Yo La Tengo - Forever Lyrics

Nights are getting slower
Days are flying by
Hold me forever
Hold on while we cry

I looked everywhere for you
Just like yesterday
Look for you in my memories
You're far far away
And we beat on

Laugh away the bad times
Lie about what's to come
The less said, the better
Let's drink until we're dumb

One minute later
Than a minute ago
Tomorrow is forever
Let's pretend that we don't know
And we beat on

Nights are getting slower
The days, the days are flying by
Listening to the noise of the street
Sweep the tears aside

Shaken by the feeling
Shaken, misdirected, waylaid
Did I take it for granted
Now it's far far away
And we beat on

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Yo La Tengo Forever Comments
  1. Hector Alfonso Tovar

    If I wish I was in a band I will be with them

  2. C Hamp


  3. georgios pahatouridis

    very sonic youth

  4. Yuichi Kammoto


  5. Tohar Zamir

    20 days until i see them in concert! its gonna rule

    Tohar Zamir

    just found my comment and thought i'd update: it ruled

  6. Gran Perfumo

    for you too ♥

  7. James B

    more bands like this? reply w names pls


    There aren't many bands quite like them, but YLT have a very large discography, I suggest digging into that for a start. https://www.discogs.com/artist/50984-Yo-La-Tengo

  8. matteo tranchesi


  9. PjR

    these guys blow sonic old out of the water any day

  10. Tobias Bot

    In german i would like to say: this music steals my breath 😃....genius!!!!

  11. KurtPolly505


  12. Billy Callaway

    bassist sucks at drums, ruined it, sorry

  13. ComboverSoul tig

    tshirt could do with an iron - his mum.

  14. dave s

    GARBAGE!!! fking shit... modern fking trash

  15. goodperson666

    i luv yellow tango

  16. PaulHighstreet

    hi. i had a heart attack while listening to you guys play in dublin some years ago, the guitarist was writhing like a snake,just got carried so carried away....now several years later ,my girl who was with me at the time and nourished me back to here and now, has been diagnosed with cancer of the brain and i just dropped in to be re-energised by truthful music playing ,thanks for hoisting that rag.

  17. Cristian Garcia

    This band keeps appearing in my Spotify "created for you". I don`t know how to tell them that I don`t like this band.

  18. Jame's Stuff

    Not many bands you can actually here the click of the guitar pedals whilst mid song...

  19. Nicholas


  20. Dan McKinney

    Leonard Cohen and Bourdain had a child......

  21. Ay! Proyecto

    alguien sabe como se llama el aparatito que usa en el guitarra para crear ese sonido atmosphere. el que vibra.

  22. Buzza Wuzza

    Sometimes I wish they'd slow the tempos down and just let the music drift a little.

  23. jonnymac481

    I love the delicate vocal over the merge of sounds coming from these guys, superb work and great use of knowing when to play and when not too.

  24. wesmatron

    Why the hell I have never heard of these before?

  25. Roger3000

    45:44 :)

  26. Darrylizer1

    Mr. Kaplan's new combo was the surprise hit of the parent-teacher conference!

  27. Thaïla Khampo

    So good

  28. Fourtanier Philippe

    Yo La Tengo... you rocked my life and rolled my dice....Tx

  29. E N

    Dream possession
    Fucken masons

    Entertainment industry all about it

    Kill a mason learn to see
    One last thing to do
    Take out the government
    In what things and study the masons
    My ultrad the stars

    Gotta save the stars
    And Fuck this Masonic government

  30. Ian McCutcheon

    Anybody know where the drum machines and background synths are coming from? Do they have a sampler somewhere up there? Lots of gear on stage haha. This is such an amazing performance.

  31. Cynthia Waddington

    e bow opening notes.. om lost

  32. Chris Hickman


  33. Bruno Flamini

    underated band

  34. Fat Nibba

    Yo tengo

  35. Koettnylle

    Shit, i forgot how much i love their music

  36. Jonathan

    They sounds like The Strokes at some point.

  37. mcbassguitar

    I really enjoy watching Georgia play drums... :-)

  38. Faisal Isfan

    drum bit sloppy at the start

    Tohar Zamir

    i think its a choice- evocative of Here Come The Warm Jets by Brian Eno

  39. Daniele Milazzo

    anyone is good at understanding tunings? what's Ira using, open D maybe?

  40. francesco ranfagni

    Music for the others..we are others...let all our children know this...our nephews ....so as not disperse the music

  41. Marek Soltys

    Nolmalnie qfa łuć! O!PANIE! Ino Takich nagradzaj!O!PANIE!!!!!!!!!

  42. francesco ranfagni

    Dio esiste ora ho le prove!!!!! The best band in the world

  43. Fernanda dRC

    They did it again

  44. Cesar Ivan Araujo Henriquez

    Otro nivel

  45. Oscar Perez

    Ellos la tienen

    Francisco Tomás Méndez Maturana

    Oscar Perez JAJAA la weaa xD la tienes ;)

  46. shaxan

    sonic giants

  47. Pilletta Doinswartsh

    Can't help but hear Genesis in that first tune.

