Yello - Rubberbandman Lyrics

Shoot, bang, no rhyme (should I know why)
I'm in love with you
Shoot back, just a fight (should I justify)
Out of the blue
I'm the Rubberbandman with the rubberman touch
Out of the blue, love is such
Rubberband man with the rubberband pack
You're the one, you'll get me back on track

Shoot, bang, no rhyme (should I know why)
I'm in love with you
Shoot back, just a fight (should I justify)
Out of the blue

Everybody told me what they shouldn't do
I haven't got the problem
Haven't got the clue
I'm doing what I'm feeling and I'm doing fine
The Rubberbandman, I don't mind

Shoot, bang, no rhyme (should I know why)
I'm in love with you
Shoot back, just a fight (should I justify)
Out of the blue

I got the Rubberband dance
It's chewin' the fat
Cause I'm the Rubberbandman
Out of the can
Hoping when I see you I'm back on by
The Rubberbandman doin' fine

Shoot, bang, no rhyme (should I know why)
I'm in love with you
Shoot back, just a fight (should I justify)
Out of the blue
The filthy woman tells me what I shouldn't do
I'm jumping in my can, out of the blue
I haven't got the problem living in the can
I'm doing alright, I'm the Rubberbandman

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Yello Rubberbandman Comments
  1. Володя Ульянов

    Разрешение низкое!!!!! Смотреть невозможно!!!!!

  2. Billiam Rock

    Nobody like em and there never will be!!!!!!!! Yello will go down as the most original duo ever to create music in this style!!!

  3. FingerSpazm

    He's loves the moooves.

  4. Madeleine Allain

    cela révolutionne la musique moderne je suis fan

  5. Dr Carrot

    Number 1 BÄÄÄS

  6. existe_mas

    I can’t believe I Found IT 😄 since the first time I saw cobra space adventure I wanted to find this so bad

  7. Ashton Hyde

    $100 to whoever can write the lyrics for this

  8. Ashton Hyde

    Just look at it

  9. Сэрож Гонилов

    Учитесь суки

  10. nina thompson

    I'm in Love With Yello'!

  11. 4injustwetrust

    Good memories of this one.

  12. Monkof Magnesia

    Best cover EVER!!!

  13. KJezza

    The piano motif/riff at the end I could listen to on loop for days

  14. Ashton Hyde

    You know, I can really see how this one is number 10

  15. AshleyR. Evans

    Who needs shrooms🍄 when ya got these guys!

  16. Daniel Lewis

    I want that suit. So I can sell used cars.

  17. Ilya Bredov

    Просто волшебная композиция

  18. Vadim Kryukov

    Patricia Fontana - super woman.

  19. Islande Le modèle

    Mon fifi pour toi !!!!!!!! Pour nous !!!!!! Je taime ou que tu sois 💙💙💙

  20. Furio

    That laugh is exactly like my dads laugh😅😅

  21. MET∆TRON

    He loves the moon!

  22. Torsten Dudek

    Yello ist einfach Top. Aufwendige Videos die heute keiner mehr macht. Die waren ihrer Zeit weit voraus. Habe zum Glück einige Original Platten.

  23. diego m

    watching this video is like having a hallucinogenic mushrooms overdose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Виктор Сартаков

    Консератория!Сколько таких,по одному выступает..Да каждый день смотришь...

  25. Zsuzsanna Kovács


  26. Zsuzsanna Kovács

    Yello Go to OSCAR!

  27. Anna Buciuto

    Nic bardziej dobrego mnie nie spotkało

  28. Lohm Qui-Reve

    How can I make a voice sound like that ?
    What effect can I use ?
    It's magic !

  29. Laura Clarke

    I have great memories of listening to this song (and album) as a kid with my Dad. Awesome 😆

    Louise Hasselquist

    Me too with my dad 😄

    Madlen Brokkoli

    Me too🙋🏼‍♀️


    My dad got me into this band too!

    Mr Mopar

    My dad played some Yello albums in the car when i was a kid.. hooked ever since.

  30. Edik Matrosov

    Yello это для души. Спасибо им за их творчество!!!!

  31. Queen Elizabeth II

    i really fucking love this goddamn video

    i really fuvkfdg

  32. Subparanon

    Wow. If they are being serious this is horrible. If they are being ironic, this is hilarious.

  33. Dennis Kovaschetz

    best weird group

  34. Alan Willey

    I love the mix of sounds in this, especially the arrow and popping cork as it cuts from one speaker to the other.

  35. Seaback

    why is the video so retarded

  36. Laurent James

    Bibliothèque sonore à vocation universelle.

  37. Venator #5507

    Great music video. Look how good it is.

  38. Tangor

    Прикалываются классненько!

  39. Adrulu Aazoth

    it sounds like you've been eating rubberbands….. Man

  40. shamshlam

    Man what the fuck was going on in the '80s. Dear the '80s, I want a full apology for this shit and you'd better mean it


    You ain't worthy.

    Nikita Lane

    Except this is 1991.

  41. scara monga

    lol, luv it! They are so brill, with the 'tongue in cheek' style

  42. HoundCake

    Rubberband man, idiots


    Of course this is number 10, look how good it is.

    Jeff the Pilot

    Rubberbandman? You're that ninja...

  43. Freddy Master

    Nice blow, Boris!

  44. Kent Venish


  45. SEAUNY


  46. sadpotato147

    wow his voice is super low!!!!, i wish i had that to impress all the ladies out there :(

  47. Lachie Edwards

    Look at him! He loves the moon!

