Yes - City Of Love Lyrics

City of love City of love City of love

Once bitten twice shy
No - No regrets at all
Justice - Body smooth take over
Good girls they work the city
Good guys they spike you hard
How they jive ad jingle
When you're in their backyard

Street corner wonder lust
Beckoning the good guy
Take this get that
Have a good time

He young and tactile
He ready for anything that is
How they jive and jingle
They've read the book that gives

We'll be waiting for the night
We'll be waiting for the night to come

We'll be waiting for the night
We'll be waiting for the night to come

Supervise this good treatment
Alternative line by line
So the street guys so observant
Take him for a ride
Have a good time
Like a legend the man he sharp
His woman gladly watching
As he strides out of the dark
Better be quick get away

We'll be waiting for the night
We'll be waiting for the night to come

We'll be waiting for the night
We'll be waiting for the night to come


Good timing has its good price
One trick and you're stuck with the dice
How they jive and jingle
When you're their sacrifice

Fast as lightning
Go - Go get high - He's looking good
Once bitten twice shy
No woman no cry
No woman don't cry

We'll be waiting for the night
We'll be waiting for the night to come

[repeat three times]

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Yes City Of Love Comments
  1. R. B.L.

    I recall this music CRUSHED the last of '70s Disco tunes.

  2. Ulf Bonner

    This one is just outstanding.

  3. Robo Tron

    totally forgot about this album for ages...but man, this is just brilliant stuff to rediscover after so much time

  4. Maria C B. Goncalves Da Silva

    Best song of 90125!! Love it..

  5. JD Aeon

    Bravo! Again, the Yes Band has captured the drama of evolution! It is all in the verses and music. They told as it really is! Simply beautiful! In the very beginning they chant "City of Love" but fast enough to become nearly the pronounciation of the bewitched city of SALEM.

  6. James Melendez

    This is just luxuriant sumptuousness

  7. soulful terrain

    First time I ever listened to this album we had smoked a nice hooter beforehand. It blew my mind. Still listen to it all the time ~

  8. Adrian Arias

    Esperaremos a que la noche llegué :3

  9. hef_guner qwiky

    Saw this tour incredible love performance.

  10. Towallomee sgel

    I can STILL hear the engine of my car that I had when I was a kid when I listen to this song. I had this, and a few other songs, on a home made cassette tape.
    On the loose by SAGA.
    BOTTOMS UP by Van Halen
    Back in the Saddle Aero Smith
    Plus a whole lot of other cool songs.
    And a built V8.
    I was one lucky kid..

  11. anonymous person


  12. Blue Beak Music

    It brings me back to when I was a teenager and this was already 10 years old.. absolute masterpiece

    anonymous person

    My ears are still ringing from the eargasm I experienced when I listened to the complete 90125 album back in 1984!

  13. 61guitbox

    Trevor Rabin rocks !! 👍🏻☮️

  14. charles chapman

    I was in Fort Knox Armor School. I was in my first car...a ‘68 Impala.
    ...this cassette didn’t come out of the deck for months!

  15. Septic Topix

    4:12 whiplash warning for headphone users :)

  16. Kate Murphy

    What a cool time warp this is!!!. Thanks.

  17. Frank Mosch

    Great great album lots of funnn .... Frank misssssschief... Thank you .🐱🐱🐱

  18. The Funkateer

    3:28 gooses me

  19. Nicho DiDo

    Definitely one of my top 10 80s albums. I can't pick a favorite. So many hits, so many great cuts.

  20. Michael Hodgkins

    It still great 2019 !

  21. Jeff

    Hi Devon

  22. Heat Service bwc uk

    A real “fave”

  23. mitch davis


  24. Kate Murphy

    During which I overheard something awful; I still hope that the kids never heard that or anything else like it ever.period. I am still enraged.

  25. Kate Murphy

    Roxi and I already knew Jon, his family and his children; one day we took the kids to Disneyland.

  26. roltyd22

    Great album.

  27. Kate Murphy

    Those were the days...

  28. mitch davis

    I used to cruise around with this song turned up all the way

    Manejador Enlaces

    is there any other f... way to play it??

    Brent Schmidt

    @Manejador Enlaces w/nice buzz included...!

