Yhung T.O. - Grandma's Lincoln Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

I used to drive a Lincoln (Lincoln)
Pull up in the Benzo (Benzo)
Already got a girlfriend (Girlfriend)
You could let your friends know (Friends know)
They be with the bullshit (Bullshit)
You I can depend on (Depend on)
Baby when I touch down (Touch down), I'ma hit the end zone (End zone)
Baby when I touch down (Touch down), I'ma hit the end zone (End zone)
All my diamonds drip though (Drip though)
I be with the shit though (Shit though)
All my jewelry dancing
All these niggas pissed off
Don't make me up that stick dog
.40 on my hip dog

Don't make me up that pole nigga
Anything goes nigga (Goes nigga)
All my diamonds froze nigga (Froze nigga)
I be off a fo' nigga (Fo' nigga)
Pour up in my soda (Yeah yeah)
No nigga I don't know ya (Know know)
Lil' nigga when that time come
Lil' nigga better not froze up

Let me be smooth, be smooth wit' it (Smooth wit' it)
Girl I love the way you move, when you move wit' it
And I love the way you move, when you movin' it
I'm a savage when I'm doing it, doing it

I used to drive a Lincoln (Lincoln)
Pull up in the Benzo (Benzo)
Already got a girlfriend (Girlfriend)
You could let your friends know (Friends know)
They be with the bullshit (Bullshit)
You I can depend on (Depend on)
Baby when I touch down, I'm a hit the end zone (End zone)
Baby when I touch down, I'm a hit the end zone (End zone)
All my diamonds drip though
I be with the shit though
All my jewelry dancing
All these niggas pissed off
Don't make me up that stick dog
.40 on my hip dog (Hip dog)

.40 on my hip dog
Make me up that stick dog
On my hip dog
The way you move, movin' it
Girl I love the way you movin' it, movin' it
Cause I used to drive a Lincoln
Friends know, friends know
Bullshit, 'pend on
Oh, oh, oh, oh yeah

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Yhung T.O. Grandma's Lincoln Comments
  1. Thomasfgjdhffjwhdgvzxbxvzn cdgd Lopez


  2. Monica Anderson

    So addicting

  3. Anthony Sanchez


  4. Sean Koenigs

    Anyone here from a colab with omb Peezy? Just me ? Makes sense 🙏🏽

  5. Gon Freecss

    why he wearing adidas pants with a nike jacket tho

  6. Sergio Tapia

    Off tops favorite song from this nigga TO

  7. Nike Eli

    Idk how this ain’t at least 1 mill yet.

  8. no money no problem

    This fire. Niggas is really schleep out here. This a real hit.

  9. YouKnowGeo

    This beat and song is dope!

  10. travis mack


  11. ChefBeck

    Pure heat

  12. LifeOfLarry

    Baby when I touch down ima hit the inzone...📍🔥



  13. rich 004


  14. Nike Eli

    Slapper. Needs more views.

  15. Toobrunette09


  16. Debo DJ

    I listen to this song everyday love ur songs

  17. Andres C

    Slapzzz G much love from da 831 WatsonVille kilafonia be da spottttt

  18. D Breezy

    Most Underrated song 💯

  19. Juan Roman


  20. AmeenVFX

    here before it blows up

  21. Daisy Palacios

    I been two that spot before

  22. Anthony M Yang

    Damn this song fire


    *His YoungBoy Flow Go Crazy🔥*

  24. Victoria Jones

    My brother looked so cute in this🤘🏽😍

  25. louie jack

    I know you will never see your musice is so dope and inspiring to me thank you. Wish I could Meet the gang.♨️💨🚶‍♂️

  26. Nic ,

    Seems like a Seattle nigga


    You should be slidin wit famous dex nd every other mumble rapper.. I'll gas ur ass any day!

    Yhung Prince

    wtf white boy why you talking you wont gas shit chicken tender looking ass bitch


    Bitch ass hoe. You a hoe for gettin yo chain snatched nd you a hoe for everything else yoh speak on!.. you a real fake ass fugaz

    no money no problem

    U a nerd for speaking down. Plus u a fan or u wouldn't be stalking this dude. Plus u a hoe!

    Yhung Prince

    first off nigga stop dickriding. you need to learn how to have respect shit head

  29. Shanti Brielle

    I must be that girlfriend 😂😂lol but u sound so good 😍🤤i got this song on repeat 💯

  30. 14ramiro k

    This song is so bad he used to spit fire but know it's dead

  31. Thadieus Outlaw

    Aye this shit really lit 😁😁

  32. Lavlifetino

    The one fucking day I don’t go to grizzly peak

  33. Prince

    U are the worst artist I ever heard

  34. Armani Sharpe

    Ayeeeeee T.o is so lit

  35. fur cat

    Grandma Lincoln

  36. JuggRich

    This a banger t.o!

