Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Sealings Lyrics

check my glove for the cash
it was all for the one
for the one
slept my baby through it all
check my door for the crash
shut like the first, you shut the last
I won,I won
slept my baby through it all

check my glove for the cash
it was all for the one
for the one
slept my baby through it all
check my door for the crash
shut like the first, you shut the last
I won, I won
slept my baby through it all

I want out
I want out
I want out
I want out
Drop drop drop
down a floor
shoot shoot
outcha mouth
these things are scraped from ceilings
drop drop drop
down a floor
shoot shoot
outcha mouth
these things are scraped from ceilings

checky my glove for the cash
it was all for the one
for the one
slept my baby through it all
check my door for the crash
shut like the first
you shut the last
I won
I won
slept my baby through it all

love is in the metal
love is in the metal
love is in the ooh-ooh
who loves who?
love is in the metal
love is in the metal
love is in the ooh-ooh
who loves who?

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs Sealings Comments
  1. Ana Gray

    i want to replay parallel lines NOW

  2. MrDinivini

    Why it's not on Spotify :(

  3. C-Xxan48

    I never think what i back to listen this song

  4. nachito jesus

    ¿Por qué esta canción no está disponible en Spotify?

  5. Hicham Ziane

    28 years in jail ........

    Arjuna Jay

    10227 days i didn't waste a single when they let me out i was ready

  6. JMQ -

    Driver ^_^

  7. Will.I.Am.7

    This kicks ass.

  8. ChilledTea


  9. Late Night Matinee

    Spider-Man 3 brought me here

  10. 14K

    nostalgia :,D

  11. forever


  12. Agiel Kncn

    I know this song grom spider-man soundtrack

    And yet everyone said it was from Driver

    Arjuna Jay

    Yeah this from driver parallel lines

  13. Thiago Luiz Werle

    Driver Parallel Lines the best game with this year

  14. Anonymous Bosan

    best hidden games

  15. Simon T.

    This song make NYC a big and nice city. 🌃

  16. That Thirdman guy

    Yeah yeah yeahs rule. nick Zinner is one hell of a guitar player


    Fuck it, bringing all my childhood tunage back so I can play time traveler. I was mad about this one. 😚

  18. Jaber Al Marri

    That's the Mexican

  19. DadoPubgSerbian NoOb

    Hey Kid :)


    I remember very good and easy times with this song....

  21. Youssef Joo

    Ahhh driver parallel lines.. This is my favourite song

  22. Серго Жилистый

    10227 дней...Driver😍

  23. aaron frost

    This isn't on Spotify. RIP.

    EDIT: Ah, I get it now. TIL it was a song written for Spiderman 3, too. That sucks.

  24. nachito jesus

    Pongan el link para descargar por favor

  25. Hérick Fernandes

    Driver PL, Spotify :(

  26. LUCA$ELMZ123

    since when was this song ever in spider man 3

  27. This did have a cringe video

    Nice of you to drop by Ray....

  28. Axure

    DRIVER ♡♡♡♡ 2018

  29. Reinis Maurers

    Driver PL is the best driver .

  30. ON Tech

    ohhhh, driver):)

  31. I Z K

    deu até vontade de jogar driver pl de novo

  32. ĪĪslam ೋ

    Driver Paraello Lines Melhor jogo de ps2 que tivee........

    Velhos tempos aquele😢😢👍

    Nostalgia pura man

    na época eu brincava de Gta 9 com esse jogo que marcou minha vida.....

    essa musica toca no jogo jogo de 2006😢😢😢👍👍👍

  33. Rafffael

    Driver PL> GTA SA

  34. juan martines

    best game ever

  35. Meat

    I honestly don't remember this featured in Spider-Man 3.

  36. Arthur Morgan, Formerly 4th Chairman

    If I become a writer I owe a lot to PL Goodfellas Godfather Oz Sopranos Mafia 2 Deer Hunter etc. They made me want to write properly. Roll on adulthood.

  37. Abank Fannka Dhedia 027

    " Slink was selling girls just they were younger and cost more
    Candy ran an empire of trash
    Bishop was flying high dealing heroin
    Corrigan was chief of police , the king of shit heap
    Only the mexican had fucked up "
    - T.K 2006


    I decided while back was going kill him 1st

  38. Arthur Morgan, Formerly 4th Chairman

    Many a scene is forged in my brain with this song in it. Driver inspiration? Yes

  39. Antonio Gongora

    A primera vista Nueva York brillaba con fuerza, pero la vieja ciudad seguía ahí debajo y yo sabía algo en algún lugar.
    -TK 2006

    Omar Segales

    :') excelente juego

    Obito Gamer36

    The best game

  40. Snackasmversion2

    God I remember when I played Driver Parallel Lines and made it to 2006 in the game...I loved this song so much! Driver Parallel Lines was a very underrated gem.

