Yello - Bostich Lyrics

Standing at the machine every day for all my life
I'm used to do it and I need it
It's the only thing I want
It's just a rush, push, cash

Standing at the machine every day for all my life
I'm used to do it and I need it
It's the only thing I want
It's just a rush, push, cash

Standing at the machine every day for all my life
I'm used to do it and I need it
It's the only thing I want
It's just a rush, push, cash

N'est ce pas?

I know you think I'm crazy
I'm gonna ask you all the same
I know you're just a machine
I wanna dance with you, that's my game, 'cause...

Everybody, need somebody

Everybody, feed somebody

I know you're made of steel
You gotta dance, that's all I feel
I know you're the one
So please, please, please come on
I know you're gonna keep the beat
You're gonna dance with me and need no feet
I wanna see you dance, you're gonna follow me
And please don't leave me alone
Make up your mind, I'm not the kind who's gotta use the phone!

N'est ce pas?

Everybody, need somebody

Standing at the machine every day for all my life
I'm used to do it and I need it
It's the only thing I want
It's just a rush, push, cash

Everybody, feed somebody

Standing at the machine every day for all my life
I'm used to do it and I need it
It's the only thing I want
It's just a rush, push, cash

Standing at the machine every day for all my life
I'm used to do it and I need it
It's the only thing I want
It's just a rush, push, cash

N'est ce pas?

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Yello Bostich Comments
  1. Richard Drew

    Now the wrench looks like its swallowing your head......are you ok trying to help you but now you want showtime.......O LORD you know my SUPPLICATION and LOVE for WILL......This guy right here is Hilariously funny to watch .......BE CAREFUL brethren GOATS and SHEEP are not of the same fold...

  2. Cheryl Mazil

    Used to listen to these guys as a kid... still love them!

  3. Руслан Леурдо

    ПТК в клипе сняли. Прикольно.

  4. Matt Lord

    My place...NOW!

  5. Gwamino Channel

    Ancient Methods :P

  6. abc 123

    Best motivational hypnosis ever, brings back memories of mushrooms 🍄🍄🎡😊

  7. Michael Armstrong

    Interesting and unique video yet I can relate. Yes, everybody needs somebody. We would dance all week and all over town like machines.

  8. Denstrow

    Here's a remix I did:

  9. Rune Pettersen

    Think about it: Next year in 2020, this song is 40 years of age, and still it sounds better than most of the music of today!!

  10. Dieu Toutpuissant

    N'est-ce pas ? :)

  11. transceive

    love the Dieter Dance moves at 2:25 and grinning face at 2:28 - two endless looping GIFs of these please lol

  12. rnn pti

    Eminem grandpa

  13. Jerisol

    Sounds like Dr. Dre

  14. Alfa Won

    I remember this song a great song !

  15. TheStatPow Archive

    I love Dieter's repeated use of the bicolored lighting. it's very beautiful.

  16. Tom Chabassière

    Lee Cooper.

  17. Binh Huynh

    Everybody! Pizza party!
    Sometime.. Sometime..

  18. Israel Bahena

    Awesome track. What genre is this music.

  19. anononomous

    In places this sounds a bit like Go by The Chemical Brothers

  20. Chris Humphries

    every know again you have to blow the dust off some vintage albums and blast the speakers . this makes makes me want a big bong and acid.

  21. Miguel McGill

    did the micromachines guy have a music project?

  22. CreD Enviious

    This on cocaine weed and alk holy shit ism s djsjjwsjjsjajsj

  23. John Jay

    Found it thank goodness

  24. Duan Torruellas

    Another classic on the ones and twos.

  25. Владимир Дольчук

    Что б он блядь обанкротился этот ебаный мегафон, ебаные его рекламмы!

  26. agnes marfai

    Uram Isten... mit szedhettek ezek 1984 ben?😉😂
    nagyon jó 😁

  27. Darlene Brown Harris

    TIMELESS !!!

  28. Abstructure

    The audio is pitched up...

  29. Jean-Philippe Proslier

    N'est ce pas ?

  30. Cosmic Nomad

    Genius. How did they do it

  31. Roy H

    good comments here,,and 99% is right❤yello

  32. La Logic 2

    standingatthemachineeverydayforallmylifeimusedtodoitandineedititstheonlythingiwantisjusta rush


    n'est ce pas?

  33. STriderFIN77

    Bostich is Amazingk!

