YFN Lucci - Oct. 24th Lyrics

(DJ Lavish Lee)

Oh, oh, yeah
Think it's a game?

Look, I'ma get that paper fasho
You don't know my story or my MO
Don't tell me that you love me, then you let go
Don't tell me it's too far like I can't go
Hey, I ain't gon' tell you 'bout no loss, man I grew up
I ain't gon' play about my dog like he was Cujo
Yeah, I been playin' with that rod, just can't cook up
Yeah, I been cuttin' these hoes off like a butcher
Hey, it's like we playin' ball, got 'em shook up
You gon' believe I'm 10 feet tall the way they look up to me
And I ain't gon' lie, I gotta stay surrounded by some G's
And I ain't gon' lie, my yard got a whole lot of V's

I'm gon' get paper, don't need no hand outs
Talkin' so rich, I won't need her at all
'Cause we out here camouflage and we still gon' stand out
Give a fuck about your squad, nigga we don't stand down
I'm outstanding, '08, we were just some bandits, yeah
Broke my ankle, I fell off a bench, yeah
All these scars, I need me a bandage, yeah
I gotta go hard, I was abandoned

All my baby mamas love me and my ex bitch, she can't stand me
Plus my girl love me, sometimes she wanna vanisn
I tried to give her all my heart, but I see she can't manage it
That's my biggest problem with relations
When I fuck that girl, I ask her can she take it? Yeah
Fuck the judge, we be smokin' on probation, yeah
Fucked her good, had her squirtin' out daily
And you know I fucked her good, rain drop
You know that pussy good if I call later
Don't tell me that you hate me just to make up
Then switch and say you love me, you a traitor, yeah
How you say "One love," but you a hater?
You say you want love, but you be out fuckin' for paper
Blowin' my phone up, but you won't do me not one favor
How you brought it up, but you know you gon' push out later
Ok, look, true enough
Look, how everything I do just ain't never enough
Girl, if I buy that ring, bitch I need groupie love
Girl, call me I can be the one you open up to
Yeah, push up, I can be the one that you can run to

Ok, look, rain drop
You know that pussy good if I call later
Don't tell me that you hate me just to make up
Then switch and say you love me, you a trader, yeah
How you say "One love," when you a hater?
How you say "One love," when you a hater?
You know that pussy good if I call later
Yeah, yeah

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YFN Lucci Oct. 24th Comments
  1. Ace Booncoon


  2. Yassier Green

    you don’t know my story or my Emo

  3. Exodus Forbes

    This my favorite shit by him

  4. Queen 1111

    Love you!!!!😎😍😘

  5. BOTS_Shelbs

    So many things are happening on my Birthday lol

  6. PrettyLittleLady #Boss

    Today is Oct 24 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. N J

    I’m here on Oct 24th 2019

  8. Dispatch

    Listenin to this on Oct. 24th 😎


    This is a good song and BTW I'm writing this on the 24th October which is also my bday lol

  10. Nathan Bolan

    Funny how this is in my recommend Oct. 24th 😂😂

  11. g.braze

    oct 24 rn

  12. YoungJay NBA

    What about Oct 24 sum body tell me??🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  13. 1M subs no content

    Who listening on oct 24th? 🤣

  14. IDevuhstate

    Happy birthday to those 1024s out there lol we the besttttt 🤣👌🏾

  15. TOMciastyy

    October 24th is my birthday ;)

  16. IDevuhstate

    Whose bday is on the 24th ? Lol im bumping this at 12am playing Modern Warfare 😂

  17. Charese Whitfield


  18. Garrett Frye

    That’s my birthday October 24


    Yessssss me too

  19. Dede_M5

    make a video for KEEP YOUR HEAD UP PLEASE brooooo

  20. Cynthia Finch

    My bday oct 24 I feel dis

  21. Charlie Capone

    Nyggaz B SLEEP on Lucci !


    I was bored and searched up my birthday, found this.

