Yo Gotti - Look At Me Na Lyrics

Mike WiLL Made-It
Gotti made it
No, I really really made it, for real
Ear Drummers

I'm just tryna build a legacy
Cocaine Musik, that's my legacy
I'm a savage, no finessin' me
I'm a savage, no finessin' me
I'm just tryna build a legacy
Got a whole lot of weaponry
Ten cars in my legacy, yeah
Took that Lambo to New York (skrrt)
Yeah, that was legendary
Let off shots at lil' buddy (brrrrr)
Yeah, that was necessary
I be strapped up every day (day)
Yeah, I ain't never worried (never)
All these niggas act like pussies (pussies)
I got more heart than February
Roc chain in my legacy
Talk to L.A. Reid on a trap phone (hello)
Ooh, I think I got the recipe (I do)
I can put the whole trap on
Free my nigga Kodak Black (lil' Kodak)
Tell them crackers gon' let the trap home
Free that nigga NBA YoungBoy
And I ain't never even met homes (one hundred)
Niggas tryna rep the set wrong (set wrong)
Watch a hater get shit on (uh)
I'm just tryna build my legacy (legacy)
It all started with the bricks home (bricks)
It all started with your bitch home (bitch)
It all started near your clique home (clique)
Mike WiLL made the beat
And this shit cost two bricks home

My kicks are legendary
I'm legend (legend), legacy (legacy)
Legacy, fortune, fame, that shit ahead of me
I built a legacy
Pots, pans, kitchen, regularly
I built a legacy
Money, lawyers, cases, fire
They all felonies

I be still bumpin' Trap or Die from Jeezy (Trap or Die)
I be still bumpin' Carter One from Weezy (Carter 5)
I be still on that 2Pac and that Biggie shit (I am)
They like Gotti need to calm down, boy you big as shit (I am, I know I am)
MC Murda still my fuckin' favorite rapper (ride for my niggas)
And Big Meech still my fuckin' favorite trapper (trap for my niggas)
And your bitch just want me to come through, kidnap her (skrrt, kidnap her)
If she got the best of me (best of me), she part of my legacy

And that pussy legendary
I'm legend (legend), legacy (legacy)
Legacy, fortune, fame, that shit ahead of me
I built a legacy
Pots, pans, kitchen, regularly
I built a legacy
Money, lawyers, cases, fire
They all felonies

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Yo Gotti Look At Me Na Comments


  2. Tanika Long

    Okay Yo Gotti 👑

  3. Tanika Long


  4. Rx Mc


  5. Tanika Long

    Baby, This Song Is So 🔥🔥🔥🔥.

  6. Elijah Demon Kelley

    Look At Me Na By Rapper Yo Gotti And Look At Me Now By Rnb Artist Chris Brown Peep it Out

  7. Karlton Black


  8. 1stladymod

    I heard a Nigga bumping this..I KNEW IT WAS YO GOTTI...BEEN BUMPING IT EVER SINCE...LET'S GO


    Love that 3am...my shit 2

  9. Pat Witte

    Look at Godwork

  10. Prime Visual Productions

    Got a stupid car, but bought my momma one first.
    bought a stupid watch, but made my patna bond first
    one thing about it aint fucked up bout no bitch nigga
    that ho outta pocket, think im gone cut my wrist nigga?
    if im fucked up, im gone go hit a lick nigga

  11. Cracker White

    CASH MONEY what time it is.Stay in the mud. I'm flattered by that shit @Discovery. I'm on it

  12. brandon stay lack

    Ah Gucci verse would of been classic

  13. Mel H

    Should have dropped a visual for this.

  14. Mel H

    look at GOD work, this hard work from all work!

  15. U S Doughboi

    dam it almost seem like BRuh Referring To Me. HrdWRk is my label... Doughboi i am

  16. Inflexity

    I fuck with this flow

  17. Arthur Williams


  18. Jeo0000000 the god Don't forget about it

    I knew I'll be thuggin nah nah nah

  19. Cobra Street

    fucks wit it 100👌👌👌

  20. Johnny Alviso

    straight fire

  21. Snowmann

    puts some important issues out there

  22. Luwige Wazir


  23. Bvlgari Mosa

    Trap Back 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  24. pico reyes

    he killed that

  25. Jay Jordan

    one thing bout it i aint fucked up bout no bitch nigga real shit

  26. B Eazy336

    That old 98 Juvenile flow shit hard

  27. the gxdfxther

    I really hope Kodak Black and Yo Gotti make some​ more music together. I could picture Kodak on a song like this , killing it soon as he get out.

  28. Arrmon Askew

    stupid hard💣

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  31. kevin harkness

    🔥 🔥

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  34. Grindin4Cash Hustle

    Look At Me Now Muthafucc Look At Me Now. We Thuggin Hustle

  35. TheTruthIsRefreshing


  36. Melissa Siverio

    now that is real stuff

  37. Markeith Swain

    That old juvenile style. salute 400degrees

    Bìlly Vegá

    thought da same shit. damn


    Markeith Swain Hell yea

    CAZMEN Adrian

    100shot Jahk

    CAZMEN Adrian


    Trell On The Track

    Markeith Swain Knew I wasn’t the only one that thought that

  38. Kenan Bozkurt

    Good Man !

  39. Psalm 25


  40. Burn One

    CMG vs everybody

  41. Rice Dogg

    look at me na ma
    who else going to the concert in duval florida

  42. Melissa Siverio

    you should here it✌✌✌😱🔫

  43. Zachariah Fitzgerald

    New Gotti flow. talking about real life shit!


    Zachariah Fitzgerald gotti been talking real life shit

    Zachariah Fitzgerald

    that is true.. i didnt want to say same shit but different flow. im all about the CMG movement!

  44. Melissa Siverio

    a this snap😀😀

  45. IsolationYT

    Subscribe to me pls and watch my videos pls trying to get to 300 subscribers

    2 LOUD

    tread mill 😧

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    real Shit!👌

  47. Douglas Magalhaes

    muito bom mas pode melhorar

  48. higor carlos

    Vai toma no cu

  49. Blix Royz


    Chris ATL

    Stfu it's A$AP Ferg

    Dee&bryan Williams

    Mr. Treez ,

    XD_-_LeMonSkweeze -_-

    Mr. Treez we know your gay