Yes - Beyond And Before Lyrics

Sparkling trees of Silver foam
cast shadows soft in winter's home
Swaying branches breaking sound
In lonely forests trembling ground.

Masquerading leaves of blue
Run circles round the morning dew
In patterns understood by you
Reaching out beyond and before

Time like gold dust brings mind down
To levels hidden underground
Say a few words to the wind
That's all thats left of winters friend.

Reaching the snow
In the days of the cold
Casting a Spell out of Ice
Now that your gone
the summers too long
and it seems like the end of my life
Reaching out beyond and before

Time like gold dust brings mind down
Time like gold dust brings mind down

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Yes Beyond And Before Comments
  1. Brian Gonzalez

    Accseleartion Yes

  2. Busywave

    Sparkling trees of silver foam cast shadows in winter home,
    Swaying branches breaking sound, lonely forest trembling ground.
    Masquerading leaves of blue run circles round the morning dew,
    Patterns understood by you, reaching out beyond and before.
    Time, like gold dust, brings mind down to hidden levels underground,
    Say a few words to the wind, that's all that's left of winter's friend.
    Reaching the snow in the days of the cold, casting a spell out of ice.
    Now that you're gone,
    The summer's too long and it seems like the end of my life
    Beyond and before.
    Time, like gold dust, brings mind down.

  3. jeffthrow6892

    Positively brilliant stuff.....

  4. R Gray

    1st song 1st album acid rock
    haha I liked chewing tobacco listening to it !
    Thank goodness that has been over with for years

  5. R C


  6. Frank Zappelin

    is there a better way to start a legendary band ?

  7. Jakub Fiala

    What a way to open a song, 15 seconds of D, love that.

  8. Fabio Almeida Guitar

    This is my fave Yes album. Not classical sound, more jazzy rock and psichedelic oriented. I love Pete Banks' guitar


    mine too

  9. Andrea Ritchie

    Without people like yourself, we wouldn't have music like this to enjoy. Thanks for the upload.

  10. Aziah Wiltsey

    My grandma gifted me her vinyls, Yes was one of the bands, the records are older than dirt but I am so excited to get a record player for Christmas so I can enjoy the full experience of this. OMG! ♥

    Phase 2 Dennis Mcgranry

    So glad you found this Amazing band. I bet you'll Love All of their records!😎🎶🎶🎶🎶

    Damián Anglada

    Congrats! Best band ever!

    joe hutt

    Rite on 👍

  11. TheGreaterGood80

    It's funny how Yes had their own heavy metal sound. Not quite like Black Sabbath's, but a heavy style nonetheless.

  12. Pfouuu


  13. Porfle Popnecker

    The best thing about this song is that it really proves how great I am.

  14. MerkinMuffly

    Never realized that was Squire's bass starting this song out, he got such a high treble out of his Rickenbacker.

  15. dot ofoz


  16. sean anderson

    Always loved this...raw and just so much talent in one track...all the influences before they really started to stretch things :)

  17. Thomas Kleiszmantatis

    Kannte ich garnicht, wunderbare Gitarrenläufe!


    Ist vom nicht sehr bekannten oder verbreiteten ersten Album von Yes mit dem ikonischen Namen "Yes" :)

  18. betoff fernandes

    Sargento Pedro???????

  19. betoff fernandes

    Sargento Pedro???????


    por lo menos tomate un vino, para escuchar esta musica. calabro sabe de pedro y rosi...

  20. greenmanwl

    I never knew of this, thx for posting

  21. Andy Boerger

    this seems like the exact moment when psychedelic rock became prog.


    good call. a new paradigm of reality


    Love your profile pic +Andy Boerger

  22. Benoit Vanhees

    That's more than a nod and a wink to the Beatles, isn't it ?


    +Benoit Vanhees More like the Association, for vocal harmonies. Fifth Dimension too.

    Benoit Vanhees

    @bassmanjoe The first certainly makes sense, I don't know the second good enough to be able to judge I admit.


    +Benoit Vanhees For vocal harmonies the Fifth Dimension, even Bruford mentioned it once.


