Yemi Alade - Knack Am Lyrics

E dey killi the baby
Hmn hmnn, baby, ahhh
Oh lo lo lo lo, oh lo lo
Oh lo lo lo lo, oh lo lo
Oh lo lo lo eh, hmnn hmn

Baby give me goose pimple
With your cute little dimple
I not fit lie, hmn hmn hmnn
This one, e no to chop and drop
E no be to point and chop
You know you bad (you bad) Hmnn

If my body dey dance, my head dey dance oh
Hmnnn, na him dey Knack Am (Knack Am) E dey Knack Am, my brain, e dey dance oh (Agogo) My heart, e dey do me oh (Agogo) Hmnnn, na him dey Knack Am
E dey Knack Am, ehh

Gbangban dindin (Agogo) (Ahhhhhh...) Kereke dindin (Agogo) (... ahhhhhhh) Hmnnn, na him dey Knack Am
E dey Knack Am, ohh

Gbangban dindin (Agogo) (Ahhhhhh...) Kereke dindin (Agogo) (... ahhhhhhh) Ehhh, na him dey Knack Am
E dey Knack Am, hmnn ehh

Omo, I go kuku confess oh, ehn
You go win if you contest yeh eh ehh
You should let me, you should let me love you
Am on a date oh, with my baby oh
What do you say? Wetin you say?
Oh yo yo yo yo, oh yo yo
Oh yo yo yo, oh yo yo
Oh yo yo yo yo

E dey killi the beat, hmn hmnn
Ah le le le le le, ah le le
Ah le le le le le, ah le le
Ah le le le le le
What do you say, what do you say?

If my body dey dance, my head dey dance oh
Hmnnn, na him dey Knack Am (Knack Am, Knack Am) My brain, e dey dance oh (Agogo) My heart, e dey do me oh (Agogo) Hmnnn, na him dey Knack Am
E dey Knack Am, ehh

Gbangban dindin (Agogo) (Ahhhhhh...) Kereke dindin (Agogo) (... ahhhhhhh) Hmnnn, na him dey Knack Am
E dey Knack Am, ohh

Gbangban dindin (Agogo) (Ahhhhhh...) Kereke dindin (Agogo) (... ahhhhhhh) Ehhh, na him dey Knack Am
E dey Knack Am, hmnn ehh

Hey, you better do it again, do it again
Baby do it again, do it again
Hmnn, you better do it again, (eh eh eh eh eh) Hmnn hmn (eh eh eh), ah
Am gonna do it again, do it again, do again
(Ahhhhhhhhh...) Baby do it again, (... ahhhhhh
I go dey Knack Am (eh eh eh eh eh) Hmn hmn hmnnn, eh eh, ahh

Yemi Alade on this one
Effyzzie, oh baby
It's Coublon & Fiokee
Shout out to ma Mandem (Clevis)
Ah ahhh, ehh, hmn, ohh ohhh oh
Knack Am (Knack Am, gbongbo, Knack Am) (Knack Am, gbongbo) Swaps
Ohhhhh oh ohhhhh, Knack Am

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Yemi Alade Knack Am Comments
  1. Toure Deen

    La vidéo est très bonne ,yemi Aladé est ma Star.

  2. Lennyhellen ON THE CHILL

    2k haters really
    But why people????

  3. Carolyn Vuniah

    February 2020, still jamming to this

  4. Kevin Aruwa

    Yemi alade am so addicted to this song❤️😍😍😍

  5. hamidou kane

    Nice yemi from Sénégal

  6. Ketsia Da-costa

    I’am from Nigeria 🇳🇬 and I’ love you yemi alade

  7. don lele


  8. Katongo Jnr

    2020 we here thumps up

  9. Hassan Wasswa

    2020 where are you???

  10. Christine Ama

    2020 ki valide

  11. Mc H2B'S

    u's my best music artist of african. i want kissss you

  12. Nguemalebiz Ulrich

    Yemi je t'aime à la folie

  13. Pedrodiao Diallo

    I like you

  14. Anty Badjie

    Loving this song ♥️

  15. Ousseynou Lee

    I like trop même

  16. Praise Idijie

    The beaten of this song 🎵 🎵 🎵 makes me cry 😂 😂 😂 😂, I can't stop playing it

  17. Kerlyne Devaris

    love youmy diva


    Congrats from Colombia

  19. Mrs Gaye

    En 2020✌🏾❤️❤️❤️💃🏻

  20. Amina Kote

    Janvier 2020 qui est la bonne année à tous les fans de yemi mes meilleurs voeux

    Oumar K

    Amina Kote merciii a toi aussi, il est 4h 12 et Je m’enjaille a fond dans le son 😍

    Herman Brice NGOUHOUO Tchouli

    On s'en lasse jamais

  21. cedric tayou

    This is the rest of real music that exist again on this earth

  22. Henry Ogoukobi

    Nous sommes là j'aime i like it

  23. Kobra 2killer


  24. Collins Osamasee

    Who’s still here dancing to this mad jam💃

  25. Ornand dupont Habonimana

    Nous sommes la francophone yemi est tres belle avec un talent tres magnifique j aime les femmes africaines comme elle

