Yelawolf - Like I Love You Lyrics

Let me come inside, swallow all your pride
Said you had that fire, please don't change your mind
Keep me no surprise, this is homicide
Willfully I die, this is suicide

I wanna fuck you
Like I love you
I wanna fuck you
Like I love you

Never close my eyes, I wanna see it all
I wanna make you come to me, I wanna see you crawl
The world is turning 'round while you and me go down
Moaning in my ear, climax, I wanna heard the sound
(The sound, the sound, the sound, the sound)

I wanna fuck you
Like I love you
I wanna fuck you
Like I love you

Madonna, Madonna, Madonna, what kind of mama raised you?
And I'm the piranha who chased you
Threw me inside of your prison, I made up my decision
My only regret is they didn't make two
Happily a victim to the collision, running head-on
See, that's a motherfucking breakthrough
Told me I couldn't handle it and, baby, you was dead wrong
What happened to the harder way?
You turned it to a marathon, tear that pussy down
Throw the wig on, very into blondes, whatever you want
With the break of dawn, each and every song
I'ma let the gun go until you call it quit, donezo
You puttin' on a show and I'm sitting front row
You got with the one told, that could wake them, you know
Plus I got an ego to uphold, true, to put it to you blunt...

I wanna fuck you
Like I love you
I wanna fuck you
Like I love you

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Yelawolf Like I Love You Comments
  1. Stan Shady

    Yelawolf You're A Freaking Legend Bro!!!

  2. IC3MAN305


  3. Joy Cast

    When they switched everything around to confuse you but you peeped it - Yelawolf 🖕

  4. Raya C

    loveee this

  5. Mike Henwood

    Like dat but wud only
    Play to a honey I was fukn if I loved her,liked it anyways .kumn from a gang member dat fell hard for a ho 13 Yeats

  6. Anna Daher

    Fucking love this song

  7. Larnell Nelson


  8. Kristin Garrett

    What?! Wake up to this!

  9. Ice Cold

    When you get here I'll be ready.

  10. Kitty Kat


  11. Kitty Kat


  12. Easton Aberdeen

    And J Cole said N*****s don't sing about love no more. 🔥🔥🔥

    Ryan Eamon

    Easton Aberdeen well he’s White so don’t think that’s relevant

  13. Nicole Ulven

    Not catching feelings kinda music keeps my mind right and my game tight😁

  14. Denise


  15. Anthony L

    One of favs of the album

  16. Nate H. a goddam MASTERPIECE!

  17. wikowlkp

    Pierdolony Majstersztyk

  18. Phaedra Peters

    🎼 Fall 2019 ❣️

  19. Matt Price

    This shit makes me feel like I'm fuckin Jasmine on Aladdin's carpet.

  20. Юлия Белоус


  21. Tyler Breedlove

    Hell yeah ! Dope song yo!

  22. Sarah Dixon

    I wanna make you come to me I wanna make u craaaaawl! #likeiiLoveYou

  23. Tomáš Hájek

    Die Antwoord inspiration ? annyway its a dope dude .

  24. Angel Pickering

    If I had a chance man I sure would cause yelawolf is sexy as fuck

  25. Jasmine Gasper

    I Looooooooooooooove this song

  26. Bryan Hinkle

    I'm super horny and hard right now

  27. slumaysal Ammisaid

    The 2019 Tennessee love proud of you yela i been i always be a huge fan 💓

    Natasha M.

    Nice profile picture! 😍🤘⚡🤘

  28. KAMA R

    Piękne Polska Pozdrawia 🙂🙂🙂

  29. Scare Crow

    Wolf. MopTop. Cook up. Need to remix this. That is all. ⚡⚡☠️♥️☠️⚡⚡

  30. 7IIJII

    Windows down, late night with that cool air cruise down back roads... feel the vibe Wolf

  31. logan siemik

    I'll never stop loving you. Not until I die.

  32. kittycat Kait

    I think you're one of my twin flames.. thanks for doing what you Doo man.

  33. c g


  34. James Quigley

    That fucking beat tho mane. Need to use this beat again and change up the lyrics. Still good shit just think you could get a different meaning out of it.

  35. Elvia Bocanegra

    It never works out. the end

  36. J. WILL

    My body starts to ascend from the earth as this music plays and immediately takes me to a place of no worries. #BAMABOY

  37. Rafiki Quiroga

    He needs to release TM3 on vinyl

  38. KAMA R

    Piękne. Polska Pozdrawia.

  39. Julian Buffaloboy

    Love it Yela! 🔥

  40. Frank Padilla

    Love the way the producer panned his voice left and right! The bass is clean and doesn't distort his volcals.