  23. Junky Hundred

    Dope stuff Young Fly Nigga

  24. Keyonia Huling

    This my shit❤️

  25. BEEflya

    2:07 he eating the steak with his hands lmao real hood baby shit

  26. Isaac Washington

    u came wit dis one bra , he'll yea talk your shit !!!!

  27. madden king

    I feel this song on so many levels

  28. Aaliyah Johnson


  29. Junior Cortez

    Dam my bday is oct 23rd so I'm fuckin with this song 💯🎧

  30. Chimney

    Real shit 💯

  31. Cornelius Stinson

    Lucci bruh u one real nigga fukk da BS Keep getting ta da bag bruh 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿 1luv... Kumn str8 outta Florida Leesburg lake county...

  32. Jo Compaus

    Tim?? Are you really hitting it that big bro? Omg dude if only I stuck to my shit man fml 😰

  33. GalaxyGamer141

    October 24th is my birthday :OOOO

  34. Tyese James

    This my Birthday ❤️

  35. Ez Gi

    My birthdayyy

  36. Exynos

    #GowturGang ?

  37. Jenna Marie

    How you say 1 luv when you a hater

  38. Ashley Brown

    #ScorpioGang #GangGang ♏
    #Oct24 #NationalHoliday #BirthdayGirl

  39. Low Key

    Fuck the judge we be smoking probation

  40. Low Key

    That boy lucci jamming

  41. LEGiiT Muzics

    You know that call pussy good if I call later

  42. Yhc Kelvin


  43. Keep'n It A Buck

    " ok look true enough: ahaha my nigga a player

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    this is my birthday!!!

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    Lucci U deserve more Recognition 💙

  46. Ghost gang Gunna

    Fuck a judge we be smoking on probation

  47. tee ladi

    He just go so crazy like 🔥🔥🔥

  48. Brutha Bubba

    Definitely one of the underrated but true talent 🏆🏆🏆 Too many weirdos getting attention while the real get looked over 💯💯 Its ok cause that’s where #LONGEVITY COME IN AT!!

  49. Brianna arrigo

    If I buy that ring bitch I need groupie love

  50. Riri Trustnone

    How you say ☝🏾 ❤️ but you a hater 🤔

  51. DttoGamingYT God v 12

    Lucci dis song got me in my feelings I go through all the shit he saying in dis song💯


    #YfnLucci - You say you want love but you be out fucking for papper. Blowing my phone up but you wan't do me not one favor. Don't tell me you love me just to make up. 🔥💯

  53. S G

    All theses scars I need them bandages

  54. Babie Mexico

    How can yu dislike this song or give it thumbs down??? Y’all hate this mf hard🤷🏽‍♂️🤧

  55. Austin Shaffer

    Bruh, show them you finally risen from the BS, making money Workin hard. YFN Lucci.

  56. Rozay Smith

    How u say 1luv nd u a hater?!😕💯💯

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    Thats ma bday too.

  58. GTA Music


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    One of My favorite rappers fashooo

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    October 24th is my birthday us scorpios winning 💯❤️🦂♏️

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    Same 👍

    kenta Stepney

    Oct 23rd ♏♏♏🦂🦂🦂🦂🦂

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  73. Whitney Montgomery

    Don't tell me that u hate me just to make up then switch and say u love me you a trader how say one love when u a hater🤔

  74. Whitney Montgomery

    Don't tell me it's to far like I can't go💪🏾

  75. Jamz Lynn

    Lucci stop taking advantage of young girls brah. it look like you don’t brush your teeth. And your breath stinks. 👎🏾

  76. Cutie XVonn

    Y know that pussy good if I call later

  77. Kingshotbranden Thegod

    Oct 24th

  78. R.J Tech

    I specifically listen to this song just to hear 1:49 - 1:57 and again at 2:24 - 2:34 and once again at 2:46 💯🔥

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    Don’t tell me you love me an let go 🌪💨

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