  37. Kingg Exodus

    Im here because my grandma actually has a lincoln.

  38. Slap Wagon Entertainment

    Video weak af tyler casey dont got rhythm

  39. Broken Xan

    favorite song from him now

  40. Yhung Prince

    this song is way to underrated for T.O level

  41. Amarachi Chukwunenye


  42. Aden Powell

    This track is hard 👌🏿💯

  43. Lul Ant

    All them niggas in sob was slapping until gangin 2 it’s only like 2 or 3 songs that go krazy

  44. Lul Ant

    This nigga is fucking trash now wtf

  45. Julian Sells


  46. Kana Beats

    he used to drive a lincoln? I used to drive a mazda lol

  47. Shyler Noel

    This the shit

  48. Carlos Mendez

    Aye Mackwon

  49. trapLA

    Dope! Reposted on www.trap.LA

  50. N.B.A

    Cut your hair

  51. Queen Magalyy


  52. Baby Chainx

    This shit og fr slaps😈

  53. Mervin 007

    T.O. taking over🔥

  54. Jalen Johnson


  55. Tommy Futangolango

    lw fell off

  56. nasir powell

    This generation has no talent. All about face tatts and a chain and lean and guns they don’t bust.


    Maybe u just not listening to the right songs. IJS



  58. Nasty

    best song in then album no cap

  59. Devon The Chief


  60. ya boi Sosa

    This song is garbage..

  61. Vivi

    this aint it

  62. jonah channel

    Love to music

  63. xhaan

    bruh really filmed at grizzly peak 😂

  64. Isaias Garcia

    I need this instrumental anyone got it⁉️

  65. Smittyinthecut

    TO back

  66. Wolf life hunter

    this aint it chief and this DEF aint grizzly peak for yall Delusional ASS nigga out there and dont @ me with your retardED ASS

  67. King kuzzo

    This slap it’s Different 👌🏾

  68. Jordan

    I like how he showed the throwback videos.... PROGRESS!!!!! I love it

  69. Gavin Parkhurst


  70. RealPMedia _

    Came a long way

  71. Dion Becker

    T.O. 💞

  72. Taco Destroyer

    Bay Shiiiiit mufuckas

  73. Your Son

    More with Mike shrem

    That would honestly be lit asf 💸

  74. OGlana Gucci


  75. Erick Garcia

    Miss the old yhung T.O this ain’t bad but T.O can do wayyy better



  77. Holliewood King

    I see u brought that old skoo Macwon Back

  78. BabyDzy

    I hate when people say why do you keep sharing your music video why are you not sharing my music video but you're all on my Facebook..ask all the people that do share my music video I don't send them my music video,..FYI and look at my place I'm doing something right..


  79. abram blanco

    1.48 he hit the kodak black

  80. Jaricho Yoakum

    Damn im a big fan of this lil nigga but this boo boo

  81. Dafinesse Mexicans

    N ame one song that dont slap by yhung t.o ill wait

  82. Jeron Carter

    5k niggas trippin this need way more views

  83. no money no problem

    Critical Thinking

  84. solly benichou

    Grizzly peak if u know u know

  85. Bentley Jackyy Washington

    I ain’t gonna dislike but he can do better🤷🏾‍♂️

  86. bon2bonn

    T.O. has a softer side he isn't afraid to show. Everyone has seen the street side with SOB x RBE. He always been the Nate Dogg of SOB so this is a good introduction into a different style because this is T.O.'s music alone not a group effort.

    Jj Reyes

    bon2bonn soft side? More of a humble side mature


    @Jj Reyes Nonetheless still softer then Dabboi, nothing wrong with that. Def humble and grown, still got that Nate Dogg g slide.

    Yhung Prince

    @bon2bonn facts

  87. J Sendy

    That video is shoot up in berkley hills wow up the street from the university

  88. Andy

    Yhung T.O the type of guy to always have good vibes in his music🤤💓

    Drew On Top

    You heard misunderstood? That is sad vibes not so good. But diamonds and songs like this you’re right



  90. Lil Baller

    Yea me and me gang be popping

  91. Kevin Mincy

    This is the first wac sob rbe song that I ever heard


    Kevin Mincy it ain’t even a Sobxrbe song it’s just T.O dumbass

  92. Yesenia Graham

    This song is so 🔥🔥🔥💯

  93. bad ass w

    The videos visuals are on point 😍

    Tyler Casey

    teaa sisterr hehe 🙌