    Grayson Newman


    Lachie Edwards

    +Fred Fredburger nuh Pelican Prince

  48. waltcms

    im scared

  49. The GreatOne

    Kind of going for a louis armstrong vocal...interesting

  50. Peter Hempell

    I like their avant-garde approach to life

  51. Dom Andriacchi

    Damn, revolver ocelot got badass as he got older

  52. 0ooTheMAXXoo0

    Amazing drums and guitars in this group.


    except they're all just programmed

  53. TheMate01

    rubber banned man

  54. Snakebit Beatniks

    Creepy Creepface at 1:21

  55. Bill Tingstadius

    The producer/mixing engineer of this group is freakin genius. Never heard anything like it. If you have good speakers, listen to the album "Flag". Amazing.

    Kees de Groot

    +Bill Tingstadius You mean Boris Blank. The one with the short black hair in the clip.


    Yeah, it's all Blank. Genius. With a sense of humor, which is not so rare in his field of electronica, but for 2 Swiss guys is unique and delicious to hear.

  56. ski tri


  57. Roman Mihailev

    clasic music!!!!! So GOOD!

  58. LividRabbit

    thank you dunkey XD

  59. Bailey Miller videos J.B.M

    I Love music

  60. Alyssa Anderson

    Is it just me or does he sound like The Emperor from Star Wars?

  61. Christopher Stancill

    Sounds like Vic Reeves in the club style


    I wonder if there is some inspiration there. This seems like it might be right up Jim/Vic's alley and it's around the right era for Shooting Stars.

  62. MadGhost

    Of course this is number 10

    Big Butt Johnson

    MadGhost I mean look how good this is

    American Ramen

    He loves the moves

  63. banielbarusso

    Still as cool and wild as it was all those years ago. Yello are true kings in my eyes, the vast expanses of the galaxies would be totally boring without 'em!

  64. MarriottPlayer

    Look at it! Of course this is #10! Look at how good it is!

    A Nudder YT Account

    +Marriott Player DUNKEY!!!! AHAHA


    He's got the mooooooovvvvvess

  65. Carol Caputo

    anybody else hear it ?

  66. Carol Caputo

    the fat boys human beat box sampled at 1:43, 1:53 and so on

  67. Raiden Xavier

    Space Adventure Cobra. Ill never think of one without the other.

  68. OnegoalNosoul

    I am sorry but this song is terrible..n both those dudes look like scumbags. How the fuck did i even get here??

  69. Healthy Mango

    Lyrics ha hha aha

    You gotta watch him, you gotta watch him
    Tell me who [Incomprehensible] you, tell me who [Incomprehensible] you

    LOL, the translator was lost

  70. Healthy Mango

    anybody knows the lyrics to this?


    @bob costas
    Look older comments. 1 year old, there is full lyrics.

  71. Healthy Mango

    Skrillex bite yourself...this is real music

  72. KyleFehrJapan

    Why is only #10? It should have been higher on the list!!

    Marion Cobretti

    Dunkey bring you here

  73. myQwil

    I always thought the brown note was a myth until today.

  74. MrMop Top II Says

    This guy looks like a teacher who did this earlier on in his life and is now seriously regretting it.


    @MrMop Top II Says Dieter Meier was/is in fact an independently wealthy man who spent his life before Yello being a professional gambler.  Lived in the best hotels, ate five-star cuisine, sports cars, skiing, played baccarat and roulette all day, got hammered on vintage champagne.  An incredible playboy life.  Then he decided to be a techno superstar in his late 30s and achieved a fuckton of win there also.  So...yeah, your judgment is completely wrong there, matey.

    The GreatOne

    +ProjectFlashlight612 oh so be was born with wealth

  75. Alexey Rossiysky

    Современная классика. 

  76. Pink Dingleberry

    You are all idiots he is clearly an umpalumpa from will wonka.

  77. VneckWolf

    His voice sounds like his vocal cords are vibrating rubberbands

  78. GasparMS9



    yes sir

    Dan O'Connor

    Pizza butt....more like pizza hutt

  79. Вадим Коробицын

    Личное их участие  в клипах.....как-то по...советски ,начала 90-х!)))

  80. Ratcat17

    Heard Yello on JJJ listened ever since OH yeah beeeeeautifull!

  81. SwedishMonkeythief

    One of the sampled riffs in the background sounds like one of the riffs from Paul Simon's "Further Fly"

  82. internetsurfer777

    havent heard this song in a long time. from the 90's i remember this song and "the race". those are the only songs i know of by yello.


    Surely thou knowest Oh Yeah from many things most notably the film Secret Of My Success & Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

  83. Sönke Lübker

    Nicht zu toppen.
    Yello ist fantastisch


    beat box like this rahzel ...ur welcome

  85. MrMedictom

    Love the video! "Baby", the album this song was taken from, stands as one of Yello's all-time best. Great album from a fun year (1991). I still listen to it just to mentally relive those days.

  86. slobodan georgiev

    king of the best

  87. Thomas Andersen

    When i was ca 5 years old, i told my father to put this song on when i went to bed. I told him to not turn off the lights until i got my finger on the back button so i could hear this song till i falled asleep. And btw from 2:51 must be the best music in the world. These are my childhood heroes!


    what the fuck

  88. ym1r

    I listened to this aaaaaall the time when I was younger... omgggggggggg

  89. Argyris Sketo

    Απαράδεκτοι...... (Για τους γνώστες)

  90. LtEdPell

    These guys hit each other a lot in videos.

  91. Aleksander Jaszczyński


  92. Alexander Shevchenko

    Unique voice ostvlyayut indelible mark in history - it prekrastno and it is always happy to remember!!

  93. Jerry Sollien

    Funny thing, Kate Bush made a comeback after 3yrs with Rubberband girl, released a couple of years after this song.

  94. Odd Magne Granli God damn that song gets stuck on your head like mad. Such vocal. And this nutty video? Yello rocks.