Yo Gotti - Women Lie, Men Lie Lyrics

Women Lie, Men Lie
Women Lie, Men Lie
Women Lie, Men Lie
The numbers don't lie

[Yo Gotti:]
Ay, step up in the party and them bad b-tches be on me,
I be sippin on Patrone, when I'm jumpin out ferraris,
I be rocking Gucci sometimes Louie, I'm retarded,
3 oh 5 chevy, and the shades by Bacaray
Hatin on my scrap I got my mind on my money,
Milan on, taking nothing from me,
Hated on these, hated on these.,

Ballin is my hobby, damn homie going shoppin,
Got 5 star with me a milli in the lobby,
Took her to the room, she hit me with that line,
She ain't that type of girl so I told her stop lying,


[Lil Wayne:]
Young money, yeah, ok,
I ain't gotta lie, cross my heart hope to die,
The numbers don't lie, G-5, over sky
I f-cked her p-ssy good, make her cry if I tried,
I'm tired of being sick and I'm sick of being tired,
Tired of these n-ggas and tired of these b-tches,
Sh-t let em lie as long as they ain't snitching,
And men lie about women,
And sh-t women lie about plenty,
They ain't lying on me I'm in the bed with 2 fine b-tches lying on me,
So that would make 3 and numbers don't lie,
And money don't lie,
And neither do I,


(The numbers don't lie, the the numbers don't lie)

[Yo Gotti:]
I'm trying to count to a billion,
My b-tch Brazilian,
Hop in that Lamb,
Push the button lose the ceiling,
Sun out no raindrops,
Posting the same spot,
Right here in north north memphis,
Is where I came from,
Hundred on the neck, I ain't never had sh-t,
The streets gave me family, Barry White couldnt,
Ain't no secret in the streets,
N-ggas know I got,
Got swagger through the roof,
I was born,
Zip code on my wrist,
Phone number in the bank,
In my ten til six
With my 305 paint
I got my 357 and my 501s,
And Lear 55 with my air force ones.


Yo this your boy Yo Gotti
(Say what you want but the numbers don't lie)

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Yo Gotti Women Lie, Men Lie Comments
  1. Queen Wavy

    Quit lying on me😤👿

  2. Kenneth,joe Harris

    find a purpose that doesn't part or doesn't deminish work a mind or for go at minimalist 2 any then figures to best of those by world sight is not worth the least of any thing 2 nobody or a some body who or where & what ever the measure of.

  3. life as josh

    2020 anyone? Like here 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾😜

    I'm Out


  4. life as josh

    Lemon lime lemon lime stove pie

  5. Judiee Walker

    Ayeee Tennessee winning

  6. Tttinberwolf ANDRADE JR


  7. westyft60

    Reminds me of senior year.

  8. Matt Wilson

    I found out numbers might lie

  9. ari don

    Let em lie long as they ain’t snitching #hate myself for liking this line lol

  10. MissMya

    9 years I been sayin “lemon lime lemon lime”

  11. Malcolm McNab

    I was in primary school when I first heard this song. Now I'm 26 and this shit hit so different bro. Straight fye 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  12. Midnite Kashay

    Obviously this shit still bumps 🔥🔥😤😤

  13. chagwey

    hey 2020 who's here

  14. xBriarWolfx !

    Lil Wayne will never die forever live the martian

  15. Tatianna Anderson

    I thought it always say lemon lime lim lime lol🤣

  16. Chantee chinn


  17. weepy willow

    First warning little girl

  18. Shivan Eblahad

    2019 bitch

  19. Lazarus Groce

    I Love This Song

  20. Alma Castaneda

    Whos till here 2019 🔥

    Yomama Bin Fartin

    Alma Castaneda YESSIR

    Matthew Adamo

    2020 i will be

  21. gov3rnor

    That shyt still slap🔥🎤

  22. ari don

    2019! Still the truth

  23. Kyle Dowdy

    I feel like the line should have been “got my 357 in my 501s and a Lear 55 is my Air Force one, no lie”

  24. Allison Nevel

    2019 🌬🎊

  25. Abdou Ouanadi

    listening after 9 years :D

  26. Elmo Lopez

    If you have dyslexia numbers lie too

  27. J Nash

    what the hell happend to hip hop? these lyrics are a fucking joke yo

  28. Michael Nwobu

    Lil Wayne forever

  29. Nicole Gregory

    Judge him and

  30. MajorScale Music

    2019 in these hoes still lying 🤦🏻‍♂️😂😂

  31. Malik Basit

    Listening to it after 5 years

  32. Bby ' Monica

    This still the fxkn hit to blast cruzzin ' dwn thaa street !

