YFN Lucci - Hit 'Em Up Lyrics

(Think it's a game?)
(Yeah, aye, ugh, ugh, look)

Hit 'em up, hit 'em up, hit 'em up, hit 'em up
Don't make me broad day 'em
Don't make me broad day 'em
Hit 'em up, hit 'em up, hit 'em up, hit 'em up
They ain't gonna make me broad day 'em
They ain't gonna make me broad day 'em

I been playin' kibbies
Feed 'em to my man
I hope my man eat 'em, huh
Come holla at ya mans
I got them things cheaper, huh
We got off-white, tan, Molly, for the giggles
Aye, Rollie on me freezing
Dolce jersey, Derek Jeter
Two sticks and one Desert Eagle
Can't find you, we get your people
Them was for my dead people
I see dead people
I got a closet full of nothin' but old dead people
I got some problems
I take my problems out on their people
I got no problem with shootin' it out
I don't give no damn
I got no problem with shootin' it out
I don't give no damn
I got a whole 100 rounds
And I pray it don't jam (Yeah)

Hit 'em up, hit 'em up, hit 'em up, hit 'em up
Don't make me broad day 'em
Don't make me broad day 'em
Hit 'em up, hit 'em up, hit 'em up, hit 'em up
They ain't gonna make me broad day 'em
They ain't gonna make me broad day 'em

Put 1 karat in my nose
3 karats in the ear
If I put like 6 karats on him, he gon' disappear
I'm givin' out, I'm sendin' out gifts
Sendin' moms an ear
We maskin' up like it's Halloween
Every day of the year
I'm comin' off the hip
You know, we'll toss the shrimp
We eat lobster, lot of pasta, real mobster, them
You know my pop's a pimp
You know my mom's like Brazil
Got a crib in Austell
And it's only for the mail, and
I be high as hell
I could probably smoke a bale (Say ooh)
You know that runch, it's got a different smell
Leave him there, let him smell
Never ever leave a trail (Fuck nigga)
He ain't get a chance to tell (Aye pussy nigga)

'Cause I just hit 'em up, hit 'em up, hit 'em up, hit 'em up
Don't make me broad day 'em
Don't make me broad day 'em
Hit 'em up, hit 'em up, hit 'em up, hit 'em up
They ain't gonna make me broad day 'em
They ain't gonna make me broad day 'em

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YFN Lucci Hit 'Em Up Comments
  1. Derrick Sagland

    Hit em up 🔫

  2. Daro Lil Pharaoh

    Til one of my favorite tracks by bruh 🔥🔥

  3. QueSunTzu

    Brother I broad day myself. My mother is gladiator. I study latin. My city is little egypt and rome.

  4. jock85

    Wild n out brung me here!

  5. Derek Stephens

    Real 4 life YFN

  6. Diana Rivera


  7. Dajah Nation

    2019 anyone😂😂🔥🎸

  8. Yanely Santillano Bustamante

    If your reading this believe and you’ll achieve ur goals💋💍💋

  9. Woose Malone


  10. George Trusty

    I like the cyberpunk look this belongs in cyberpunk 2077 this is the only reason why I tune in to watch this video

  11. L Rodriguez

    Wannabe california love by 2 pac and what a coincidence another 2 pac's title hitem up.

  12. Alphonzo Coleman

    This my shit..they gone make me brod day em💯🖐️💪

  13. April Jamiaa

    okay 🥵🔥🔥

  14. Larry Eaddy

    IF You Reading This u bless🙏stay focos the struggle is Over💥🔥💪☝

  15. Jamar Tubbs

    R.i.p. NipseyHussle

  16. Marcin Lendzion

    I thought it was gonna be 2pac cover

  17. Jamar Tubbs

    Nigga said "Don't make me braud down "💂

  18. Terrance Hill

    What’s the song when he be like “if I fuck wit u then only u can fuck that up”

  19. Tavares Smith

    Hit em up

  20. Omar A

    Saw your marketing pics at Stoddards. Open toed shoes on the line is a no-no. That's how those cuties end up with hammer toes.

  21. Lakesha Lewis


  22. Phil Saidthat

    Just heard this on a playlist at the gym. I know I'm late, but this is FIRE!