  26. victoire bonheur

    humm cette chanson là yemi Alade
    you are talented

  27. Namuddu Sandra

    Much love ❤️ from Uganda 🇺🇬

  28. Gynae Cologist

    DECEMBER 2019

  29. Sylvana NTSAME

    Cette chanson me rappelle tellement de bons moments Gaby et Mitchi💕❤

  30. Felix Ntutumu

    And today 29/11/2019 I came to listen again.
    I'll be back

  31. djebi ta

    Belle chanson et belle chorégraphie. J'aime fort

  32. Mitchell Fanfan

    J'aime Yemi

  33. Misana Maige

    Woooow my african qeen show them loveee de music

  34. Dj Pedjy-Mix

    J’ai envie de te voir dans une projet avec Racheal M

  35. Dj Pedjy-Mix

    I Need you with Racheal M☺️

  36. Alinaitwe Samuel Kaliisa Daniels

    Uganda loves you dear Alade so much

  37. Carolina

    The spanish version made by HAMILTON is amazing, im completly in love with it. Costa Colombiana presente <3


    Yes it's very good version

  38. van ponce

    Qui aime toujours ce son en 2019 met le pouce

    BK TG

    van ponce moi moi je l'écoute en boucle 😊😊

  39. ali Hassan

    Waaw to me upto now 2019 this hit is still hot

  40. Claudia Makouss

    J,aime même si l,anglais et moi c deux 😂😂😍😍😍😍👍c l,Afrique qui gagne

  41. Chinedu ikechukwu

    Fine girl nice song

  42. Divine Ladi

    She was born with music

    Divine Ladi

    She's pure, real n fantastic

  43. Okeke Francis Onyeka

    Who is listing this groove this November hit 🔥 🔥 🔥 the like button 👆

  44. Bobby Brun

    Ma queen 🥰😽💃🏽🍑

  45. Umuhoza Gentille

    I love this song❤ more than any song's❤

  46. Shamiso H

    Best female artist in Africa period🔥🔥🔥

  47. Maëlle Ondo-Ella

    I love this woman

  48. Zalika Gilgeous

    I love this song

  49. Bettey Idosha

    So fine songs

  50. Freddy Def

    Joli mélodie de Yemi Aladé❤️ où sont les Camerounais🇨🇲 venez on danse 🕺💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺

  51. Achu Lily

    I will like to meet yemi😍 who else?? Put a like then

  52. Fabiola Edu


  53. Zahra L'eau

    Une de ses meilleures chansons

  54. Lipsi Dampha

    Am watching dz from Gambia can't get enough of dz song an i luv the dance💃💃💃💃💃💃yami wen are u coming here

  55. Salamata Thione

    Je ne comprends pas anglais mais aimes bien yemi alade💓

  56. Hans Junior

    very nice song hit like here if its true

  57. ibrahim guindo

    mon artiste yemi je kifff grave tu chantes tres bien merci

  58. Hernán Fonseca

    I come here for HAMILTON - MORENA, the versión in spanish of this song.


    Yeah it's a good version.

  59. jason yanchy

    Nice song your the best Mama Africa

  60. Achu Lily

    I listen to this musique twice in the morning, twice before i sleep and 20 times during de day. Yemi you were born to a star.... if i’m ask to chose between Beyonce and you, i will chose you 10times. Much love from Cameroon

  61. Advaith Bala

    I give this music video a 10 out of 5, and thats just for the graphics

  62. Muhizi Oli

    Very Perfect!!!!

  63. Jadde Loop

    y yo creyendo q la de hamilton "MORENA" era original...q falacia pura copia estos cartageneros

  64. Mag Ledon

    African Katy Perry

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    This song is hot
    Dope u yemi

  66. Jimmy Richard

    No doubt She is the queen of Nigerian Music and Africa as a whole

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    Je peut écouter ce son toute une journée 🤗

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    J'aime cette femme elle n'a Pas de limite je lui donne 20\20

  69. Purity Bea Christina

    You have to double your hustle ooo

  70. Emma Davila

    What is the meaning of knack am? Some body tell me please.. I'm from Colombia 😊

    beriee benson

    It means hit,na him dey knack am,meaning you are the one by that hits it right

  71. Adaugo Gift

    Yemi Alade much love

  72. Alfred Okama

    I so much love this music, Yemi, I love you so much this is what be of my best track.

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    Love this song ❤❤❤🥰🥰🥰

  74. Tonga BAKAYOKO

    yemi je suis francophone j'entends rien et je ne comprend rien mais j'avoue que ta musique est comme une drogues pour moi. I love yemi 🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮

  75. Queen Ruth

    I too get goose pimples

  76. Great IQ

    I'm in love with you, Yemi Alade!

  77. Roxane Kodia


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    Am on repeat YEMI THE BEST

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    SO NICE....................KEEP IT UP

  80. victoire bonheur

    J'adore cette chanson

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    are u guys ignoring the ending of this video of those 3 guys.. the last dude got me rolling.

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    Loving her like crazy

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    Melanie Gaweses


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    Bravo à toi depuis là côte d'Ivoire ont n'est ensemble

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    Queen 👑 🖤

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    Colombia presente
    África el mejor continente del mundo ..

    Gregory Celestin

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