  29. larsio 376

    Play up the same time that supper funny i do it on xbox one and my phone😂😂
    Try it
    Anyways good song do!!

  30. EllipticGeometry

    That subtle tempo change at 3:53 is such a nice touch. The song wouldn’t be the same without it.

  31. michael gwyn davies

    Damn what are you a god damn vampire , if not perhaps you just like the taste of others, the sweat that is waiting for the night to come,

  32. Michael Marino

    Amazing the Effect Rabin had on this band...just amazing.


    The man knew his way around a bass; that's for damn sure.
    EDIT: Oops! I had Trevor and Chris Squire mixed up.
    Yes, Trevor's synth is incredible on this, but I still have to give a hat tip to the late great Chris Squire for his bass on this.

    Greg Holman

    He led the band into a new, fresh musical era; and, he also led the band into commercial success. Also, he led the band into a fresh, new direction of progressive-rock styling.

  33. rightsideup

    Alternative line by line (byline) Whatever it all means, it sounds awesome. Like it better now than when it came out.


    Best sex I ever had was while this album was playing.......Damn good.

  35. Andy Northall

    Whole album still sounds incredible 35 years later.

  36. mr198221

    Do i dare say this is Yes' heaviest song?

    Glenn Porter

    mr198221 yes


    It was the highlight of an already great album to me.

    Diego Menendez

    Big time

    Mario Suárez

    Not really. Machine Messiah and then this one.

    georgi todorov

    yes. At the time!

  37. Tj Landry

    At this point in their career, YES needed someone with fresh ideas and an edge. Trevor Rabin fit the bill perfectly. Chris Squire tried to push this on Jon but it never took. Glad things worked out....for at least a couple of albums

  38. london19657

    Just in case anyone is interested... Rick Wakeman is often on a radio show called "just a minute" and he once said that he went to the recordings of the album , to play as an instrumentalist, way before they became big, and the band had the song rehearsed in their minds but Jon came along and laid down lyrics which none of the band could understand, but they KNEW that he MADE the song as good as it was. It was another age and everyone was innocent. I was. Hainit?

  39. Александр Ковригин

    Не забудутся никогда , потрясающая работа!

  40. Reitia

    good trip Chris.

  41. Scott Brady

    nothing from this COUNTS. they made a pretty piece of change from "owner," ..kept them going.

  42. Frisbieinstein

    "No woman no cry". Anderson in Bob Marley mode.

  43. Twobarpsi


  44. Silly Crow

    Love this!!!

  45. Thomas Georgantas

    I wonder why Rabin hate this song... it's awesome ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
    Fairlight is on fire!
    Production eXcellence ♪

  46. frankoch1

    Trevor Rabin is a great writer and producer... but Trevor Horn did the arrangement on this album. He also deserves a share of the credit for its success. And the Bassline.... Get a quality subwoofer and enjoy this music all over.

  47. Greg Freer

    There's so much going on in this song...every instrument....all the fills. And the relentless simple verse chords--so powerful. And the vocal harmony....whoa. You can't help but say what Paul Racine said below! This song has so much power you could run a continent on it.

  48. mmetz

    Comment#100 Yes killed it with 90125, this song is way underappreciated.

  49. Mike Reiss

    I bet this song was part of the inspiration for the eighties inspired track on the last Haken album.

  50. Greg Freer

    How many ways can you say wicked good? Yes has many of them, including this gem.

  51. Eric Anderson

    This song alone will give you more goosebumps than most anything you'll hear today

  52. Duke

    This song is like a spell being cast before the nightly sacrifice. Listening with new ears since I haven't listened in15 years.

  53. alexwildchild

    Devin Townsend sent me here too !

  54. DARK 6

    will be waiting for

  55. Paulo Stolochi


  56. Maluros

    Machine Head sent me here.

  57. DaveLabyrinth

    I Love? this song

    Steven Treuden

    Dave Taylor I understood that reference

  58. Félix Connor Jiménez

    This love, it’s about con-TROOOOOL

  59. OJ The Viking

    This song rips off SYL.

    (anyone see what I did there?)


    This song actually rips off Machine Head.

  60. Nff

    Devin townsend sent me here

    David Blanchard

    I grew up in the 80's loving all of Yes's stuff. So when I heard Devin's Love? for the first time and heard him do that reprise, I got a little excited.