  48. Madcamz237

    Damn...Ira looks old as fuck

  49. Thiago Liberato

    The last 80/90's (really) alternative band that i've seen on youtube!

  50. pedrotakiya

    thats cool 2 drums but it would be better if they had played syched

  51. John Callahan

    Brilliance. Like meeting up with an old friend...

  52. kingblee1

    I've just sat mesmerized for an hour...amazing talent! They don't seem to visit the deep south---so this is probably as close to live as I will ever see them--Thanks guys!

  53. djkneecaps91

    the crowd could use a few drinks tho

    T.K. Ly

    djkneecaps91 they’re at work. Lol

  54. lisa Elsberry

    She may, She might ♡

  55. MrUran11

    In a few days they are coming for the second time to Zagreb,Croatia,see you there.:)

  56. Andrés Miller

    Yo La Tengo is where the heart is

  57. Cog Niktive

    Didn't even let the video play. Already hammered that thumbs up.

  58. Arion Xenos

    What kind of drum machine are they using for Forever (10:05)? Really want to get/use something with that kind of sound but no idea where to start

  59. Nizzla 12

    These guys just don't age. Love them.

  60. Andrés Jácome

    this session should be on vinyl

  61. Giantcappuccino

    Something so incredible about "For You Too", like being transported back to 1994.

  62. Tony G

    Utterly beautiful Utterly mesmerising

  63. Chez Dodo

    This is absolutely fantastic! Wow

  64. Goo Goo G'joob

    I absolutely adore this band. They are amazing.

  65. Pablo Prohaska

    What is he holding in his right hand during the first song?

    backwater j

    It's an EBow... an electromagnetic device designed to emulate the bowing of a stringed instrument... though it brings out a lot of the harmonic overtones in the process. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EBow

  66. Britton Lumpkin

    Yo La Tengo is God's house band.

    T.K. Ly

    Britton Lumpkin ⭐️

  67. Pepon H

    of the few currents bands of today that continue to amaze you and put you goose bumps, just great, you never get tired of listening to them and they always have something to offer.

  68. Mauricio Rey

    hermoso como siempre!!! gracias!!!

  69. Square In Square

    The greatest of all the bands. Pure magic.

  70. Evasive Maneouvell

    Best Fuckingggg Trio in the Bizzzz!!!!!!!

  71. Micah Newman

    Wonderful. This makes up a little for their not coming to Texas on tour this year.

  72. Johnny Guitar

    Ira looks like old Bobby Dylan, lol

  73. João Dantas

    fucking beautiful band!

  74. durbeyfield

    this is so great

  75. lucanxiety


  76. Patricia Salgado

    thanks Kamu

  77. OtroTipo Más

    I prefer this than the album, they are just great performers!!! The energy that they had in in this and the transitions between songs really make it something exceptional and amazing, it is also excellent to sleep to

  78. Leif Erik Johansen

    they've been my favorite band since I discovered them in 1995. So consistent with seemingly endless creativity and ideas!

  79. Randolph Lautsch

    Absolutely Majestic!!!!

  80. 活劇サンタ

    real music

  81. Duncan Samways

    One of the best bands around. Got tickets to two shows in May.

    a visual device

    seeing 'em in September!

  82. Amanda Z


  83. Scott Phillips

    The first nine minutes are total bliss.

  84. Keaton Lindsey

    Yo La Tengo have achieved mastery of their craft. Sounding the best they ever have, and showing that there is still room for experimentation and new sound in the finely worn niche that is their domain

  85. Neale Scott

    incredible stuff as always

  86. a-m w

    well this is absolutely glorious

  87. *** GurrGurr

    To me they are the perfect band. I love this so much.

    Chez Dodo

    Agreed! They're incredible.

  88. glet masa

    teriffic show - new album!

  89. jeff beamer

    Many thanks. Got my tickies to the SOLD OUT show in ATL. Color me excited.

  90. DJ Well Dressed Man

    29 Years ago and about 30 seconds into “Barnaby, Hardly Working” and I wanted only more.

    Yo La Tengo is the example of how an amazing band produces pure Music, and yet stays local.

  91. K-town C

    Bob Dylan ??? Is back???

  92. unarrosalforn

    La magia de la música pululando

  93. mantra3000

    Listening to them and seeing them play you could easily forget how damn fucking hard it is to sound so good live.

  94. Fuga Mante

    "If you like bands that suck you are going to hate this band"

    jeff beamer

    Hey! It's John McEnroe! :-)

  95. langalay

    YLT play other game, in other world. Their music is not from here. You are here.

  96. Tom McGahern

    thumbnail looks like lou reed


    Hi,guitar,cut off the crap,don't make yr drummer wife exhausted