  34. Kinia 75

    Kto z kwietnia 2019? :D

  35. Joseph Gonzalez

    Something else just to add to it is just my opinion but being 55 and being around I feel when it all started you know the hustle and so on in freestyling you know those days to today I guess would you know Rafe and this Mumble rap you know it's not my type of thing but to each his own you know I just remember CJ and Company again and so many of the song stick started what today is totally different but that's progress for you and just goes to show about time and the clock keeps on ticking and progress although I may not agree with a lot of warts being played today it's a different time a different era but again those were the days and I love just trying to find those songs when they pop up in my memory and in my head nevermind on vinyl

  36. Vicente Cristóbal García


  37. YaMumsRolling Pin

    Who’s here from general red?

  38. Curry Jackson


    David Lodge

    Einfach nur gut 😊

  39. Wonky Titters

    Honestly, I need more Yello. Such amazing memories with this music!

  40. Batem Pertin


  41. Аленс Шехорец

    Его надо слушать под травой,тогда эффэкт супер,проверено годами!!!

  42. Denis

    That time Dieter's voice wasn't so deep

  43. FanTomas Tomas

    Who is watching in 2018

  44. STriderFIN77

    This is Amazingk!!

  45. Alessandra Ickx

    LeeCooper jeans tv spot soundtrack in mid 80's

  46. Jeff St George

    I’m pretty sure this song is very close cousins with The Chemical Brothers song Go; parts of the background music are the same, along with the way he’s signing.
    If you’ve never heard it before, give it a listen. I’m sure you’ll notice the similarities.

    Tom Keegan

    Similar yes, but I don't think it's a rip off.

  47. Garland FX

    Blows away Nitzer Eb and other similar electro shout type bands

  48. J CPadilla

    Oh siiii mas papi

  49. Etta O'Sullivan

    Pure rubbish lol


    Etta O'Sullivan 😂

  50. Stefan Mironov

    VEVO ruins everything

  51. Dame Sarrasine

    N'est-ce pas ;- )


    Surréaliste, very near from 1930 mouvement in Paris. Man Ray make movies very near, but 50 years before. Cdlt

  53. suntrip76

    Have listened to Westbams remix for years, first time I actually listen to the original. I would have been around eight at the time it came out but never heard it before. Slower than the remix but not bad at all.

  54. Big Guy’s 45’s

    Sounds like he’s saying bullshit. LOL

  55. Mark Hardwick

    First intro to weird and wonderful back in the 80’s when lived in Switzerland. No wonder I am so fucked up 40 years later, and loving it. Long live being fucked up!


    Mark Hardwick do you still live in switzerland? Cause I do😂

  56. awwshuks1

    One of the BEST house songs Chicago jackin’ it up!😃

  57. Udo Joerges

    Standing at the machine for all my life... sounds my job, lol....



  59. JamesGoblin

    When was this music made? 2021 I guess!?

    Völl Däpp

    yeah, that must be abut right.


    Nah, that estimation is about 400 years early.

  60. Philippe Cirse

    Beyond the anarchies, these two zigotos denounced the apparent order and the paradoxes of an insensible world. Spiritual, sensory and rebellious, this poets for once not so cursed, reveals secret impostures, explores serene enjoyments, a world of rekindled dreams ............... /° :)

  61. Sasha G

    so ahead of their time, this is like candy-flip the video

  62. Amin Ashrafi

    He looks like officer in muttley animation

  63. Jacqueline SanMartin


    Matt Lord

    Not in my lexicon... These guys were pioneers along with Kraftwerk, the Residents ect
    I rate them beyond a scale.
    Its amazing how many people know and like some of their songs without knowing who they are....
    I always start with Oh Yeah... Then when I get a response i mention The rhythm devine, followed by the Race, then lost again, Desire, I love you....... so on and so on... the reaction is priceless... and from that moment, many have sort the Yello catalog.
    I guess its just my mission.............. "Great Mission" ;)

  64. Mark Mathews Music

    I LOVE everything about this!



