Yo Gotti - Picture Me Lyrics

Picture me rolling, top drop to the sunset
Mind on the billion, some shit I ain't done yet
No more thinking bout me, 'cause I've already done that
Life of a dope boy, where my sac and my gun at
Look in the mirror, see my reflection salute back
Homie had a strap, the niggas shot, he ain't shoot back
Off with his head, homie, no, we don't play that
And never keep that work in the house where you're lay at
Finessing my recipe, winning my destiny
Missing my home boys and they get the best of me
Feel like I'm walking with angels, get money with strangers
The life of a screen name, it's got a bangle
In love with her down, but she's still a hoe
I'm still a nigga, so you know how it goes
Try not to look at her friends, try not to play her in public
But it is what it is if she leaves then fuck it

It's 2012, a long way from 1999
A young nigga from Ridgecrest with a Glock 9
I remember one time, more than one time
At the school in 2009, in the lunch line
I was hustling and grinding like a motherfucker grown man
Sixteen years old, paying the bills, I'm a grown man
Now I'm hustling while my brother doing jail time
Wrote him a letter, tryna give a nigga fed time
But the strong survive, ain't no bitch in my blood line
On the hood they want, and nigga I'm on the gun line
This life ain't about choices, and niggas got vices
But I'm slanging this work like a nigga got license
Put these hoes on the roll, 'cause the bitches be trifling
Cut the lights in the club, yeah, the nigga be icey
Niggas talking in codes, I'm just listening for prices
I keep one in the head cuz these niggas be shiesty
And that's real

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Yo Gotti Picture Me Comments
  1. Davonte Reid


  2. Ray Jefferson

    I deserved that! It was a learning experience and I am joyous for the opportunity to be a husband and father. But Im not Family material! I pray those I encountered in the past Succeed and find happiness. And keep it touch...

    Respectfully Submitted, Your Bestie Forever!!

  3. jermonte flowers

    🎵🎼🎼🎶 #2019 #2020

  4. Shamarcastor Eastwood crest lane ebk beamon

    Awesome tisha cmg ☝

  5. Shamarcastor Eastwood crest lane ebk beamon

    Wingates beamon p Robinson

  6. Shamarcastor Eastwood crest lane ebk beamon

    Tisha 354

  7. Shamarcastor Eastwood crest lane ebk beamon

    Wvgc 103rd cmg baby badazz owww abg ✔ up

  8. Thomas Davis

    Some of Yo Gotti best work💯 🗣

    Jay Addison

    10k SG4R 💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 he tha 🐐 on that real shyt but you gotta b e street nigga to really relate to his work🔥🔥🔥😈😈😈

  9. Kandy Johnson

    Never keep that work in the house where you lay at💪🏽😎

  10. Wiley Wild

    Long live C- way Green I Love you Cordné yo BROTHER!

  11. Yung Dooley

    Lubbocc Tx 2019 nigga still fw my nigga mayne 💪🏿✊🏿💯

  12. taylor jeffries


  13. Jamarquee Trotter

    2019 who here with me

  14. Billy Garcia

    2019 still jamming this

  15. Gina Williams

    Still bumping in 2019 ! One gotti's best album period👌

  16. Tierra Williams

    2019 still here🤘🏾

  17. Tekeyia Jackson

    But it is what it is if you leave then fuck it

  18. Octane Ace

    Every line he said is a law or major facts on God 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾💯💯💯💯💯💯

  19. Shontay Miller

    Feel like I'm walking with angels get money with strangers....

  20. Tezz Doe

    I can relate to this

  21. Stacy Chambers

    2018 still kitty love this song 💯

  22. Jessica Phillups

    Banger still

  23. Dayne Short

    It's 2012 a long way from 1999 a young nigga with a Glock 9

  24. Chris Griffin

    I put 500 miles on the whip off this bih (whip aka bike 🚲)

    John Johnson


  25. Ike Hinson

    Still bumping this in 2018

  26. Ike Hinson

    This song should of made 3million a real street nigga can relate to this

  27. Kevin Kincy

    I love this song!

