Yes - Spirit Of Survival Lyrics

In this world the gods have lost their way

Can't keep this picture from out of my mind
This fear hand in hand crossing innoncence, time
Surrounding creation they caught in a trap
The youngest offenders will witness confusion

They drive him so fast not a care in the end
Escaping collision every twist every bend
When you're young invincible nothing to lose
Keep seeing this picture standing in a circle
The gods have forgotten to switch on the light
Who's lost in the dark will crash in the night

These lessons we're living the lies of the day
Expect them to honor and never disobey
Yet greed is controlling the elders display
No wonder the younger look at them in shame

The spirit of survival
Who's teaching the hatred
The spirit of survival
Or the class of your school
The spirit of survival
The colour of your money
We're standing in a circle
We don't understand at all

They don't understand at all

In this world I truly do believe there is a safer place
In this world I truly do believe there is a safer place

The younger the older the wiser become
Recover misfortune this true life as one
Our genius is shining the past has all gone
What's left is the clearest perception of one

The spirit of survival
To magnify the power
The spirit of survival
To magnify the soul
The spirit of survival
To magnify the love
We're standing in a circle
We don't understand at all
We don't understand at all

In this world the gods have lost their way

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Yes Spirit Of Survival Comments
  1. richard lozano

    I do believe that there's a safer place

  2. Tippersnore

    The gods have lost their way...


    In this world the gods have lost their way....

  4. Oswald Cobblepot


  5. Günther Suntinger

    Jetz´komm ich auf das...und kann mich nur wundern, dass so eine tolle Musik nur so wenig Klicks hat...

  6. Tookaywun

    this song is pretty tight; it's ironic that it was basically buried by 9/11

  7. Architect of Echoes

    I might be mad but the theme tune to the "POINTLESS" quiz show on the BBC owes something to this YES song. It sounds similar to me anyway, have a listen back to back and see if you agree.

  8. Carlos Nascimento

    2019 alguém?



    David Eig

    You should listen to YES's music from the early 70's if you want spiritual. ;-)

  10. isaac plascencia

  11. kelly

    I like Yes..........but why the fuck are their albums so expensive..........this is over 40 quid on Amazon..................oh I forgot, they need the money ..........greedy bastards.


    This album didn't exactly sell very well, so it's probably pretty rare, all things considered. There's probably also some record label drama going on preventing it from being put on digital. :/


    According to Jon, they spent 3 months making this, to sell a whole 40000 copies in their own homeland. Early 2000s were not a good time for music by anyone. There were deals with 3 retailers. Walmart sold Magnification with a live bonus disc containing live Ritual or CTTE or something. The second retailer had a different live disc, and the third (Borders or some out-of-biz business) had a third. Later Mag was repackaged with a standard second disc. In any event, it did not sell, prompting Yes to turn their back on albums and they toured 2000 to 2004 instead. That's why the album is not easy to get. Try 'The Ladder' also.....very upbeat work.


    Good news friend, this album is now officially on iTunes!


    epico inmortal la voz de anderson insuperable

  13. JUNTEX

    This is such an epic song, i'm glad I found it

  14. Richard Man

    A rockin' track.

  15. Whitewolf1707

    i like how this is not on itunes :( 

    Jiro Mochizuki


    @Jiro Mochizuki thanks for the help friend!!!

    Cheers. :)

  16. holydrones

    is it me, or is this song very James Bond-ish?

    Martin Möller

    Yes, it is true!

    johnny toxrox

    Yep. Kinda like Salibury by Uriah Heep.

  17. Lightfromsirius

    watch?v=Zjw2f9pYdCs symphonic live version

  18. Jack Wilson

    I love how the only magnification song that isn't on youtube is the one actually called magnification... -_-

  19. Jacklyn E

    good sound oh yes