Yhung T.O. - Plane Wit Me Lyrics

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Yhung T.O. Plane Wit Me Comments
  1. JBut2010

    go to his old song "Blame em"

  2. kyle silva

    When you wish you could be surrounded by yourself

  3. Marquise Saunders

    Niggas better stop sleepin on my T.O 🔥🤧

    801 mafia


  4. Carlos Gonzalez

    I think about my female a lot when I listen to this song

  5. Carlos Gonzalez

    I fuck with this song tuff❤️

  6. Muratcan Sarpaşar

    khontdan gelenler

  7. tenteowens1

    Dumb knock he went in you should of been on this plane with yee.

  8. Jamez Pritchett


  9. Mere TV


  10. Calvin Polo

    "Girl u should had been on this plane wit me" 🔥🔥

    Calvin Polo

    On that blame em type shi

  11. Alief HoustonMade

    This that wavy shit mane 🌊🌊

  12. Jason Waller


  13. TripleAce Magic


  14. Piggy Hernandez