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Yelawolf Special Kind Of Bad Comments
  1. j goerner

    lets see a drumline rock a cover

  2. franqdatank

    Why no life shaq react ?

  3. Stacy Powell

    I love this fucking song !! Bad bad bitches everywhere ! ! I'm 45 and still str

  4. Emmanuel Rojas

    Where'd he go? It's sad

  5. Josh Christensen

    Hahaha right nonsense

  6. Taylor McDonald

    You have no idea what this sounds like over 18 inch alpines

  7. Dave Jr 330

    Clever needs to be praised and recognized

  8. John Downs

    Me being a person born in 1982 right off of hgwy 82 in a town called eupora mississippi I can say that knowing yelawol being from Bama and me not far from there dude you started with nothing and made a hell of a special something and continue to deliver....hell yes DIRTY SOUTH SLUMERICAN 4 LIFE!! FOLKS DONT KNOW SHIT ABOUT HGWY 82. FROM THE BACKWOODS OF MISSISSIPPI ALL THE WAY TO TUSCALOOSA ESPECIALLY MY BROKE ASS GROWIN UP EXCITED WHEN THE FLEA MARKETS LINED UP ON 82 ALL THE WAY INTO BAMA.....THAT SHIT WAS LIKE CHRISTMAS WHEN I WAS A KID....KEEP IT UP YELA!!!!! REP THAT SOUTHERN LYFESTYLE AS U ALWAYS DO SO WELL AND NEVER STOP SHOOTING FOR THE STARS....GO PAST 4 REAL 😃😃👍👌👍👌👍

  9. Shane Schilling

    Ima pop that trunk on some punk bunk ass bitch. Believe it. Ima whoop this motherfuckers ass I swear.

  10. Amanda Creason

    No limit soldier bitchh

  11. bart kuester


  12. Brandon Wheatley

    Anything Yela does is dope !!!!!!🤑

  13. Music

    Too heavy !! Still hit tho !!!

  14. Wreckit Lethal

    Do it then Aaron sorgius

  15. Юлия Белоус

    Кайф для ушей!!

  16. Ricardo Ortiz

    When yelawolf said " show u how cold i get" im starting to feel like that after me and my ex broke up on sunday

  17. Ahmed Fallata

    for some reason this is my favorite song after my breakup. shits fire as fuck tho

  18. John Doe

    Wtd about those bruises on yela my wolf's face.
    This is unacceptable! #nomore #abuse #espectus
    #standup #thisisbs

  19. backyard SLY

    They just dont make em like this no mo.....SLUMERICAN
    Much love from the 252 yela...even tho I know ull never see this

  20. Elizabeth Johnson

    This has got to be Travis Barker, right?

    Elizabeth Johnson


  21. Dustin Fidge

    Yela likes them freaky chicks... same

  22. Wendy Darling

    You look so sick 👽..I'm drugged. ⚡⚡⚡

  23. Bailey Evands



    This album is so god damn good. This is why yelawolf is amazing this style hyped up with that hyper screamish rap 🔥🔥🔥💯

  25. Joseph Bellefontaine

    Crik Life. CHEVYS %1

  26. Andrea Christ

    yela wolf screams........"where's the pickles for the babies" ????

  27. Fatfat Jr

    Songnmake me Miss my caddy!!

  28. Wendy Darling

    Drugged wet and sick. Tales of a thousand licks. My fuckin stick, with a perfect dick

  29. josh crawford

    Layin around listening to Yela on a boring Sunday afternoon.. Thats wuts up

  30. kelly stone

    Its a light. Early to Early light. Would you rather have a brother in arms or a sister in a whore house?

    kelly stone

    It's weighing the heart against the truth.

    kelly stone

    You can't separate the mind from the heart

    kelly stone does kick you in the head....

    kelly stone

    They left out that part in the Bible where magdelena says, "and take that!"

  31. Jessica Slavik

    I love this song ❤️❤️❤️

  32. Charles LLewis Nichols

    Warning gun shot

  33. Charles LLewis Nichols

    Tell quit theft cause I mine cash is missing from mine pocket

  34. Ray s

    Post malone punched him

  35. Ray s

    He looks like he got beat up at the bar

  36. Katie O

    He's got a really good singing voice. Love it. 😊

  37. Rusty Nailz

    Got that Aussie bogan mullet look down pat, just needs a can of VB and a pack of winfield blues haha.... Much love though

  38. Rafiki Quiroga

    Anyone know the story of his black eye?

