Yo La Tengo - Ohm Lyrics

Sometimes the bad guys come out on top
Sometimes the good guys lose
We try not to lose our hearts, not to lose our minds

Sometimes the bad days maintain their grip
Sometimes the good days fade
But the rain today hurts the head to dream

But nothing ever stays the same
Nothing's explained
The higher we go, the longer we fly

'Cause this is it for all we know
So say goodnight to me
And lose no more time, no time
Resisting the flow

I heard you calling from far away
I thought I heard you cry
Having the voice to make it right
So I just cry

I felt her slipping, slipping away
Before I could even see
Tried once more, lost my grip, you were gone

But nothing ever stays the same
Nothing's explained
The longer it takes, the looser the ties

'Cause this is it for all we know
So say goodnight to me
And lose no more time, no time
Resisting the flow

Doo doo doo doo doo doo
Doo doo doo dood doo
Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo

But nothing ever stays the same
Nothing's explained
The stronger the wind, the faster we'll fly

'Cause this is it for all we know
So say goodnight to me
And lose no more time
No time

Resisting the flow
Resisting the flow
Resisting the flow

Resisting the flow
Resisting the flow
Resisting the flow
Resisting the flow

Resisting the flow
Resisting the flow
Resisting the flow
Resisting the flow

Resisting the flow
Resisting the flow
Resisting the flow
Resisting the flow

Resisting the flow
Resisting the flow
Resisting the flow
Resisting the flow

Resisting the flow
Resisting the flow
Resisting the flow
Resisting the flow

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Yo La Tengo Ohm Comments
  1. Thomas Behrens

    pretty dope.. on that board they even mention "99 Luftballons" from German singer Nena, a 1980s hit single

  2. NuevaVistaEstrecha

    The Pastels - Thank You for Being you

  3. buddahkm

    is this the music version of eastenders ?

  4. Coolu

    o no............ here no "yo tengo" ;( and my mission failed

    im from mrflimflamand no fr odc im shearch "yo tengo" and look you la tengo me:is a tengo song???? and im now heere.. oke bye

  5. Sol R


  6. Modo Fino

    Just one chord...

  7. Marco Bordoni

    Recentemente visti in concerto a Milano. Riescono sempre a mettermi di buon umore. Canzoni fantastiche di una semplicità disarmante

  8. Rohan Singh

    (Terrapin station/the grateful dead)^pie*r2

  9. JerriTheBerri


  10. Donald Peoples

    The doctor called Tuesday and he gave him the news, he said " Man, your allergic to the glue in your shoes."

  11. Floyd P. Tangeman

    why does this video suck so bad

  12. Ian Loeb

    Hey guys to all of you that are hating on them and saying they sound thirty years too old why do you think their album is titled Fade it's a sign they are breaking up soon

  13. Kim Delosier

    The 2nd one-chord song I taught my 7 yr old to play on the guitar, after Harry Nilson's 'She put the lime in the coconut.' For what it's worth -- which isn't much.

  14. Malcolm Thompson

    This is a really great song, but seriously: Could the "official video" *be* any stupider? "Oh look! We've heard of things! That you should also have heard of! Aren't we cool!"


    I didn't take it that way. I personally love to see what other bands and artists my favorite artists's are into. It's cool when you can relate to them because they like a lot of the same artists you do and you can also find a lot of great music you've never listened to as well.

  15. Posmonauta Rotoplas

    resisting the flow!

  16. duri cha

    reminding some forgotten music.... feel so good

  17. tbwatch88

    to the people slagging yo la: how dare you?!!!!

  18. Leo Chen

    this is the most serious YLT MV i have ever seen

  19. Nicola Morales

    I'll take two of whatever that guy took

  20. Miguel Hernandez

    I love the shit that's on the board
    "King Khan + Prince + Queen"
    "The square root of "Can Ya Kick it?"

    Florian Gentet

    +Miguel Hernandez
    [Charles Manson
    + Marilyn Manson
    + Manfred Mann's son
    - Mumford and sons]

  21. Sunil Keshari

    ॐ shiv shankar

  22. Lyla Hougaard

    Painful...stop singing already!!

    Condor Birthdhay

    +Lyla Hougaard i think you can just close the tab, genius.

  23. Stephanie Smoluk

    Is that the baby from the movie Roger Rabbit!?

  24. qlvecchiopaiodijeans

    We don't care if it is the "official" video. It sucks! Why don't you allow also the 'tree video'? THAT WAS A VERY GOOD ONE! >.<

  25. MarxAviano

    What happened to the tree video?  This is stupid.

  26. Ivana G

    I keep pausing the video to see what they keep writing. 

  27. NETOMAN47


  28. Mark Aziz


  29. N/A

    the song is fine and mellow whatever but this video was a mistake

  30. Magister Saxonides

    1:46 "Hairy Tony Iommi." Ha! :)

  31. TheMethodrone

    these dudes, every time..

  32. deathmetaldouglas69

    I hate to be a troll but this band needs a Nels Cline makeover really bad. Up to about the late 90's I loved them. Everything I've heard lately from them is just weak crap. This is so bad it is hard to comprehend.

    Mary Kazarian

    i feel like thats the point, they've gotten like 30 years behind them and this is the point


    @Mary Kazarian Then maybe they should just stop making records altogether. Why keep recording crap and ruin the legacy. When the same band that recorded "President Yo La Tengo", "Electr-O-Pura" and "I Can Hear the Hearts Beating As One" (my personal favorite) puts out total dogshit like "I Am Not Afraid of You and I Am Going to Beat Your Ass" you have to do a double take.

