Yes - Every Little Thing Lyrics

When I'm walking beside her
People tell me I'm lucky
Yes I know I'm a lucky guy
I remember the first time
I was lonely without her
Can't stop thinking about her now
Every little thing she does
She does for me yeah
And you know the things she does
She does for me
When I'm with her I'm happy
Just to know that she loves me
Yes I know that she love me now
There is one thing I am sure of
I will love her forever
Because I know love will never die

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Yes Every Little Thing Comments
  1. Jose Vargas

    This is bullsh.....

  2. Barbara Richards


  3. fernando felix a

    Best cover song ever!

    really dude

    * one of


    Saids you! Just jokeing I love the band as well.

  4. Michael Soto

    From 1969 with lots of drama & energy from the earliest version of Yes. They're stretching their horizons here for a brilliant future.

  5. gajk041008

    a great, underrated beatles song done superbly by yes

  6. Benjamin Joseph Bruner

    1:58 Day Tripper???


    You are correct my friend. It was Yes' way to say thanks to Lennon & McCartney for the song.

    Sezai Basar




    Saucy Jk

    But of course!