  39. Tonia Poynter


  40. Emma ore

    My cat ran off on my thoughts . @yelawolf

  41. Emma ore

    Who painted your face

  42. Emma ore

    Cum in my front seat. Tell me where we driving

  43. Ghost Grillo314

    Way underrated FAM, much luv from St. Louis....

  44. Perry Brown

    dawg can sing !!!!

  45. John Stephens

    There he is

  46. EjM Baran

    Thanks for getting me back on that.

  47. Austin Simpson

    does any one have the guitar tabs for this song!!!!?????

  48. shawny Strawberry

    Awe heart your music. solid yo

  49. Tonia Poynter


  50. DeLora Shepard

    Love ya pecker wood

  51. Tonia Poynter


  52. this my jam

    No sympathy for your love that shit cold as fuck

  53. dinobrown100


  54. Anthony Aragon

    No Limit Soldier!

  55. We Come Out At Dark

    Poor woolfy v.v

  56. Stacey


  57. EvryDayLife Intrystng

    YELA ypu GOTTA come back to the the TUBE Homie... 2 Fuckin months is TOO LONG! Love it pimp

  58. Tido Raps

    He's rocking that house wife look

  59. Rhonda Braxdale

    Like your talking about my daughter Kayleigh Irene nance braxdale. Fb look her up: Kayleigh Irene kray

  60. Runner

    Great special sound!

  61. Quinn Karr

    This the same beat from ugh she nasty

  62. Sam Farley

    That hook is fucking crazy

  63. Jerky Boy

    Anyone got these lyrics?

  64. EvryDayLife Intrystng

    GET iT WHITEWOLF.l!!!!! NPI.....

  65. Yolanda Roberts

    Is this a real black eye n how if u only want ro anawser

  66. David Hill

    Damn this song has dark unique flow. Then one of the most beautiful Choruses I've ever herd. Love the contrast.

  67. leaf art

    why no videos from new album?

  68. michael shives

    Song is dope asf

  69. franck t

    yelawolf is really good....already a legends...i better like yela to em now...crazzyyyy

  70. Richard Richard

    Lol u got a black eye u got skills but why u being mean to mgk just cuz u closer to em fuck em he's a fucking snitch but I still got all his albums lol chill out em u know mgk got skills can you play a guitar hmm mgk can go r and b all sorts anyway stop hating

  71. Wendy Mayh3m

    Really wanna show ya my bad parts they specialize in extraterrestrial lol

  72. Karri Walker


  73. Karri Walker

    If there any dislikes it’s from dudes. 🗣I would like to think I know what this is about 😬👏

  74. PotHead Music

    where's the mgk diss ?

  75. Nicholas Lynch

    Best song in album

  76. Seth Hutton

    I hope "Special kind of bad" and "Over Here" get music videos. 👽🤘⚡

  77. Justice For Seth Rich WWG1WGA

    That bridge is amazing

  78. GoblinBoy Slapper

    Why yela lookin like an abused 80s wife?

    Stephanie Lee

    Word I said he look "roughed up"!😄🤘⚡

    Mr Irish317

    You just gotta know em. It all makes sense.

  79. jacob1726

    HIPHOP was meant to be free originally. Anyways, Yela is very good. Good enough to be THE only white rapper able to get signed by the GOAT himself. Not only that but to perform onstage and collaberate with. That in itself is awesomeness. An i credit him with the invention of country/rap. An like Em,hes humble. Much love brotha keep it up.

  80. Jesse Cerra

    jim jonsin

  81. MarshallMathers500

    🇲🇩 Listening to yela since 2010 Catfishbilly you are a special artist

  82. Sunday White Rabbit


  83. Sunday White Rabbit

    Don't begin to know whatcha been thru lately. Fight any way you can. Your fans support you 100%.
    Rap Truth. Its gonna pay off Brother.

  84. Daniel Coburn

    Mixtape 2019 I fucking love how he plays off beats

  85. David Crossman

    Wtf Cuban pete at your feet and somewhere i got A permit for that...the mask

  86. Evangeline Cremo

    Best song I've heard all year!! I fuckin love Yelawolf

  87. Patrick Tanzey

    Yellawolf deffinately is the man.

  88. Chrissy Williams

    I've loved your music since you came out and your on 🔥 🔥 100% mad love totally can relate to your music..

  89. Silver Stacker

    Some of us still roll in old school vehicles with tape decks... drop this on cassette.

  90. Yana

    Someday. SOMEWAY Maybe ull understand ME