  28. David Smith


  29. Coolly'C TwoTiiim3s

    Still listening in 2017! Who else?

  30. Samone Williams

    Missing my homeboys and they gen da best of me!!!!! R.I.P Ducky and Dra😘😘😘

  31. Shynita Reese

    If she leave then fuck it

  32. MajorGreenENT MajorGreenENT

    real shit

  33. misfit angel

    is this instrumental out?

    DJ Jenkins

    young twizz barry white our theme part 1

  34. John Doe900

    Mind on a billion

  35. Kacy Collins

    Pikture Me !!!!!

  36. Edward Stafford

    one of the realist songs I've heard, some shit you just gotta say it is what it is and deal with all the things your choices come with

  37. LaToya Whitaker

    i love Mario Mims aka Yo Gotti

  38. Courtney Collins

    my shit
    cause that's real 🙌

    Edward Stafford

    listen to this everyday, only some niggas can relate to when you love a female but know what it is in your heart and can only deal with what the shit is

  39. rob bell

    aye this a producer! why rappers be pitchin samples wierd and vokles nallus

    Jada Boogie

    fuck you bitch hell i hate you

    Tekeyia Jackson

    And that's real Homie

  40. wes mccombs

    Love riding in the interstate with this bumpin

    Dalvin Lee

    Only real Niggas can relate

  41. Eriunna Fondren

    I love this

  42. Shay Smith


  43. Gemayel Anderson

    yo gotti is a rapper that talks about street life im from memphis shout out 901

    Cody Nickens

    I'm from Alabama I been bumping his music since before back to the basics you know

  44. Tyjuan Bryant

    And Never Keep Tht Work ⛄At the house 🏠 Were you lay At ❗💯

  45. Jaystay inthecut

    one of my favorite off the tape

  46. Garey Smith

    16yrs Old Paying The Bills Ima Groan Man

  47. Remix HD

    Yo gotti go hard un like most artist now dayz.

  48. haprizz xaiver


    michael metz

    I'm jus listenin for prices! Real shit

  49. hugo lingibe

    The sample is Barry white and glodean our thème part 1

  50. Diana money

    i love this song reminds me of some one i met almost a year ago and when he got in to my car he was feeling it. 


    see dats good muzik!when u can remember small moments like dat lol

    Diana money

    trust me ino i have so many songs i can remember cuz of him :( its sad tho the [email protected]

  51. Vergil Bryan

    This is my shit, can't ever get enough

  52. cdub757nor

    Dis & liar was ma fav trackz off da tape ma bro deon gave me dis whole mixtape @ da bus stop #shouts2em

  53. Alik Holmes

    Dis bihh fye but catch me on dat all i kno is yayoooo

  54. Diontae Jones

    Its " 2013 ' Long Way From 1999 .

  55. sherena jones

    Look in da mirror, c my reflction salute bak!!! Homie had aye strap dem niccas shot he aint shoot bak!!!Off wit his head.... Homie kno we dnt play dat!!!! And never keep dat work in da house where u lay @!!!!

  56. DJBuBBaDUB

    is he saying lupe should have shot back or what? dont get it

  57. dominique clark

    My shit I ride too

  58. Maurice Riley

    wassszup doe im uh detroit nigga but i fucks wit gotti fasho fasho.

  59. Maurice Riley

    oh yeah i cn vibe ta dis 313 stand up

  60. Ajay Amazin

    I luv dis track..dis jont smooth & it go hard..

  61. Renita Zeigler

    my favorite song on the whole album

  62. Anthony Hailey


  63. Roderick Reese

    livin life as a dope boy wur my sack and my gun at

  64. 904cecil

    Fye shit

  65. Tonya Graves

    This shit hot yo!

  66. brittany sterling

    and thats real