  23. Drippavelli bde


  24. lakisha mcmurrian

    My three year old grandson loves this song. Listening now on our way to the nawf side of Atlanta ❤️😘❤️

  25. Roddy Lee

    Shit that thraxx

  26. Nikki Phillips

    Still sliding 💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥 definitely million Type 🌟🌟🌟🔥 #yfnMotivation

  27. Jesse Soliz

    Real shite

  28. Ruth Frank


  29. Bl4z3_MC /xXTraianRodsXx

    Fam i was searching for the 2pac song

  30. Antonio M

    This song sounds like a Gikuyu Rap Song,....! Kerumo Kerumo Kerumo,....

  31. Lingo Bingo

    This is trash

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  35. RAWtv

    Slowed down version here 👇🏾🔥🔥🔥

  36. Iandiyah Golden

    check out artist from oklahoma ft yfn lucci

  37. Stephan Black

    Shout out to YFN LUCCI

  38. Barbara Ward

    This video 🔥🔥🔥do your thing babe ayyeee he never made nothing but the best and he never made anyting that's not
    going making your head move everything been 🔥🔥🔥🔥from day one and that's on God💯💯💪

  39. mark 864

    Dis my shit 🔥💯💯💯💪

  40. Playstation Nishtulle

    big lucci respect from albania bro

  41. Grim Reefer

    Most of the time I hate auto tune, But I gotta say he did it right. Plus the mad max themed music video was fuckin sick so points for that.


    If 2Pac was alive he would blow ur brain stupid ass shit autotune with 50 words in ur head. Gtfo

  43. Jaime Espinoza

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  45. Unapologetically Black

    Garbage Garbage Bags

  46. rocksolid neverfold

    "If you reading this don't look back, move forward and focus on getting yours!" 💯

  47. Mr. Mossa

    2019 best 💯💯💯💯💯💯

  48. matheus brito

    BR manda recado 😎

  49. AnJolie Ruiz

    This deserves the 683 dislikes

  50. Maahjinboon skrr

    BR? Alguém?

  51. Ver7STI

    Fake thugs..

  52. Hedge Deck

    Don’t even think this song is close to 2puc nigga

  53. Trench Boy

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  54. [DCF]Chacal secondaire

    He should be a collab with lil baby

  55. Anyhow Network

    This is my second time looking at this. I❤this song!

  56. Ariel Johnson

    Lil Sly -Changed Up ft Lil Donald #Download https://song.link/i/1437658135

  57. Soren L’InstruCroyable

    The Best BeatMaker in this [Fucking Planet]
    Soren LinstruCroyable
    Come and hurt my Beats
    If You don’t Know,now You Know,,,NiggA

  58. MIKA . K

    I love this song and lucci dam yess

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  60. Randy & Ed

    Tupac is turning in his grave.

  61. Pretty Bee

    Terrible trash

  62. Eddie Reis

    Cant believe people jam this

  63. Mike Wazoski


  64. Broward Josh

    Underrated as a mug ☝🏽#DontLetTheGrindStopMane 💸🥶

  65. berry nelson

    Bruh why you here. still copying the style wanna steal more songs punk/pussy

  66. Keonce Smith

    This is the shit 🤣😂

  67. FBI

    I looked for Pacs hit em up and found this wtf did he just call this song hit em up to show up when people look for Pac(to get more veiws🤔🤔)(No hate please don't get offended)

  68. go debby

    Dis Hard Af

  69. Jkey 7991


  70. Linda Bergman

    Hell no not a game👍watch that James munder YT video about deepstate kill lists based on metadata!!

    Linda Bergman

    American Patriots gotta unite race isn't our problem!! It's invasions of other countries to overthrow n replace our Country Constitution and freedom's 🤬🤬🤬🤪🤪

  71. Anthony Marraccino

    i like tupacs hit em up better.....

  72. Alex Mendez

    This that type of slap you go cruising in the Bentley with an M4

  73. Jerry Nguyen

    tf they wearing?

  74. Thomas Turner

    Dis was live what the fuck

  75. Blue Phoenix

    I think he is the next 2pac😊no hate like if u agree😊

  76. Saleem Winters

    Runt got a different smell leave em their let it smell

  77. Alexander Alvarado

    He got the PUBG outfits 💯🔥🔥🔥🤣

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    this lit as fuck where yo fucking oscar

  89. Murilo 098

    Brazil 🇧🇷🇧🇷

  90. Gent


  91. Juice Wrld

    I hope hoping it would start with, “ That’s why I fucked yo bitch”
    Anyone understand?

  92. Bryson Graves

    Look at that wrong hit em up