  41. Petrolhead97


  42. TRNJ BX

    10 227 days...


    I didn't waste single one when they let me out i was ready

    Sunny Kenny Suseno

    On the surface, New York shone bright

    The Heart Of Zootopia

    But the old city still here, and I knew it

  43. Christopher F.A

    thank you driver

  44. Christopher F.A

    Driver, the game of my life!

    Aaron O'LM99

    -Dark Legend- x2

  45. Jp Clark

    Always crank the volume when I hear this.....

  46. Dead Infested

    this was on spiderman 3 soundtrack lol

  47. xXSilentAgent47Xx

    I love how they added this remix version in GTA V: FAF update <3
    Driver:PL - Happy 10th Anniversary!


    xXSilentAgent47Xx its 10th anniversary was in 2016. Driver PL was made in 2006 by Atari. Not 2007 by Ubisoft.

    The Heart Of Zootopia

    LiamDXGaming you are a true fan, ATARI forever first on Xbox Original

    Mark G05!

    xXSilentAgent47Xx what the hell is a GTA 5 FAF update? I can’t find the full meaning of the abbreviation “FAF” as an update of GTA 5, can someone help me here?

    Karim Zaghloul

    @Mark G05! Finance and felony


    @The Heart Of Zootopia its came out on ps2 the same day as xbox

  48. The * Joker

    musica foda do krl


    The * Joker do Driver Parallel Lines, jogo inesquecível

  49. Tenente Terminator

    10227 giorni non ne sprechai nemmeno uno e quando uscii ero pronto

  50. decjko

    10 227 days. I didn't waste a single one. When they led me out, I was ready.


    decjko I already corrected my comment ;-)


    No problem man, edit FTW.

    Cristian Winkler

    2017 and still playing driver pl in my good old ps2!

    Gonzalo Hernández

    Cristian Winkler I'm proud OF you


    decjko ;-)

  51. Edward Teach

    Those first 40seconds, tooo nice^!

  52. ADN CLN

    Driver parallel lines .. xD


    adr cal xd

  53. tzCombot

    Why I always get hit by some kind of emotion when I hear the first 40 seconds of this song...?
    Also, Driver: Parallel Lines brought me here. <3


    Omg I feel the same fucking way!


    Tiberian Wolf i'm cry :'(

    Prince Vegeta

    Pure Nostalgia...

    The Heart Of Zootopia

    Null me too 12 years and I still playing driver parallel lines in my old Xbox

  54. friendly naborhood spiderman

    NYC's theme song.

  55. Luan R. Nunes

    "On the surface, New York shone bright, But the old city i knew was still there"- TK, 2006

    Anesse Ameer

    "Nice of you to drop by Ray"

    Lazy Chips

    that one sentence will be stuck in my head forever 2018 and i still play the game

    Joshua Rhodes

    I litterally thought of that line which is what brought me here 😂

    Jota Alcocer

    You make me cry


    I love this quote, as new york use to be very dirty and raw, and was cleaned up in the late 90s

  56. Goitrix

    Driver: Parallel Lines (2006, Intro) ;)


  57. Mysteriom 13

    In the surface New York shown'd bright.

  58. Ezeekial Zoratium

    I don't know what Driver is, but I used to play this on Killzone 2 online multiplayer as the Helghast back in 2009

    Arjuna Jay

    Driver is game

  59. Andrew Keil

    Damn I love this song

  60. asian bb

    Fuck man, this music brings back the memories playing Driver... )':


    Fadhlan Maulana eu também

  61. Issa Beganović

    I'll never look at New York the same way again!
    Thank you *Driver Parallel Lines!*


    Issa Beganović best game

  62. iPetroSS

    I fucking heard this song in my dream...! Freaking awesome music!!

  63. Señor X

    THe best game


    Señor X yes

    Sunny Kenny Suseno

    I would say a best hidden gems

  64. Nobody Knows Me

    Every time I hear this I think of the era change


    Every time I hear the first 40 seconds I think of TK going out of the jail and...
    "On the surface, New York shone bright. But the old city I knew was still there."

  65. RAFAN

    Driver :)

  66. Joaquim Ventura

    INTRO DRIVER 2006 \O/

  67. GranTruismo4head

    Five people were on corrigans payroll as corrupt cops

  68. El Meatbolio

    Why is this not on Spotify or Google Play Music?


    F*cking copyrights man, that's why none of the stremin' services got this marvelous song 😐


    Copyright grounds. I can listen to this on Spotify in the UK, but not in Indonesia.

