Yes - It Will Be A Good Day (The River) Lyrics

Golden forest golden lake
Sanctuary, state of grace
I will find reason a place to begin
It will be a good day

Beginning is one place I've been before
Watching the sunrise on the silver shores
Setting me free again leading the way
It will be a good day

Sometimes I forget
How mighty this earth
Astounding winter skies
Truth is in birth
Peace that it brings to me, my naked eyes
Be a good day

Make me believe again
Making me free again
Making me see again

Golden mountains golden seas
A thousand reasons singing to me
Alive to this message
Realising it all
Be a good day

Learning to listen learning to see
Learning is power making me free
Free to believe again in my human side
Giving me good reason
Giving me good reason

(Come tomorrow)
Make me believe again
(Take the river)
Making me free again
(To the sea)

(Come tomorrow)
Making me see again
(Will be free)

Like a river

Time feels so much closer now
You are with me, so real

We make our own heaven
Clear through the sky
The making of reason for you and I
I sing of each season
Making us feel
This will be a good day
This will be a good day

(Come tomorrow)
Make me believe again

(Take the river )
Making me free again
(To the sea)
(Come tomorrow)
Making me see again
Like a river to the sea

Make me believe again
Making me free again
(Come tomorrow)
Making me see again

(Take the river)
Making me free again
(To the sea)

(Come tomorrow)
Making me see again
(Take the river)
(Come tomorrow)
(Take the river)
(To the sea)

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Yes It Will Be A Good Day (The River) Comments
  1. david white

    Kind of boring but it's still YES!!!!!

  2. Carlos Martinez Calderon

    yes, si eres my favorito desde los setentas,y jon anderson con esa voz fabulosa

  3. bigfootpegrande

    Fond memories of the opening Ladder Tour gig in the late Canecão, Rio, 1999. The most rocking concert I ever been since...

  4. Archie Duke

    As much as I liked Trevor Rabin, he used to bury Chris's bass and harmonies in the mix. Great to hear Chris in the forefront again.

  5. Michal Majsiewicz

    Ladder piękna plyta Yes.Tyle w temacie

  6. maccafan10

    The most touching song that Yes ever did. It will be my goodbye song (with a message to all my family and friends)

  7. Eduardo Ferreira

    Miss Chris so much

  8. Helmi Abdullah

    Thats a steinberger m series

  9. Wíll Flannéry

    So glad this is a video. One of my favorites of any band

  10. Piero Aycart

    Es justo lo que necesitamos
    Saludos desde Ecuador

    Robert Schalk

    Que chevere! De Manta Ecuador. Pasa bien...

  11. H2Rough Touch

    My Favorite Band, my favorite singer. Best Song

  12. Archie Duke

    I always feel happy when I listen to Yes. Jon sings like an Angel.

  13. Cafe Esoterica Radio Hostess Shawn Cohen

    Beautiful song and video! xx

  14. Susan Baldwin

    Beautiful! Thank you!

  15. Manuel López

    Amorosa y verdadera obra maestra... Bendiciones Jon.
    Eternal yes

  16. David Ellis Martin

    Such a great peace-infectious song. One of my Ladder faves. Thanks, Jon!

  17. joel lee

    Thanks for cancelling my wichita show jon i had front row seats we will probly both be dead before that happens again.

  18. Ed Newton

    Lovely to see Chris and hear his harmonies again. I need to revisit The Ladder; it's been too long 👍

  19. LMP

    The short Melody beginning at 1:39 is astonishing. The genius of Anderson/Howe.

    The first five songs off of The Ladder are excellent.

  20. nnayram64

    Love the video and the message of the song❤️ Thanks for a good start to my day😊

  21. Wendy Carty

    It is a good day!!!

  22. Giorgio Bo

    It is not my favourite Yes song...

  23. Julie Cowlam

    Very appropriate to find this song here today,
    For recently I have very little faith that in my human side and despite all the knowing and wisdom of my spiritual journey, even that appears to be fragmented these days. (Disjointed but with purpose?)
    I will always believe in my home world. To be whole. It will be a good day.
    This song is my favourite from the ladder. Thankyou.

  24. Paulo de Tarso Porrelli



    "The Ladder " was a real good album. It was a good solid effort; the band spent a large part of that winter 20+ years ago in Vancouver, working together on that album.

  26. Helen Hancock

    Wonderful x

  27. Kevin Wilson

    I can remember playing this on my cassette player on the building site I was working on when a few lads came in and said wow, haven't heard his voice for along time . By the time wed listened to it i think they were all born again yes fans .

  28. Sacred Geometry Music

    thank you for the message, it will be a good day!!

  29. Олександр Сухенко

    Yes - the best group among classical rock performers.

  30. Rick rock Barron

    Wonderful 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  31. E The Lip

    To me, a beautiful true Yes song.. Jon & Chris soaring, Chris & Alan lively & fresh!..

  32. A Mac

    love you so your wonderous, andys getting it together there's no two ways Im realizing, o my goodness and there is so much and many to know and love , i think you know fluffy hee hee, i do, worm in my heart and thought of you

  33. The Nonsense Buffer

    This was awesome. I love the old footage.

  34. Osama Number5

    One of my total favorite albums! The tour, & the experience were some of my most cherished memories! TY Jon, Chris, Steve, Alan & Igor!

    Steve Rodgers

    Don't forget Billy!

    Osama Number5

    @Steve Rodgers oops, thanks for your correction!

    Steve Rodgers

    Let's give Billy his due.

  35. Alexander Simonoff

    Light...!!! Always!!!! 💥💥💥

  36. Annette Alleva

    One of my favorite Yes songs. My daughter made me a video of family photos set to this song one Mother’s Day. Song always touches my heart. Beautiful images! Thanks!❤️

  37. Alejandra Tamacas

    Thank you very much Jon Anderson! Yes, it is my favorite band since I was a child! At home we have always heard Yes! Infinite thanks for being the inspiration of many people! God bless you! I LOVE THIS SONG! I LOVE YES! WE LOVE YOU AND SUPPORT YOU! ❤👏🎤

    Melanie Henry


  38. Jose Papun Alicea

    Beautifull song...nice memories..thanks..nice voices arrangement

  39. John Vehadija

    I love this album! 🥰

  40. Tim Brown

    I had to warm up to The Ladder but once I did, it quickly became one of my favorites. And I loved that tour.


    Yes, a great tour! I saw 3 shows- always multiple shows whenever possible!

  41. Tim Hughes

    "Let's dance Lawrie, Charlotte is here safely and Mum is great"
    "Yes Daddy"
    This was the unforgettable choice by the boy to welcome his new sister. Thank you guys.


    When I see my departed loved ones again,


    I feel for you. This will also be my very fitting departing song

  43. MsLoverockmusic

    Beautiful video! Beautiful song! Beautiful team of guys! Beautiful group---YES!!!

  44. Hamamass !