Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Mr. You're On Fire, Mr. Lyrics

Twist, twist
Twist, for Ice-Cream
C'mon dance, Misdirection
You can take new nicks for Blue Jeans
But it's 3, or it's dead. Aww

We are trapped, keep it violent
I need tape, for perfection
The most bright, I'm assuming
Love the smell of your bath

Mr. you're on fire Mr.
No sir I'm okay
Mr. you're on fire Mr.
No sir I'm okay
Mr. you're on fire Mr.
No sir I'm okay
Mr. you're on fire Mr.
No sir I'm okay......

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs Mr. You're On Fire, Mr. Comments
  1. MysticHydra

    Why is it intentionally shitty?

  2. popnotmyface

    probably the most out there the YYY's have ever been

  3. Karen O

    i love the direction they took for this cover ❤

  4. QuestaFly


  5. Patrick Stuhr

    why is the quality so shitty?

  6. Kela08

    No not really...

  7. LexianureJi

    I get it YYY's did the cover, but its awful :/ what a shame...

  8. Masturbatez

    this is so bad lol. i bet this is why they broke up.

    Karen O

    Masturbatez they're not broke up though

    Karen O


  9. Eric Sandoval

    Karen O used to date the singer of Liars...who wrote this song.
    Fun fact.
    Horrible cover.

  10. themamaslapper

    i don't know what i'm talking about i saw them live and i didn't spend all that bull crap at SXSW to see one of the greatest indies to me of all times!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. dicegameuchiha

    Austin Texas is the music capitol of the world what are you talking about?

  12. dicegameuchiha

    fucking best shit

  13. LUVninety

    the worst cover in music history.

  14. RGB 765

    why aint this on itunes?

  15. Goblin

    @yourmumforbreakfast It's the same as the Liars, isn't it?

  16. yourmumforbreakfast

    So, whoever put the lyrics on the internet that say "twist for icecream" is confused. I'm 99% certain it's "twist before I scream"

  17. themamaslapper

    @Turkalj blorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg,well least thur someone that cares and thats manys yrs than i herd them so this iz the 2 greatest texans EVARRRR! if u r still i dunno....

  18. themamaslapper

    sound like crystal castle though im from texas so i feel like im the only one that listens to this music........

  19. themamaslapper

    reminds me of Crystal Castle though ive only listen to just of few of theres.

  20. rinsimyaldee1

    Liars version shits all over this.

  21. Nell L

    Love the YYY's!! i love her voice

  22. akirafooch

    not bad cover

  23. TheDeadEndProject

    hmm it grew on me a little but I don't really like it. LOOOOOVE KAREN O THOUGH DONT GET ME WRONG

  24. Shark Vs Whale

    this blows cock

  25. yam

    crystal castles + hearts revolution?

  26. Killergrips

    yyy are amazing, youre right
    one of my favorites covers