Yes - No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed Lyrics

Step out in the night
When you're lonely
Listening for the sounds
That your ears don't hear

I know your cross is heavier
With every step, every step
But I know a man
And he'd walk miles for you

Stop, you stay where you are
Take a look at yourself
Take a good look at yourself

Can tell your momma
She'd only tell ya
That she told you so

The life you're leading
She won't believe
The riches of life
We all know

Dawn turns to day
And the dawning
Daytime, nighttime
And we still can't see

Why must we wait
Until the morning light
To wake up and be
Wake up and be

Wake up and be
Wake up and be
Wake up and be

Step out in the night
When you're lonely
Listen for the sounds
That your ears don't hear

I know your cross is heavier
With every step, every step
But I know a man
Who'd walk miles for you

Stop, you stay where you are
Take a look at yourself
Take a good look at yourself

Can tell your momma
She'd only tell ya
That she told you so
The life you're leading

She won't believe
The riches of life
We all know

Can tell your momma
She'd only tell ya
That she told you so

The life you're leading
She won't believe
The riches of life
We all know

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Yes No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed Comments
  1. R Gray

    Here what you do for next Christmas
    or even New Years ........ sink 500 to 900 or more on 'High Vibration '
    boxset from Japan and listen to all the discs ,,,,,,
    i did just listened to this tonight hearing things never heard before

  2. Beatles0223

    And here I was believing Yes's first video was, "Owner of a Lonely Heart." Here they were a full decade *ahead* of MTV. It's not progressive rock for nothing.😁

  3. andrej danóczi

  4. MothmanGhost

    Not a soul:
    Jon Anderson: what if I did a 360 on top of a moving car?

  5. Mike Grant

    I have always liked yes. 90125 is my most spiritual lp! Have not listened to much early but i always felt the holy spirit was grooming them to make 90125 just for me. Thank you men. Much love. Geddy lees playlist brought me he on thanksgiving day

  6. G&MM

    Amazing that they all survived that car ride.

  7. Brian Levine

    Yes would like to thank Bingo of The Banana Splits for the use of his vehicle.

  8. R Gray

    Get after that boot !

  9. R Gray

    That was an extremely silly video ....putting themselves and everyone else in danger
    someone could have been busted up as so many other people have pointed out .
    The camera crew was fine with it this is awesome

  10. Kevin Wilson

    I thought this was before they met the eagles and started taking coke

  11. buckeye slim

    where is chris"s rickenbacker?

  12. R Gray

    Now completely convinced that Yes has a sense of humor
    I already knew it hahaa
    now have to change my underwear !

  13. R Gray

    These people are a danger to the enviornment . Oh it's Yes ???
    Hey whats up dudes ???

  14. R Gray

    Could you guys put on your seat belts ??
    You don't have any ? oh

  15. jeffthrow6892

    Crazy awesome video I'd not seen before.......

  16. R Gray

    Somehow Chris had talked the engineer to go full boar on the bass ... Pete was not amused .... nor was he happy with most of the disc . Info from Dan Hedges book about the band .

  17. R Gray

    I'd forgotten how funny this video was... haven't seen it in ages..
    Bill recounted early days of Yes on the Yesyears video ....
    He said he had a crummy kit that he threw a black coat of paint on and the band thought it was an Olympic drum kit .. they were so impressed with it they invited him to be in the band ......
    He also mentioned that very mini they were tooling around in and said
    " oh they were very hip " in his typical sarcastic style

  18. rockonthestone 64

    Chris Squire fingerstyle on a fender ooo

  19. theresa42213

    Bill! GREAT, GREAT drummer!!! Chris GREAT, GREAT bass player!! Wakeman (not present) GREAT, GREAT keyboardest!! WHY ....did ORGANIC music like this _GO AWAY!?_ Technology!

  20. MediaGrope

    Best song of all time

  21. Greg Dietz

    I'm surprised Steve agreed to be in this video.

  22. The Kraemer

    If Richie Havens had an orchestra.

  23. Valeria Victrix

    Number 2. to Peter Banks: "Why did you resign"? Peter Banks to Number 2: "I didn't resign - I was fired!" Number 2 to Peter Banks; "Ahhhah hah hah hah haha"

  24. Phil UK Net

    Just listen to the bass line in this track. Chris Squire was immense.

  25. Miss Tery

    Thisbis will sound hilarious but there is a few seconds segment I hear in this that is a battle seen in the old show monkey magic 😂

  26. Miss Tery

    Can't help but smile watching this 😄

  27. Chunky Tomato Soup

    That’s some fucking baseline

  28. hard truth

    This song and video are very beatlesque, but it is the early days of yes. Probably the closest they ever got to pop music until owner of a lonely heart came out.

  29. Garfield I Dunno

    They're crazy! How are those things that they're doing in the car legal? They could've died!

    Chunky Tomato Soup

    Absolutely wild. Bruford was smoking a cigarette. That’s crazy, he could’ve died.

    Garfield I Dunno

    @Chunky Tomato Soup No, them standing while in the car, or whatever they were doing on the car

  30. Kiberia Se'a'uof

    why is jon's A string knob on the other side?

