 35 years of music.

  53. Tyson Jorstad

    if any body bought the target version of the 3 Pears album, which had the bonus tracks, i would be thrilled if they could upload Ring of Fire. I only can find the live versions of that song, or the original cover he did on his debut.

  54. keith brown

    Another GREAT song by Dwight

  55. Jackie Wilson

    Love this man, beautiful voice.

  56. Teachering

    A good song! Love the guitar playing. Love the rockabilly sound. Love rockabilly! I have some question about the Gibson 335 lookalike played by Dwight Yoakam. Looks like an old Epiphone Casino only with a reverse Firebird head stock.

    Mike Price

    @Teachering It's a Casino Elitist with a Firebird headstock like you said. It's his signature guitar for Epiphone called the "Dwight Trash" Casino


    @Mike Price Thank you for the information, Mike Price. I like checking out guitars like this that Dwight Yoakam is using. I didn't know that he has his own signature guitar by Epiphone. To tell the truth, my guess was a shot in the dark as to the guitar. A little relieved that I wasn't too far off the mark. Thanks for taking the trouble to respond to my comment.

  57. Charlie j Montoya

    very nice well planed

  58. Frank Schimpke

    warum wird country als rockabilly angeboten?was soll der scheiß?

  59. Kathy Green

    MMMMM love this!

  60. Linda Hudson

    Dwight love the new cd, and Heart like mine, You are the greatest ever just love you

  61. mark roberts

    I can`t believe the radio never played anything from Blame The Vein CD
    it was a great CD one of his best

  62. Lena (SentimentalMe69)

    AWESOME all the way! I love it! :)

  63. Evin Paauwe

    So good

  64. Lawana Grimsley

    looking forward to seeing him in Atlanta

  65. April Severin

    What a treat to see/hear Dwight Yoakam perform last night (Nov. 14/14). Sadly, he was someone else's special guest not the headliner. He didn't play any tracks from 3 Pears.

    April Severin

    +mary meinzer Thanks for acknowledging my post. I'm waiting for DY to return to Ontario, Canada.

  66. Janice Pearson

    Enjoyed seeing Dwight Yoakam in concert last night at Thompson Bolling in Knoxville, Tennessee. He is so talented. 

  67. Valerie Richardson

     I love this song.. Rockabilly Da lite!

  68. countryzomer

    Just love the videoclip

  69. Dina Boyer

    Dwight. Thank you for attending Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Fest 2014. Nice treat hearing and seeing you, LIVE, in Golden Gate Park.

  70. isleJane

    He is the ultimate songwriter, smooth vocals, musician and the best Artist. Love Dwight!!!

  71. Tony Fogerty

    mi piace un casino ,,,,ciao a tutti,,,,

  72. mMansonsgreyDaisy

    My grandma and I danced to Dwight Yoakam songs all the time when I was a kid, I just know she would've loved his latest album, because it sure is something! Woo! :)

  73. Mary's Country

    Marry me Dwight:)

  74. Margaret Vinh

    Dwight Yoakam, why did you block me from following U on Twitter.I'm just a fan of all the years you first come out.Never said nothing but good things about U.An support ur concert to ever in my area to by CD's or go to ur concertd.Promted U and u repay me by blocking me when I was the 1 who got people at least 15,thosand people to follow u.Is that how U repay someone in ur biggest Fan banks

  75. Shell HonkyTonk

    Absolutely "Love"

  76. willam allwright

    Billy idol vidol idol



  78. Flo TEYSSIER

    Dwight s'il te plait viens faire un concert en France !!!!!! Please come to france Dwight we love you !!!!!

  79. julio morcate fernandez

    Dwight Yoakam is the number one star of country music

  80. Valerie Richardson

    I love this song and when it's playing ? I cannot sit still & I like it:o) At gig's when it's general sitting :o) I get wore out dancing, like there's no tomorrow? Sitting hard on me! 

  81. Bruce Oleyar

    I just saw Dwight in Cincinnati at the Horseshoe Casino I had front row seats, Ya he looked older BUT he is getting BETTER it was a AWESOME performance. He is one of my favorite country singers of all times! He does not get enough credit from the country music establishment! 

    April Severin

    Thanks for your reply. I can't wait to see/hear Dwight Yoakam on November 14 in my hometown. Unfortunately he is someone else's special guest not the headliner! I think so highly of this country musician that a friend of mine joked Is there a Dwight Yoakam anonymous? LOL

    Haley moore

    Bruce Oleyar I totally agree with you he don't get enough credit,he's my all time favorite singer

    Let It Bee

    @April Severin Hahaha! Dwight Yoakam Anonymous -- love it! And yep, I'm addicted to Dwight. Just can't get enough of him!

    April Severin

    Thank you very much for your response, Let It Bee!

    Kathy Smibert


  82. marcella leighton

    Dwight just gets better with age. Great Video! Tonk it up!

  83. Dean Fan

    I just saw 'Dirty Girl' (2010) today w/ Dwight as the abusive father of the gay kid. He's an awesome actor. I loved the scenes of him in the jail cell & when he's washing his car. Simply hilarious!!

  84. Wayne Lesnick

    Thanks for the Best damn concert I have ever been to Dwight!!!! My Son and I can't wait to see you play again someday. If y'all ever get a chance, I would defiantley go to see Dwight live. Don't miss the chance to see 1 of the Best live performances you will ever see!! The next time though I hope somehow my Son and I get to meet our Idol. Thanks for the Awesome memories we have Dwight!! Till the next time.

  85. Wayne Lesnick

    Just 3 hours till my Son and I get to see our IDLE do this live!! WHOOOHOOOO!!

  86. Wayne Lesnick

    Damn Fine song and video!! Can't wait to see you Monday Sept.9th in T.Bay Ont. Canada Dwight!! My 7 year old boy and I are Huge fans!! We Love your songs and the stories/videos that come with them!! Everything you do Dwight is phenominal!!! You are the last of the Greats in my book Dwight, keep up the damn fine work!!

  87. Bertil Kress

    Det Här Är Bra"

  88. jtma65

    As usual..a great song! Love it! :)

  89. Ami Watts

    TONITE! Wichita, Kansas at the historical Orpheum Theatre... soooo coool

  90. Maria Arreola

    Muy bonta musica amo la musica country

  91. Quinn McCully

    Watch the video of Dwight Yoakam at Buck Owens funeral. He's tells a funny story where Buck Owens was giving him a suggestion about not taking his hat off.

  92. Sherry Gilson

    I love this guy!!

  93. Karen Heitzmann

    Oh that is great!

  94. Richard Robertson

    Actually playing a Dwight Trash

  95. goodgrl00

    Loved him for 26 years