Yhung T.O. - Fake Love Lyrics

In this life a nigga live, I keep my weapon tight
Havin' dreams of me dead, I can't sleep at night
Lot of problems adding up but that shit come with life
If a nigga ever cross me I can't take it light
We gon' wet them niggas spot, they gon' die tonight
I already got the drop, we gon' slide tonight
My baby tell me that I'm wrong, but I feel it's right
Nigga we want all the smoke, so I keep a light
Who these niggas think they is? Nigga I don't fight
My closest brother, he a shooter, he'll take yo' life
I don't wanna fuck yo' bitch but Lil' Noonie might
If you got problems wit' 1-9 and wit' me it's on sight
Catch a nigga in that whip, draw down on him
Caught him lackin' wit that bitch, she went down for him
'Cause she told me who you was, where you at nigga?
We don't do no talkin' on that net, it just flack nigga
20 bands on my bitch, that's no cap nigga
Speakin' down on my gang, get you whacked nigga
I got pills, I got drank and I tax nigga
I got Cookie, I hit Berner for that pack nigga
Feds already askin' questions, so don't ask nigga
Anytime I might slide, keep a mask nigga
Don't give a fuck 'bout where we at, ain't no pass nigga
In that coupe, me and my bitch, 200 on dash nigga
Ain't no chillin' in my hood, yeah it's bad nigga
I know I got these haters mad, kiss my ass nigga
Fully automatic 'K wit' the strap nigga
Ricky run, Ricky run, hit yo' back nigga
Already know yo' bitch choosin', ain't gon' ask nigga
Only rock wit' Glock sticks, fuck chrome mags nigga
You ain't my brother, you just call me for some cash nigga
Couple niggas turned snakes, turned rats, but it's good though
Nigga I'm still posted in that hood though
Niggas act like I won't post up at yo' hoods though
Time pass, act like it ain't happen, it ain't good though
Hit a nigga up and then I go all his clique though
Try somethin', I still wish a nigga would
Forever thuggin', I stay posted in that hood
Niggas talkin' like we took, like we gone or somethin'
Like we won't pop up and put 50 to yo' dome or somethin'
Like we don't know where you lay your head, where yo' home or somethin'
Then everybody talkin' to me, like I'm wrong or somethin'
Like I ain't really 'bout that beef, like it ain't on or somethin'
Like just 'cause I'm rich I ain't runnin' round wit' that chrome or somethin'
I think these niggas lost they mind but they better find it
Nigga you only live once, life you can't rewind it
We ain't gon' speak about when we comin', we gon' move in silence
Got that devil in my head, they think I be wildin'
And I ain't gon' play wit' niggas
Choices already been made, so I ain't save the niggas
If you fuckin' wit' them suckas you gon' lay wit' niggas
It was once love but I guess money changed them niggas
But me I'm still that same nigga
Still keep my gang nigga
I will never change nigga
And you ain't in my lane nigga
Ain't gon' argue, nothin' to say nigga
I'm shootin' to my grave nigga

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Yhung T.O. Fake Love Comments
  1. jovinder poonia

    🔥 keep it coming g love from uk 🇬🇧

  2. IB ID

    who these niggaz think they is nigga... I don't fight ++

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    What city is this

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  5. Thomasfgjdhffjwhdgvzxbxvzn cdgd Lopez


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    Niggas sleepin on bro bro fr🤦🏾‍♂️💯

  7. Higherela

    Sob x rbe stay keeping the bay littttt.

  8. rodrigo garnica

    T.o with that dank cart lmao

  9. JayDaDarkskin

    Why does this not have millions ?

  10. Diamond Martini

    Make another song with greedo

  11. FL Markocaine

    Big Money, SOB x RBE all the way

  12. officialcarlos2004

    This shit slapz

  13. DaygoYB

    @YhungT.O. shit slapps bro

  14. John Lawrence

    I hit BeRnEr for that pack 💯

  15. Kenny Produced It - Producer Palace

    jem made it namsayin

  16. Ribberts Life

    He smacking that wax pen

  17. celia vasquez


  18. ismael galvan

    ts go hard af no cap

  19. Dickie Burgettt

    I heard test me bro on gas

  20. Jaylon Williams

    I stopped listening to nbayoung just for sob over the summer

  21. Grace Inweh

    love how he keeps saying 'nigga'

  22. Eddie Jackson


  23. Azim Qureshi

    but me im still the same nigga"

  24. The Kid Rivas

    wha benz model is that?

  25. Azim Qureshi

    'aint no chillin in my hood yea its bad nigga" you right

  26. Burnin Kush


  27. Kolyonn P

    “My closest brother he a Shooter he’ll take your life” 🚫🧢

  28. Jabari Avery


  29. Joe Lopes

    Stay spinning

  30. noob saibot

    Oh yeah yeah

  31. Artis Simpson

    If Slimmy B were to add a verse on this is song, it would sound like "Bust Down" off of the SOB X RBE album.

  32. Nevaeh Watson


  33. Dominic Osuna

    where daboii hair at thooo??

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    After every sentence is nigga

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    Keep it up 🔥🔥🔥

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    how this song still not at 1mill?

  43. Bryonnie Sivilai

    Cali burritos are bomb as the fucc 😭

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    “I got cookies I hit berner for that pack nigga” 👏👏👏👏👏👏🚫🧢

  45. R J

    TO killin it

  46. Blue Hunnits


  47. Andrew T

    TO leaving them SOB niggas in the past lmao you hear his last few barz lmao "use to be love money changed them niggas" bruh throwing subs lmao!!!

  48. LBC

    here before 100k 👀

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    I just heard it and I’m obsessed

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    anybody know what brand cart TO got


    U probably smoke wonka oil lmao

  63. Darren Lal

    Ahmadzeee 👀🔥🤘🏽

  64. SlimeyXIndividual

    Gotta keep my weapon tight

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    This boy never disappoints 🤟🏼🔥

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    He needs to fuck with teeflii on gang they will go crazy

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    Cam Srpll it is on soundcloud

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    Repping dat Kc fa sho Killa City

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    Yo what I really like about this video and y’all in general. When you guys do a video shoot, y’all ain’t tryna flash like all the other people do. U still out there in the hood

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    Wrong flow for the song

  82. Bucket Team

    Nigga always gotta hoodie on he been eatin too good big fatass nah I’m jp TO much love are ever gonna get something like Before The Fame again?

  83. Elegant Pharoah

    Tf RBE stand for?


    Real Boi Entertainment

  84. Elegant Pharoah

    Y they all doing that yb slime shit motion ? 🤨🤔

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    These niggas fell of Lowkey but I’m still rocking with they shit

  86. Bay Area Cannibal

    When you releasing Hennessy Nights on ITunes? Been waiting on Leave The Hood too homie! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  87. MobLifeSleezy

    Why he say slatt? Ain't that sum Florida slang?

    Sup Mitch

    FatherSleezy what flavor is his dick? Because you sucking him 😭

  88. Gorge Morales

    Damn my nigga whipping That Benz $ He Living. Fuck the hating ass niggas this shit go

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    I seen them recording this but i didnt think it was them

    Dominic Osuna

    Jeseze d1 fr?

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    Why he look like chance the rapper

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