Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Thank You Were Wrong Lyrics

If I tell you
What you want
Then you’ll be
Over me
If I tell you
What you want
Then you’ll be
Over me

Used to tell you
What you want
Made you be
Over me
If I let you
See me cry
Lose much lust
Yes, lust each time

If you care
For someone else
I’ll be left here with myself
When you save
Every breath
Brings me closer to my death

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs Thank You Were Wrong Comments
  1. karkoffy

    one of there best xo

  2. Franco Boggi

    omne de hoc cohortem pulchrum est

  3. Ed Pritchard

    the drums sound like there in the room

  4. Laura M

    oh i love it never heard this one!

  5. Rahul Jain

    where did you find this?! i want!!!

  6. Tom

    @SUStheCROC It's my pleasure :)

  7. SUStheCROC

    I adore this song! Thanks for the upload! ^_^ Super big thumbs up to you @domtoug

  8. Milly Zinner

    @AChannelLikeThat me too!!! i just cant get there songs out of my head

  9. 123412341234het

    @420Muddy Nobody needs your guidance on what to think. Seriously, what was the point of that comment?

  10. Amber Nicole

    Bleh Bleh Bleh :P

  11. chapstique97

    @99LinkinPark991 agreed. (:

  12. Muffin Man

    beautiful intro

  13. BatKitty

    I've just become obsessed with this song. Thanks for sharing. =)

  14. deprezzive

    i love this song andthis album is really emotional

  15. Tom

    @ Galakazoo
    True, they were on the verge of breaking up when they wrote and recorded it.

  16. moonwolf1982

    I really liked this song, its different to what they normally do and it means they give you variety. Not every group has it and its refreshing to find it. What else, I like that it sounds trip-hopesque, this could be a Portishead song, and i like that =)

  17. PastillaDeCianuro

    i like it :D

  18. Muffin Man

    YYY's love them

  19. moonking192020

    I love this song so brilliant, thank you for sharing it =D

  20. burak karacik

    thanks for that nice one

  21. William Girard

    Nice !! I'm addicted to YYY's

  22. shoaib246

    Thanks for sharing =], wow just one view, so I'm one of the first eh.
    The title of this song is really appealing to me. I love the simplicity of this track.