    Christopher Brickwedde

    It would figure he would be a fan...I love Devin's music to death. Just like I love Yes.

    Mike Reiss

    You never heard of Yes before Devin Townsend mentioned him?

    Tavo McDouglas

    Always been a YES fan of all their stuff. I've listened to a ton of from D. Townsend... AWESOME. This comment is a no brainer for good intelligent music lovers.

  61. Aaron Showalter

    What is great about this Yes song that is so much old Yes style from their early years.

  62. UpAndOut

    This is as close as Yes ever came to sounding gritty.

    Zach Johnson

    Real Love

  63. Alan Ayazyam

    much music such yes: Yes

  64. Ellen McCann

    First time I saw Yes in concert was this tour. Holy shit! Awesome music and just as awesome laser show.

  65. Patty Nigretti


  66. Jim Schmus

    I remember I went see them in philly my freshman yr of hs. Mom did not know I had a spanish test the next day, which of course I failed!!!!!!

  67. Rod Luftalchimist

    I hate to say 'best group EVER!' so I won't say it.

    Alan Ayazyam

    best group ever

    Matt Crawford

    Good, because you would only be showing ur lack of musical diversity..

  68. William Walker

    Good song, but what's it about... hmm?


    William Walker almost no yes song makes sense lol 'jon anderson would write anything and the band goes along with it' said chris squire on a yes documentary


    What's any of Anderson's songs about?

    Lennard Harders


    Sailor Amarok

    From wikipedia:

    *"City of Love" was inspired by Rabin's visit to Harlem in New York City while on his way to a rehearsal with Foreigner. His taxi arrived at the wrong address in a dangerous part of the area. Upon his return to Los Angeles, Rabin started to write an "ominous kind of thing" which came easy to him following the experience, "the idea of waiting for the night to come ... the derelicts came out of the sewers at nighttime to be thugs. Later Jon put his slant on it which made it more interesting".*

  69. I Dream Of MeeMees

    I like Steve Howe but this whole album proves that Trevor Rabin was the greatest thing to happen to Yes.

    Jeff Foster

    Actually it was Trevor Horn that makes this one work.

    Kaktus Kastl

    trevor horn is to mention, no doubt! but rabin was the man with the plan on how yes could sound in the future. actually a damage hat he had steve howe not on this plan as we can see on later line-ups


    You've clearly never heard Gates of Delirium otherwise you wouldn't have this goofy opinion shared by no one

    Bobby Scarfo

    Totally disagree... Trevor added to what was already great....Squire, Kaye, Anderson, and without question White were already on top of their sound. YES already stamped the late 60s and entire 70s with their sound (refer to that extensive library of fucking amazing music). Trevor came in at a perfect time, and without question, his stamp is all over this album....BUT do not discount Squire (who may be the greatest Bass player that ever picked up the instrument), and White on backup vocals and percussion.... ARE YA KIDDING ME? LOL..... those 2 dudes alone carry EVERY track on this album. Andersons vocals goes without saying because it is the melodies of the vocals... and Kayes sound blends everything together. My point, Rabin added his sound, at which time the music was evolving.... the Big Generator album is another example. Trevor wasn't as "old school" as the other 4, and it helped YES move forward with the way music was progressing.

  70. richievox

    This riff cannot be fucked with!

  71. essar1967

    Sonically, considering the decade it came out, 90125 doesn't sound dated at all! Still sounds fresh and great all these years later.

  72. Israel Uvita

    Ciudad del amor, ciudad del amor, ciudad del amor...

    Una vez mordido dos veces tímido
    No!, no hay quejas en absoluto
    Justicia, cuerpo suave hacerse cargo
    Buenas chicas que trabajan la ciudad
    Los buenos chicos que se remate potente
    La forma en que jive anuncio del cascabeleo
    Cuando uno está en su patio trasero

    Calle deseo esquina maravilla
    Haciendo señas el bueno
    Toma esto conseguir que la
    Que la pases bien

    El joven y táctil
    Él listo para cualquier cosa que es
    La forma en que jive y el tintineo
    Han leído el libro que da

    Vamos a estar esperando para la noche
    Vamos a estar esperando la noche para venir

    Vamos a estar esperando para la noche
    Vamos a estar esperando la noche para venir