    Dallin Toolson

    Hey you look cute, can I have your name?

  33. damnthetorpedoes

    I always thought it was tell me why men die

  34. Ben Anderson

    Took her to the room she hit me with that lime 😂

  35. Ben Anderson

    November 2018 whatt women lie men lie.

  36. Madison-fakhara al'ab aljamil walfarh Logan-Drake


  37. J.j. Ross

    it's all derr!!

  38. Anthony Abraham

    im in the bed with 2 fine bitches lying on me, so that would make 3 lol

  39. Missy Price


  40. HaSaNcAkOr

    Numbers do not lie

  41. TGFUQuickScope, second channel

    2018 anyone

    Yomama Bin Fartin

    BroodyOdin466TTV 2019

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    09 beeeecchhh hville tn bitches he made me this song uugggghhhh the hag

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    Took her to the room she hit me with that line said she aint that type of girl so i told her stop lying

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    Anyone else thought this was lemon lime?

    Queen T

    Lol no 😐😐😐😐😐

    Devon Henry

    No because i have ears

    Pink Gal

    No only you...🙄

  45. StagHead

    I must of heard this song in my early teens or something bc I love it lol

  46. Erica Hernandez

    women lie men lie!!!

  47. princess Azula of the fire nation

    Jen and Alex PRTF

  48. Derek Handson

    Didnt know this was Yo Gotti

  49. Duran Alonso yisus

    Fucking woman lie 😭

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    100 the neck I aint never had shit

  51. iluvtiits

    The numbers don't lie

  52. Dominick Warner

    Dis song off da chain

    Angelique Dowdell

    What the fuck ever

  53. The Top Best gamer

    awesome song

  54. Imani Gregg

    sure do

  55. Imani Gregg

    sure do

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    because i'm the truth and what are you!?

    Mikeriya Ansley

    it's now what are you

    Mikeriya Ansley

    +Veronica Tiscareno what's your problem?

  57. Really Sarcastic

    wayne çok iyi ya :D

  58. Autumn Brown

    @the end***

  59. Autumn Brown

    uhhhhmmmmm wrong... its say what you want but the fucka dont lie... not numbers... psh... this video...

    De ToXiK

    it sez wut ever the hell the listener hears

    Devon Henry

    No it doesnt idiot. It says what the rapper spoke

  60. DamnSon PL

    lol eminem is just a crackhead piece of poo

    Issiah Travis

    Fuck off hes the best rapper in the whole world

    Cesar Macias

    @Issiah Travis Ikr he the fast part of rap god explains it..

  61. Luis Padilla

    AnD WhAt ArE YoU!!!.....

  62. Mega Bass

    This song kicks so hard in my car i love it i would upload videos but im in the middle of remodel the car and my cousin cant see anything til its done its nice and my first car but love this song kicks really hard on my twelve inch :)

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    That's a kid

  64. Jessica Austin

    Lil Wayne yo gotti!!!!!!

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    @HiTMAN1997 well my opinion is that you are a very irrational and mean person. You probably dont give a shit but you asked me what i had to say so...there it is

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    Money dont lie and neither do I L.A. Hit that like

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    i love song

  68. Myiah G

    @iHiTMAN1997 I have to say I disagree with your opinion and it is my opinion that you are a very ignorant individual.

  69. Myiah G

    So because their opinion differs than yours they are automatically a homosexual?

  70. Dakray Jr.

    Wayne killed!

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    Money dont lie and neither do i

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    thiss iss my sonqq<3(:

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    Thee onlyyy parrt i likeeee iss women lie men lie

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    I thought if it said on the line. Ahahaha

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    lemon lime in my
    lemon lime in my
    lemon stove pie XD

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    I looked for this by looking up lemon lime lmao

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