    Jay Sharp

    @deathmetaldouglas69 ha! I actually like that album. How can you not love Black Flowers??


    @***** The lyrics alone cannot save bad music. So there is not much reason to consider them.  


    @***** To me it is not just this song but most stuff I've heard from them sounds as if they are hardly trying these days. They seem to me like they are trying to please younger hipsters and are proud to call themselves "indie rock" when the whole meaning of it has changed. I get the impression they are more image conscious with some of these recent band photos.

    For me what made Yo La Tengo a really good band were a few things. First off  Ira's guitar playing. He had it going on but I think there was some room for improvement. When the 90's ended it is like he went backwards. Right near the end of that decade his Strat tone, the feedback, and his choice of notes for a solo were very special. I loved his voice and songs as well. Second was Georgia's lovey ballads. Those can be some of the best examples of songwriting. Third the chemistry once James joined the band. They could have become the best rock band in America and blew it. Trying to be cool instead of good.

  33. gazfunk

    Great tune but it's all too much for me to take. For me to take it's all too much.

  34. valdeci silva

    Boa musica e desenho animado no clipe. Som altentico e original. Ci.

  35. terrie lawson

    I love this video :)*

  36. Edu ML

    they keep getting better

  37. fulltruth

    gay = good

  38. Elwyn Chow

    They tour as well.

  39. Elwyn Chow

    Next question: What does Yo La Tengo taste like?
    Answer: Return to Hot Chicken

  40. Benedito Prado

    COOL Vid We LoVE Yo LA TeNgO"!!!!!!!\m/.....\m/

  41. Julie M

    i feel like this entire thing is made with bitstrips

  42. tymmac007

    Yo La Tengo = I Got This.

  43. tymmac007

    How dare they deface Georgia!

  44. ApolloOrange

    If only real classes asked the important questions like What is Yo La Tango.

  45. epitafios2009

    Very creative !!!

  46. TheShiftZero

    That was cool )

  47. Martin Perdomo

    Great song, great video = YLT

  48. edmund herisse

    "neva trust nobody, and it probally wont change" ace hood is to fuckin real for the industry !

  49. ltftw2

    Dat baby smoking on a mad blunt.

  50. Taktakpitak

    Accepting life as moments and not trying to hold on, against the flow of life, to any particular good or bad moment

  51. undreadSP

    go, Go, GO, Yo La Tengo!!!

  52. Joshua Kirk

    Great song. Cool animated video. Very memorable. Digging this band and this album. Possibly one of the best albums of 2013 so far.

  53. 63rza

    invalid link bro

  54. Adam Wislocki

    wanted to as well, not 100% but close.


  55. Jeffrey Glenn

    was disappointed when I saw Mumford and Sons but relieved when I saw it was "- Mumford and Sons"

  56. Jeffrey Glenn

    a must-pause

  57. Jeffrey Glenn

    Where can I get seeds for an Ira tree?

  58. Sebirocs

    dat equation

  59. Tavia La Follette

    watched it with the man twins....and we all floated on thru w/ bubbly smiles

  60. Faisal Azhar

    this video is cool man, i remember yellow submarine when watch this

  61. Steve Carras

    I like both!

  62. Boopsichord

    You are a fool if you don't enjoy this video and song combined

  63. vacantmoon

    would love to see the storyboards for the YLT chalkboard equation...

  64. Big Boss

    I kind of fucking hate this video but love the song.

  65. Diego Mora

    2:26 Calexico

  66. Ben Yaxley

    looks like it was drawn and animated in microsoft powerpoint.. maybe it's meant to, I'm just really not keen on the aesthetic

  67. James Whyte

    Everything about it. Good song though, and interesting to hear in edited form

  68. James Whyte

    I love YLT an' all but this is a sucky video, hate the animation style and everyone a

  69. Bastard471

    keep yer pants om fred!

  70. Camila Serra

    2:51 They had to be Asians!

  71. Diego Mora

    Lambchop 2:23

  72. TheBluridgemountains

    Love the album Dig the tune and video

  73. gEEEEEERa

    Pretty trippy and ace

  74. BDHermann10

    My favorite band. And a fuckin' awesome song. And a fuckin' awesome video. (Thanks for including EL PASO in the equation. I'm sure that's what makes 'em special!)

  75. Padmadeviyoga PC

    I really love it!

  76. Gilberto Cruz Barriga

    Can anybody list all the bands of the formula?

  77. Heather Wood

    I really love this!

  78. TuffGnarl86

    Wow, that may have been the greatest thing I've ever seen

  79. Irina Silva

    1:11 MUMFORD & SONS :)

  80. Mike Wazouski

    im on drugs

  81. Jason Herring

    oh god what did i just watch

  82. Scott Hall

    I'm curious if YLT just makes albums and thinks of video ideas for the next 3 years.

  83. Diego Mora

    Brilliant better than original

  84. Dan Hendricks

    deadmau5 made it in the formula too.

  85. Musos Guide

    Tweeted @musosguide

  86. Sunbeam Pink

    Love all the in-jokes. But "Andalucia" is misspelled ("Andulacia") at 2:35. Uh-ohm.

  87. popsavant

    Up there with "Sugarcube" as a favorite video of theirs...

  88. Terence Cawley

    This is actually the best thing.

  89. marginallyclean

    I wouldn't have thought Linkin Park would be in the YLT formula.