    Supervisar el buen trato
    línea alternativa por la línea
    Así que los chicos de la calle tan observador
    llevando a dar un paseo
    Que la pases bien
    Como una leyenda del hombre que él agudo
    Su mujer viendo con mucho gusto
    Mientras camina en la oscuridad
    Mejor ser, conseguir rápido y lejos

    Vamos a estar esperando para la noche
    Vamos a estar esperando la noche para venir
    ( Esperando la noche para venir)

    Vamos a estar esperando para la noche
    Vamos a estar esperando la noche para venir

    Justo a tiempo tiene su buen precio
    Un truco y le pegan con los dados
    La forma en que jive y el tintineo
    Cuando eres su sacrificio

    Rápido como el rayo
    Ve!, ve por alto, él se ve bien
    Una vez mordido dos veces tímido
    Sin mujer no hay llanto
    Ninguna mujer no llores

    Vamos a estar esperando para la noche
    Vamos a estar esperando la noche para venir

    Victor Bian



    @Victor Bian harto mala la traducción automátca

  73. Jeremy Shirland

    A defining album of the 80s

  74. Pfouuu


    Jotaro Joestar

    Tellement d'accord ca back in black d'Acdc et Bad de Michael Jackson ;)

  75. Lucas Hollands

    Did yes ever release anything but masterpieces?


    Maybe *yes*, maybe no


    Actually they released an amazing meme known as "To be continued" but than that they only released masterpieces and timeless classics


    @LeGotheLion What do you mean they released it?


    in the YES world you only have gifted persons that master in all part´s. Any one alone is unrated, see Rick, Steve, Jon, the Horn´s, so on

  76. Michael Smith

    Good tune 😀

  77. TexasBiker68

    And people wonder why I don't listen to the garbage that's being put out listen of this explains it all

    Have Cake

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that appreciates ACTUAL music

    Anthony DiQuattro

    Good shit is out there you just have to find it

    Kavik Kang

    Good stuff is out there, but it's all at least 30 years old, haha!


    Oh you old farts, haha. My father is the same way! There’s still good stuff out there being made... true talent just doesn’t die. Gotta look harder nowadays, that’s all. :)

  78. Bill Wang

    heavier riifage than any yes obviously lol...fantastic song and very good album.trever Rabin rulz...I saw the next tour big generator. but this album is brilliant.

  79. stringbender11672

    metal Yes on this track!!! Love it!!

  80. Jeff Porcaro Groove

    Men's Music! Crack...BooM...Slam... Bhamp Bhamp Bhamp Bhamp
    When a snare drum sounded masculine! Shot gun blast

    I27T I84

    +Jeff Porcaro Groove bullshit- this is women's music

    Richard Maggs

    I'll tell you the same thing I tell everyone who doesn't like a certain song or album: don't listen to it, noone is forcing you.

  81. Bill Cardos

    Brutal back-ups!!

  82. kafrenchable

    Such a trippy tune-love YES-today's music sucks

  83. skinnyb43

    right on Lars

  84. jamescory5

    Totally awesome song on an amazing album!

  85. Lars Bjerregaard

    That whole album, I mean... come on. Just one masterpiece after the other.

    jamie glikin

    got it as a 13th birthday gift from a friend....wore out the cassette, bought the album and then bought the cd.....only album i bought 3 times!

    Daniel Simpson

    Amen. The sound is just HUGE. Punch after punch after punch

    georgi todorov

    complete one, agreed!

    Greg Holman

    Agreed. There is no weak song on this album. The whole album is quite great.


    Methed-up muzik... Love this song!!! Powerfull

    Mary Everett

    More like


    @Mary Everett Thats what we were doing at the Yes concert in 1985 lol


    @Mary Everett Exactly...not meth!  As a very old Yes fan, I can see the pot, even a microdot....but I take 'methed-up muzik' as an insult to Yes from a complete idiot.


    I don't mean to be rude, Mary.  t's just that Yes played a rather more introspective music that had some jazz and blues init, but meth had nothing to do with the message that Jon Anderson was trying to impart.  Something more mellow, more on a plane of consciousness meant to better mankind, the planet, etc.  Read the lyrics, listen to the soul and mind expanding music.!  Peace. 

    Ralanda Cameron

    classic 1983 i was listening to this in elementary