  31. Brian Carruthers

    If you look at Yes Deluxe Editions Brian Carruthers you will see that I have posted the complete version of this set as well as the other albums in the Deluxe Edition collection.
    Yes Albums Brian Carruthers is another selection of complete album sets by Yes.
    Check them out and enjoy!!!!!!
    Brian C

  32. Sebastian Gil

    So by the time this was recorded Peter Banks had already quit the band. Interesting.

  33. Byron Ugalde

    Thanks for share this jewell!

  34. Timothy Martin

    Now I know what Geddy was talking about during the RnR speech.

  35. Phill Wainewright

    2:45 Can you imagine trying to get that past Health & Safety these days?

  36. Nuniu Cel

    What was the reason to include a part of the theme from the movie Magnificent 7 into this song?. Anybody have a good anawer?

    Chunky Tomato Soup

    Because it sounded rad

  37. lincbond442

    Did this crazy stunt driving result in Tony Kaye's broken leg?

    R Gray

    Wow what a profound observation haha could be !

  38. lincbond442

    "Hey Hey we're Yes, people say we monkee around".

  39. big boy

    Where should we film the music video?
    Junkyard, chicks dig the junkyard

  40. Qwer Asdf

    Жесть !!!!

  41. canadianroot

    That bass line, though. What a force of nature Squire was.

  42. Prog Queen 59

    Why is Steve not credited when he’s in the video?

    Lazy Billon

    Steve didn't play in this song (or the whole album), it was Peter Banks, who was fired.

    Prog Queen 59

    Lazy Billon , thanks for the clarification! Greetings from Illinois!

  43. たいさちゃむ/taisachamu


    Zo Ni


  44. Yanto2013

    @4:20 see Tony Kaye throws one of Bill Brufords boots out of the buggy! :O)

  45. Yanto2013

    They really spared no expense did they, I mean only the best locations, that scrap yard in Hawaii ! Now we know where the Banana Splits got their Beach Buggy from.

    Randy Rinker

    Meyers Max. Steve McQueen drove on in the original Thomas Crown Affair movie.The good one, not the one with Pierce Brosnan.

  46. Brian Eastman

    I love this awesome video.

  47. Dios Sea Contigo

    Banana splits dune buggy

  48. Kidd Marlowe

    Don't try this at home...driving and hopping around the vehicle. Great upload. I've never seen this. It's definitely 60s material. Richie Havens lives on. Love both versions equally.

  49. Paul Bailey

    Great video. When you're young, you tend to think you're indestructible - unimaginable looning around in that buggy. Amazed they all survived.

  50. fucheduck

    Organ opening I always pictured some steam punker with a smoking cigar and a top hat playing 'er. Hammond Organs rock! don't let anyone tell you it is a circus instrument! it is kick ass!

  51. Andrew Popescu

    Kind of a "Ride of the Valkyries" thing happening at the beginning of the clip. Lucky the boys weren't in a chopper, I suppose... :)


    Andrew Popescu it’s actually the theme from the western The Big Country, which they lifted and used rather well.

    Andrew Popescu

    @thetenia Thanks for the heads-up! TV Western themes are definitely not my strong suit... it certainly added a majestic, ride-into-glory vibe to the song though. :)


    Andrew Popescu

  52. Eau Rouge

    First two Yes albums are my favoauawroat;j;asdjg. Sorry, forgot how to type.

  53. Fabio Almeida Guitar

    to be honest, i prefr this Jon Anderson' s early vocal register than the one too high he adopted some years after. Here we hear a natural light tenor , instead the alien voice of the later albuns, Of course i love his voice and it always works but sometimes he sounds lke a gnome, not a human being singing

    Bigger Lion

    Fabio Almeida Guitar I’m gnot a gnelf. I’m not a gnoblin. I’m a gnome! And you’ve been gnomed

  54. MarxNutz y

    Selfies 60s style

  55. Ken Bewick

    Ha! Great song. Looks like an episode of The Monkees!

  56. Leonardo Alvarez


  57. William Biondolillo

    the sound of that Hammond organ is absolutely out of this world!

  58. Mastro

    I had no idea there was a music video for this. I love this song.

  59. Louise X

    Best criminally reckless driving ever in a pop video, priceless! :)

  60. TheFish

    I love how they always really make their covers their own

  61. Wildart2

    This video reminds me of the Bananasplits

  62. Henry David

    A pesar que el video es malo. Da gusto verlos. Grandes

  63. Scott Karrasch

    This is amazing!

  64. Greg Dietz

    Why is Steve Howe in this video?

  65. OneEyeMan

    What a great song. I'd forgotten how much I love early Yes.

  66. McFint69

    This is where the trash people lived in the walking dead. So sad...

  67. Eric Beer

    Is it me or do the bass lines in Rush's "YYZ" sound exactly the same? Geddy said in the induction speech he marveled at that song and tried playing it for the longest time. Maybe YYZ was his tribute.

