Yes - Yesterday And Today Lyrics

Why is there you,
When there are few,
People making me feel good.
Why is there me,
When air is free,
Some I can see better than I should,
There's only us,
simply because,
Thinking of us makes us both happy
I think of you everyway, yesterday and today,
I think of things we do all the way everyday
Stand in the sea
sing songs for me,
Sing happily making me feel good,
Watching your eyes,
Feeling your sighs,
saying goodbyes better than I could,
There's only us,
simply because,
Thinking of us makes us both happy
I think of you everyway yesterday and today,
I think of nothing but you things we do, things we do.

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Yes Yesterday And Today Comments
  1. Último de Miranda

    3 rap lovers came here

  2. Sapphire Aquilia

    I always associated this song to one of my best friends
    It’s comforting :>

  3. Yezz Simp

    obrigada Gabriel, por tudo; eu penso em ti todo dia, eu te amo demais, mas não há como namorarmos; minha depressão me impede de ter qualquer relacionamento. Eu juro que teremos filhos no futuro, que seremos felizes juntos, mas isso não depende só de nós; o mundo pode me tirar de ti antes do tempo...

  4. trinityefe v

    Always ..

  5. MargaRitaVille

    Love u love u love u 😍

  6. Silvia Dewanti


  7. R Gray

    This remaster is excellent
    almost sounds like a completely
    different song

  8. gorgonauta6868

    that bass line...

  9. carlos torres

    hermosa song


    i want to cry

  11. Rosillaz

    Those days im going through hard times because i loved someone who loved me back at a time in my life i was not ready to let anyone love me. And now that im falling for him, he goes away. Im loosing him. Im actually drawning into booze and weed listening to that song. I feel so hopeless and alone.


    I wish you well. Please take care and realize the most important thing to do is try your best to accept and be happy in the present.

  12. onsese joo

    In the fading out of "Season Of Man" from Close To The Edge, it sounds like there is a reference to this with the piano line similar to 2:09.

  13. Marcos Hirata

    why Jon Anderson never sing "yesterday and today" at Yes shows ???

  14. Quel Tipo Sul Tubo

    There is something so soothing and relaxing in this song.

  15. Robert Ommundsen

    their first lp is the only one i totally like by them

  16. Katia Brasil

    All Yes songs are magic. But, for me, the most incredible song of all times (and all bands) is Survival.

    Ana Helena Krause

    Yes, Survival is special and reminds me of Paul McCartneys Black Bird...


    que cancion cuanto amor


    This songs's a BLESSING for my soul

  19. Manuel Estano

    Du bon Yes ...!!

    Wolf Liou

    Manuel Estano yes

  20. Marcos Hirata

    Beautiful song.

  21. Marcos Hirata

    Eu nasci em 1961 e esta musica é a mai maravilhosa entre todas as as outras.

  22. Marcos francisco de Oliveira

    Está música do Yes , é linda demais !

  23. Frank Sulka

    My god this is beautiful.

  24. Mexi El Guerrero

    I was born in late '83 and well, like everyone else from my generation. I've witness all musical trends and modes from rap like "reggaeton" if we can call that "music", and actually, everything is getting more gross and disgusting, where the ones who dare to call themselves "artists" must always include buxom-girls and immoral things like sex-explicitly scenes, otherwise they cannot sell anything, nowadays everything is cheap marketing, fast and easily expendable, and if I could had the chance of travelling across the time, undoubtedly, I would've chosen these years.

    None of these self-claimed "artist" cannot anything and the only thing they do know is just uploading selfies and that sort of garbage. As the years passes by mankind is degenerating, and well this time is far away from these ones...


    George Thomas good music


    can you tell me what happened that musicians stoped creating such things? I´m a musician (guitarist) and I am in a crisis because of this. This ruins all my world. FUCK THE MUSIC INDUSTRY OF TODAY

    Katia Brasil

    In my country, I can say the used to have a classic background, they used to really study music. Today they simply play anything in order to get famous and rich, with no talent at all neither any background. Musicians like Tom Jobim and Egberto Gismonti had a strong background. Today there's only garbage.

    Jack Redfield

    The irony is generations ago people made the same claims of bands like Yes, the generational gap my friend.

    Quel Tipo Sul Tubo

    @Jack Redfield How?