  41. Bryant Fausnaught

    Like I love you remix featuring rittz

  42. Karri Walker

    I love this song it’s so deep. One of my favorites. 💋❤️

  43. trololol

    I don't care if it's free online. I'm buying this album. And I'm buying it for Christmas presents too. People need to hear this.

  44. Алексей Кулаков

    The track when Yela went kinda The Weeknd >< Great though

  45. samcro prospect

    Feel like this song is extremely underated

  46. Joey Ott

    Killer Mikey 💪

  47. fairyette wings

    When I hear I wanna fuccckkkkk youuuuuu idk why but it makes me wanna cry.

  48. Shay Mathers

    Pure Art

  49. Shay Mathers

    Music makes me feel so high 🖤

  50. Elbi Rolen

    Love this

  51. Richard Miller

    Fake electronic beats ruin every song

  52. Aubrey Sims

    Oooooh yeeeeaaaahhh...bri

  53. Kelly Rose

    If you can fuck someone like you love them, it's everything all at once emotions clashing physical desires overflowing unknowingly known to me.
    It's the best, let it free..

    Devonta Williams

    Kelly rose fuck fuck he Yellawolf white people racist assbitche are in see looking clown around you're so shut shut shut shut up white bitche dead hahaha like you're bitche racist assbitche

  54. Tate Tate

    Older he gets the better tracks get...

  55. stacys favs

    This new song by yellow wolf makes me think he's even more sexy then I thought he was to start off

  56. criss wyenandt

    Sexy AF

  57. Charles LLewis Nichols

    Tweety's 4s

  58. Charles LLewis Nichols

    2SHADES as LOIN-WOLF, that's close August

  59. Gabe Montez

    Yelawolf is just simply amazing. I'd like to hear him branch out like kid rock did. His voice is amazing. His style is like no other

  60. bastian bastian

    tylko tak dalej

  61. Dai. love you

    Que menina bonita hen

  62. Nikolas Garza

    Fuck. Ghetto cowboy next? We'll have a life time of songs within a a year

  63. Tammylee stars33d

    I get goose bumbs,my relaxed body jumps, wow.intensexo

  64. Tonia Poynter


  65. jon allen


  66. Stefano Doodkorte

    To those that didn't notice, right before the end of the 1st and 2nd chorus you can hear what seems to be a bed making noise because of a couple having sex. It's very subtle and hard to pick up when listening through normal speakers, so grab a pair of headphones and you will be able to hear this yourself. Nice little detail.

  67. brian Evans

    Straight love making, earth shaking freshness!! GODDAMN it feels good to be a Bama Boy Slumerican Shitizen!!

  68. Tina Parkhurst


  69. Nicole Crane

    This is a good stripping song for the husband 😂

  70. Amanda Creason

    This shit sounds like some straight up baby making music.. and I likes it 😂😍 and that first beat drop uhhhh 🤤🤤

  71. Tammy Lucero

    I wish my man can hear this,,
    I can hear him singing this to me.

  72. Jesse baldwin

    as soon as I hire a 4th pretender with a briefcase I might be able to file bank erupt column C my self.. then I'll get my spotify back and buy your albulm

  73. Travis Burgess

    Hard 💪💪

  74. Scott Malidore

    Gotta love this beat tho

  75. Dick Tator

    Bruh we gonna kill it Imma crank it up she is ready now I am. Much love Fam

  76. Garnet Davey

    Love the beat

  77. Allen Bye

    EVE LOVE'SADAM SO waiting 99

  78. John Stephens

    That's the yellow I know

  79. CieCiesaSLUM erican

    Aint that your last girl?????

  80. Tammylee stars33d

    Every moment lov333

  81. Tonia Poynter


  82. Bryanne Watts

    Damage!!! 😝😝😝😝😝😝

  83. Erik Michael

    Wana hear the sound. You it up lemme see how much you take...let me put my syrup all on your pancake...aint slept in 5 days...cause I ben swimming in your pussy wide awake...

  84. Isaiah Eggert

    Say it...I love's it if only if you feel that shit truly.

  85. Hunter Padre

    Godo song”***

  86. Andrew Sathern

    oh.... lol this one had 2nd gigglin at the chorus.. all I could think about was everythin we had goin on... n how u never saw wat I was tryin to explain... I'm sorry u couldn't hear me.. before to turned ugly.. rebekah lopresto

  87. Christy Cable


  88. Christy Cable


  89. Christy Cable


  90. Princess l

    I just love this song so honest

  91. radha clenkian

    Wow. He actually sounds great, a little different too

  92. Haise Sasaki

    Yelawolf: I wanna fuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkk you
    Yelawolf fans: OMG SOON DEEP! HE'S A LEGEND.

    This album was a disgrace to shady records. And now he's going to go on making trash for his own record company. Imagine being discovered by one of the goats only to make garbage like this. How do you go from something renegade to "I want to make you cum".