  66. Retrolution Games

    Make up your mind I'm not the kind WHO'S GONNA USE THE PHONE!!! :-D

  67. Peter Waelkens

    rockybarbarella, I wouldnt call it New wave....This was special ( i have a record of Nina Hagen Unbehagen too)...this was not commercial music.....New Wave (The cure etc) were hitlist songs....I know I had trouble finding Yello "Solid Pleasure" here in Belgium :)

  68. Peter Waelkens

    I can assure u that this music was weird some time ago


    Peter Waelkens, New wave

  69. Peter Waelkens

    Start 30 years ago....cheers ago....we were weirdos and now 48

  70. turbodeeznuts


    Wonky Titters

    Well thank you for the deep belly laugh at 3am!


    ...and SPA?...sometimes... XD


    I just learned where that lyric came from.

  71. Chrisbert Heb

    Saw it live. Awesome!

  72. hana flower

    its totally underrated.....way ahead of its time.....

    Matt Lord

    Always were... always are.

  73. kourada

    Matthew Herbert must have been influenced by the aesthetics of Yello

  74. paulkody

    Everyboday need (od freak..?..) someboday Is awesome shout :D

  75. Thomas Georgantas


  76. paulkody

    Present work make money and woman spend :o/

  77. Anders Hüttel

    Ein gutes Produkt aus der Zeit von 80 '. A good product from the time of 80 '. Elsker det

  78. Michael Kift

    Eins der besten Lieder .....

  79. Thomas Hardy

    Crazy swiss abstract musical madness!! Love it !!

  80. Star Skall

    When Sparks and Max Headroom have a baby lol


    Except the baby is older than its parents.

  81. B0T0H0

    its 1980 or 1982?

    Mo Bee

    B0T0H0 [RELEASEDATE: 1981] The track was later (1995) samled for the track: 'Ruffneck ft Yavahn - Everybody be Somebody'...


    B0T0H0 1984. MSK.

    gilles le guen

    First album. Came out as a single first. I think it might be 1980. 1981 for sure.

    gilles le guen

    First LP with Bostich came out in 1980.

  82. Ziba maddah

    I used this have this album driving down PCH playing it all the time.  Oh man.

    Frank Huber

    Ziba maddah just looked up PCH

  83. metaluna72

    Westbams Version on "Hands on Yello" is also remarkable...

  84. MIckey F'in Mouse

    Chicago! Everybody be somebody! I know you're the one so please please please come on!

  85. Blast Radius

    till even this day... This isn't even close to being fucked with!

  86. funkmike


  87. Michael Kift

    Mit eins der besten Lieder von Yello....

  88. hans kraskes

    ...non really underestimated, ....but lost in space somewhere😎...

  89. Azrael allen


  90. S. Rathgeber

    I know u think I am crazy - what do u need more than this line to get through ur teenage years. Thx Dieter.

  91. toriphileAlex

    Afterparty, pizzaparty!

  92. Brigitte Dionne



    oui, n'est-ce pas


    That sound just like polish "Nie jest tak?" and means exactly the same. I felt like there was no other option to translate this...

  93. Sébastien Syon

    tyvm yeah

    Жанна Бекенова

    Мне нравится...

    Жанна Бекенова

    +Жанна Бекенова Необычно... У меня диск есть - Диско -80-х....Вот там. есть и Бостиш..

  94. Blue Eyes Willy

    outstanding! yellw

  95. Marc Ackermann

    The Merricks | Business | CD Baby Music Store

  96. Anna Lena Bressler

    they are from switzerland 🤘🏻😁😎


    I didn't know they had pizza in switzerland.

    Chris Humphries

    they were pioneers. made amazing music👍👍

    Jussi Kankinen

    Looks Adolf

  97. Racing Red

    This song and this video deserves to have billions of views. It's so amazing.


    I approves this o7



    Joseph Gonzalez

    In the 80s there was so many songs that didn't quite fit into a genre Cerrone years later a bunch of top DJs got together and awarded them the first house music because cerrone-supernature Love & C minor Alec constandinos again to just wasn't a John refer to fit into at the time the same thing with Bostitch yellow is another club song did I remember growing up in the late 70s and early 80s DJing and partying in Bed Stuy plugging into turntables into a light pole and the schoolyard between Tompkins and Marcy on Vernon and 23 school yard for yard can remember those were the days and I'll never forget them 1 keep it live keep it real


    #4thosewhoKNO This is a dance music G.O.A.T. But only if you were exposed to DJ culture at a certain time, place, and space. This is a hidden, coded secret, only 4 the CHOSEN FEW.


    bla bla You aren’t a clubber, and don’t understand the power this track has on the dancefloor, nor the importance this track has, in the greatest clubs in the history of the world!