  68. Tim Suthern

    Is it possible Jon Anderson was killed during the making of this video and we're seeing an imposter from the same organization that sent out a Paul McCartney imposter? I'll bet there are many people who would believe that. People will believe anything these days. :)


    It'd be really hard to replicate that unique voice.

  69. Thomas Hemenway

    Bruford is SUCH a killer drummer!

  70. DCussen

    Dang...where do you find this stuff?

  71. Craig Palmer

    Chris bass lines.fantastic

  72. Magnetron33

    One of Chris alltime great bass lines

  73. Steve Jones

    Steve Howe replaced Peter Banks between the times of the albums completion and release dates. Steve is in the video but does not appear on the album this track come from.

  74. Anthony Andorn

    2018 ? Hehe!!!

  75. blackmore4

    Love that buggy! It's almost as cool as the bass line.
    But I never knew that Yes were so Banana Splits. Very cool.

  76. blackmore4

    Love that buggy! I never knew that Yes were so... so... Banana Splits!! Haha. Very cool.

  77. Flying V Martin

    Jon Anderson fake playing guitar.

  78. Harold Brodie

    kinda cool but not unlike spinal tap in the same era

  79. paul elliott

    Now that's how you drive
    Excellent to see the kids doing it way back ....

  80. d. Walsh

    Belgian hash that morning and off to the video shoot,


    Puff, puff, pass

  81. David Lazarus

    Such a fun video and great rendition of a classic song!

  82. Eric Iozzi

    Best video ever!!!

  83. Steve of Unknown Kadath

    "Aah yes! Back in the days when we all weighed collectively what we weigh individually now." - Rick Wakeman

    Rik K

    That applies mainly to Rick, the non-vegan of the group.


    @Rik K And beer drinker by gallons! (Not that it's bad) 😁😁

    My Frequencies

    @Rik K Yes are vegan?

  84. trfesok

    I hope Steve Howe got rid of those red boots after the shoot!

  85. MerkinMuffly

    2:45 Christ Jon!

    Kaktus Kastl

    don't worry! it seems like superchris took the steering wheel in his hands

  86. Mr. Peacock

    Now that's what I call 70's driving style! This video would probably be illegal to make today.

    Louise X

    Agree, but I'm thinking it wasn't made simply by heading out on the streets and driving like a bunch of madmen. Most of the driving sequences were likely made on cordoned-off streets and the other cars we see were in on the whole thing. And I'm sure they had cleared it with the police. They make it *look* as though they just drove out on the town and behaved like a batch of loonies though! :))

    Randy Rinker

    If he was, the guy they stuck in sure went on to have an amazing career. This was before any of Jon's solo work, and most of the iconic Yes songs, so if the Jon of today is a fake Jon, he's incredibly talented. Guess you could say the same about the fake Paul.

  87. Candy Raider

    2:25 Marlboro Theme !!

    Skin Bag Becky

    Finally! I've been searching all these comments to see if anyone mentioned that. And thanks for pinpointing it to the Marlboro Theme. I was trying to remember if it was a western TV show or a variation of Copland's Appalachian Spring. Regardless, I am really grooving to the entire song and video.

    JD Owsley

    Marlboro used the theme from The Magnificent Seven. Elsewhere in this thread jimashtube mentions the theme in this song is The Big Country by Jerome Moross.

    Skin Bag Becky

    @R Gray OMG, that is priceless!

  88. isaac plascencia

    Increible bajo. Un maestro Q.E.P.D. Chris Square

  89. Charles Xavier

    At first I thought he said "wake up and pee"


    Cool kids don't bother to wake up to pee.

    Well now I'm old and incontinent that is what I keep telling myself and the nurse.


    Ok this is epic

  90. schmittelt

    The Big Country

  91. Daniel Eastwood

    Some say that boot is still on that road...

  92. Romain Longo

    Bin oui tout seul nul a deux yeah partage d ' amour a deux gneu!!!!

  93. an Offensive Narwhal

    Jon's not even getting the strings when he fake strums 😂

  94. Marc P Coderre

    the video was obvious made after Howe had replaced Banks who had played on the recording.

  95. Douglas Ricker

    The kids here who don't realize this is a Richie Havens song **shakes fist**

  96. Małgorzata Zapert

    OMG...Jon's voice sound like Robert Plant's voice ;-) Killer bass line...R.I.P. Chris Squire

    Gregory Wheless

    Małgorzata Prusaczyk funny I've always thought the same thing I'd put Paul Rodgers with Bad Company third behind the two you mentioned Tom Johnston from the Dobie Brothers fourth

    Gregory Wheless

    Make that "Doobie" Brothers

  97. xy Boy Music


  98. em diar

    The song that got Geddy into the bass

  99. Mick The Nick

    The description below the vid reads: "Featuring Steve Howe on guitar & vocals". This is wrong. There are no vocals nor any guitar playing by Steve Howe to be heard. The description should read "Featuring Steve Howe lip-synching to Peter Banks' guitar performance". Maybe the guy directing the 'Yesofficial' account is respectful enough of Peter Banks' memory to change the description?

    Maybe not.