Yello - Downtown Samba Lyrics

This one's called
Now for you
Downtown samba

Canal street's where we dance
We do the rhumba, samba
The city's hot, we're almost naked
It's a scandal
Night's still young
We do the samba with the congo warrior

Downtown samba [2x]

Hey you over there
You shouldn't dance alone
Watch me come on closer
Cause I am the one
To dance with you
All night long
I'm dancing like a mambo
Go go go for sambo
Dancing, dancing, dancing
Over there, mister
Come see, you'll see
So dance the tango, tango

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Yello Downtown Samba Comments
  1. ProjectFlashlight612

    Percussion to die for



  2. Cl4rendon

    "The city`s hot we`re all naked it`s a scandal!!!" :D

  3. Christopher Aquilo

    big tune..

  4. blunt rapture

    Oh yeah.