    They covered 'Every Little Thing' (and 'Day Tripper') on that same album.

    justin kipper

    Yes, the other bands mentioned here copied The Beatles' harmonies.

  23. R Gray

    Sparkling trees of silver foam !

  24. crissia lazo

    crying joy tears!!!! feeling it right on my face

  25. Jack Wells

    Thank you for putting this song on YouTube!
    It's the perfect song to start off the first side
    of the very first Yes album.

  26. R Gray

    Sounds fucking great

  27. R Gray

    I chewed tobacco listening to this
    don't tell anyone

    Dustin Mullens

    wrong drug

    Jay D

    keep slayin' boi

    R Gray

    hahaa I did the others too ..

  28. R Gray

    This song is funnny


    +R Gray It's lovely

  29. R Gray

    The summers'   too long .
    that is the absolute truth

  30. R Gray

    Casting a spell out of Ice ...!!!!!!!!

  31. R Gray

    Patterns'  understood by   You

  32. R Gray

    Getting it   !!!!
    Chris.....Chris Squire.......
    Getting this.......You are awesome

  33. R Gray

    Awesome.......these dudes were young and green.......just amazing 
    Reading Chris Welchs'   story...lots of fun 
    Jon and his pre veg years   hahaha
    Pete Banks had some words about  Mr. Anderson...
    Plates of fried chips and eggs  !

    Depants the rotters !
    haha ya have to read the Chris Welch book on Yes

  34. Frank Grail

    Great song, I love it, but vapid lyrics.  The other writing credit on this is a guy named Clive Bailey.  If he wrote these lyrics, he should be banned from Yes concerts.

    Porfle Popnecker

    No, YOU should.

  35. Frank Grail

    Chris Squire wrote this.  It is the first song on Side 1 of the first Yes record, and the very first thing you hear is Chris' bass (D note).  Imagine getting this album for the first time in 1969. 

    Forget Woodstock!  Here Chris is telling the world that there's a new bassist out there other than the respected J. Bruce, J. Casady, N. Redding, P. McCartney, and J. Entwistle.  R.I.P. Chris Squire.  We love you forever.

  36. Yeshead

    RIP Christopher Russell Edward Squire

    Frank Grail

    @Yeshead Amazing.

  37. Carl Christensen

    RIP Chris Squire - it's fitting that the first notes anyone heard from Yes was your bass guitar (played high and loud) on this song!

  38. Kristiina Kankaanpää

    The A song in the vocabulary of Yes. I forever adore this. "Sparkling trees of silver foam Cast shadows soft in winter home Swaying branches breaking sound Lonely forests trembling ground" Beautiful.

  39. Jason1920

    Since nobody has had the courtesy to do this...

    Thanks for the upload!  Very nice!

  40. Dave Adams

    My band Terra Nova played this song and "Watcher Of the Skies" by Genesis in the Garner North Carolina Battle Of The Bands in 1973...We were great...we played really great...we lost to a white gospel band that were terrible..I guess that says alot about North Carolina dunnit..


    @Dave Adams You might have won with "White Mountain" ... =D


    Man, I'm a Christian, and I can't stand southern gospel. I can't worship to it because I can't get into it and I just don't like the sound. I think you guys should have one. If they truly were terrible, then there's no reason they should have got first. I mean, if I judge something, I'm going going to judge it on musicality and not whether it's a song about my beliefs or not.


    +Tael the Mask Salesman won* Dang auto correct haha

    dot ofoz

    You shoulda won, tough crowd. Out here in the Pacific Northwest there were and are some groovy folks that would have appreciated your band!

    justin kipper

    "White Gospel Band"? Glad you lost, racist.

  41. Luis Fernando Hoyos Cogollo

    No sé si soy al único al que esta canción le suena muy "Beatles", más exactamente a la canción Sgt. Pepper's lonely hearts club band

    Samuel Feynman Tribute page

    @Luis Hoyos No eres el único.

  42. Edbup1

    RIP Peter Banks