    Lana's Daydream

    Climatic Bacon I don’t care about Spotify. I’ve had this song downloaded since 2007.

    Gummby Pokey

    Still not on there


    it is but no for Brazil ://

  69. Mario Psy

    slink seguia vendiendo chicas simplemente eran mas jovenes y costaban mas

  70. Louis McGaha

    Badass song

  71. Gabriel Arkangelo

    Guys.. when I started the future time of the game I was crying.. This song.. and the "New World" at the same time was so heavy ! And at the same time the nostalgia about the Old Times.. the David Bowie song represents the Past and this one represents the Future.

    Thiago Indiano

    I've felt the same s2

    Simone Daishi

    when I started the 2006 part of the game I was just as cynic and hungry for revenge as TK.

  72. Ashley Sims

    love this song

  73. Ashley Sims

    love this song

  74. Joe Searer

    we love riffs kicks and licks,  and we want out


    u said it

  75. Tobi Stone

    This song is actually from the Spiderman 3 soundtrack.

  76. Buffalo

    damn i cried i miss that game

    Red Sabre

    +Gabriel Arcangelo best story line ever put in a game

    Gabriel Arkangelo

    +'3zo.. You can say that again pal !

    Stroke Maister

    +'3zo.. Couldn't agree more.

    عسلدون يآآخي .

    Buffalo this game burned my heart and fucking melted it pleaaaasssseeee i want it back

    Vídeos Desvistos

    You can buy it on steam =)

  77. Etak

    It hurts my feeling about old times.

    happy great best songs

    +Etak47 ikr!

  78. OokileyGMR

    1978: Suffraguette City.                                     
    2006: Sealings.

    w wolf

    OokileyGMR exacly!!


    That era change scene still hit the feels till this day.

  79. OokileyGMR

    Drive SF clean the shoes of Driver PL.


    D Lee Yeah... What was I saying with my words that SF "kinda saved" the series, was that, the game bringed tje series to it's original roots. Of course, shift mechanic was awesome, but it didn't fit with the game. Storyline was... meh. Rushed 70s cop show story... Physics were AWESOME!!! Character rewrite was... Some characters like Jones, I liked him, Tanner, I liked him too... But Jericho became from calculating villain to a stereotypical villain. Overall, I would give it 7.8/10, cause it's perfomance oort was rad!

    Arthur Morgan, Formerly 4th Chairman

    +TheCoolGuyxXx69 Agreed, I broke my copy years ago but I invested a lot of time into it. San Francisco looked awesome! I loved jumping to a cop car in chase, it was always fun.

    Arthur Morgan, Formerly 4th Chairman

    +TheCoolGuyxXx69 The last level was awesome too.


    D Lee "Aww, shoot! I just remembered! We need to go under a truck!"
    -John Tanner

    Arthur Morgan, Formerly 4th Chairman

    +TheCoolGuyxXx69 Heh...I think I remember.

  80. jandans1

    Ehh... good times.... good times... DRIVER :)

  81. Led Hendrix


  82. Abstergo

    Lots of people were asking "wat song is it" "song pls" and no one wanted to look through the comments below that Driver video.
    Ah, well, I see some people who did that.

    Yes. Driver!

    Ramiro Navarro

    I came because of that

    A-10 Warthog

    @Ramiro Navarro yeah same here buddy

  83. jesus bailon


    pedro valenzuela

    Siempre la buscaba cuando jugaba.mi cancion preferida del driver

    Chvj Dvpa

    Calm down

  84. Aaron Joestar

    Ah driver paraline lines :D

  85. GranTruismo4head

    I actually was listening to this song when I played Driver San Francisco when I first got the game, and then listened to it when I played Grand Theft Auto Online for the first time since it was a good driving song to listen to

  86. Arse Robinson

    shooting down that bastard chopper ARRGH! i keep crashing

  87. Pierre De

    Where is this song from? Album? EP? LP?

  88. Tittyfish

    I just wish the last driver was not just driving

  89. Jace Harrison Crowley

    that guitar

  90. Donovan Cameron

    Wah this song is my childhood in gaming, Driver, GTA, hahaha those were the best.

  91. kurvva

    kto z Mam Talent?


    kurvva w x factor tez sie czasami to pojawialo :D

  92. K O K O・ヘクマティアル


  93. Eggly Bagelface

    i cry every time i think or hear this songs beggining....

  94. Lancer Stip Demeka

    DRIVER PARALLEL LINES.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Michael Lorah

    The soundtracks for all of the Driver games, including Driver:You are the Wheelman an Driver 2 are incredible. Who else would be up for a Driver film series? I know I am.