Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Diamond Sea Lyrics

Hoo hoo hoo hoo
Hoo hoo hoo hoo
Hoo hoo hoo hoo

Time takes its crazy toll
And how does her mirror grow?
You better watch yourself when you jump into it
Cause the mirror’s gonna steal your soul

I wonder how it came to be my friend
Someone just like you has come again
Never, never know how close you came
‘Til you fall in love with the diamond rain

Throw all his trash away
Look out, he’s here to stay
Your mirror’s gonna crack when he breaks into it
Never, never be the same

Look into his eyes and you can see
Why all the little kids are dressed in dreams
Wonder how he’s gonna make it back
When he says you know it’s make-believe

Hoo hoo hoo hoo
Hoo hoo hoo
Hoo hoo hoo hoo

Black crystal lies to sand
Now I hope you will understand
Reflected into his broken glass soul
Now the mirror is your only friend

Look into his eyes and you will see
You’re never not alone on a diamond sea
Sail into the heart of a lonely storm
And tell her that you love her eternally

Hoo hoo hoo hoo
Hoo hoo hoo
Hoo hoo hoo hoo
Hoo hoo hoo

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs Diamond Sea Comments
  1. Matt Jones

    Anyone know the chords

  2. asobi neko

    something's missing...

  3. Korinthos Kakis

  4. Bri Britta

    In absolute love. The original is one of my favorites, but this is right up there.

  5. Cristian Gonzalez

    Un cover de Karen es imposible que me decepcione!

  6. Jaclyn Levasseur

    So good

  7. Sebastian Caterva

    So good!!

  8. stuffandjunkanduhh

    SY has always been pretty hipsterish but god damn haha. Someone in brooklyn was drinking a disgusting expensive beer crying while this echoed through their $4000 closet.

  9. Auris_the_Band


  10. Manuel Ruiz

    I'm a damn big fan of Sonic Youth and I have to say this.....what a great n' awesome cover....fuck all those who don't appreciate and understand what a cover is......

  11. Gary Bear

    Ahhhhh....... Omg this happened!

  12. David Price

    what a insult to sonic youth


    Only a fake fan would insult anther fan's cover. It's a shame that we all can't just enjoy the music.

    CJ Wells Dust

    intoxifaded - preach. intoxifaded, I like cut of your jib.

    H P

    Fuck you david


    u must be on crack not to like this

    Giovanni Bello Gomez

    They just shared this song in the Sonic Youth's FB official account :P

  13. Gabriela Nadales


  14. Geronimo Nugroho

    Karen O + diamond sea = amazing

  15. knowthingman

    rare is the remake better than the original...but the exception proves the rule.

    Rick hickd

    its good...not better

  16. byron2521

    One of my favorite Sonic Youth songs. first time I heard this mellow version. Not bad.

  17. Ted

    best song ever play it at my funeral

  18. Ruth López

    Hard to get but it is okey. 

  19. Mark Till

    so good!!!!!

  20. Ilsef Beltran

    i love yeah yeah yeahs, i think theyll be my fav band since i was a child

  21. Joel Robbins

    I don't know if it's better than the original but it's pretty damn good

  22. Sapph1r1ne

    I could cry listening to this

  23. Fern Fernis Fernie

    They should do a MTV Unplugged episode...if they still do those. They'd be great.

  24. HotDoggyStand

    Oops, I'm so sorry i didn't realize it was a cover. I should have known I mean it's obvious when you listen to the song , i'll go kill myself now.

  25. CoverHeaven

    nice cover! originally recorded by Sonic Youth

  26. Zianya Vértiz

    genius comment.

  27. Denny Wiraputra

    666 likes, i wont ruin it

  28. Outrjs

    i pray karen didn't sell her soul to the devil. she has to be too smart for that.

    Wim Cossement

    In 2003 or so, when their first album came out Hugh Hefner asked her to be in Playboy and she told him to go fuck himself... ;-)

  29. Sai Esquivel

    It's a Sonic Youth cover - More of an effort should be made to know the origins of music -

  30. Mark Till

    It is so very good!!!

  31. ruthiemaria

    I'd make love to Karen O's voice if I could. Love her.

  32. João Barreto

    Is this song about Kurt Cobain?

    Cole Ry

    João Barreto no

    Mike Noface

    No, but Junkies Promise by SY is about Kurt.

  33. Leah Folsom


  34. XiongysaurasRex

    what have i just sumbled upon????..........

  35. Countess Boochie Flagrante

    Sonic Youth is the band who made this song, dude.

  36. 123412341234het

    I hope this is a joke

  37. underbluemoonisawyou

    i would go gay for her any day

  38. Esteban .Sepulveda

    i love u karen

  39. jose oscar lobato orzolek

    me too exept sonic youth I don't know they

  40. screechpowers

    It is 100% from that iTunes session. There is no other version of them performing this in existence.

  41. Roberto Colon

    Isn't that a bit subjective considering that you didn't even like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs before listening to this? This is a great cover but the original is 19+ minutes for a reason.

  42. shinya aki.


  43. Гитаркин

    I can think no other band more worthy to cover such a legendary SY song. Love both versions.

  44. screechpowers

    I would just like to point out to everyone that this version was recorded for the iTunes session which was completely acoustic. So, this is Yeahs' acoustic cover of Diamond Sea. Who's to say what it would sound like if they really recorded this song in studio. It definitely wouldn't be quite this quiet and innocent. The other songs in the session are played a tad slower than their studio versions but sound great as well.

  45. flowerfishes

    I love Sonic Youth and I love Karen O and I am SO glad I accidentally found this :D

  46. toots

    I just can't get on with this cover at all. I can't pick anything wrong with it musically but because I immidiately compare it to Sonic Youths original it just doesn't stand out enough to stand on its own as a song.

  47. Nafsikaki

    great cover!

  48. stereosanctity7

    @Mangina9000 dude there is nothing wrong with covering a song chill out...

  49. Sophie Preston

    this cover nearly matches the excellence of the original..

  50. KidsOnHoliday4675

    Best Cover Ever

  51. koolthing187

    v v v poor cover, luv sonic youth n yyy's but this is utter crap! give some smack n it might sound better, infact just give me some smack n then i wouldn't be bothered even commenting

  52. Dave Favelle

    nahhhhhh yellow brick road sarah blasko but great cover sexy voice miss the infamous guiar riff thou the who who whoooooo whos just dont cut the mustard

  53. George Baudelaire

    i love the original, but i think this cover is awsome too

  54. The Blonde Brazilian

    @pingui0987 Do you mean to say that this song is cool but it's not as good as Thurston's version? Sorry, I didn't really understand - if so, I agree.

  55. 123412341234het

    @YaWantTaters korean/polish

  56. Jamaghost

    Tooooooooo slow!!!

  57. YaWantTaters

    Be she Asian?

  58. DungeonsMcDragons

    Feeling this

  59. The Blonde Brazilian

    Thurston Moore is the only one who can truly make me cry when I hear this song...but this isn't awful.

  60. acdc14terrace


  61. Joseph Orenn

    Like it

  62. Pelu Sheen

    GREAT COVER!!!!! One of my favorite songs off all times !!!!!! i,,i_

  63. Salsashark516

    @frazzy860 I am not one who thinks a cover should just be the same song with different people playing the instruments. A cover should be a translation of the songs feeling and theme. It can sound completely different, but should still at least convey the same message. This is a weak take on a brilliant song. SY's version is epic, a long and intense ride through a sea of beautiful sound. This is nothing more than 'nice'. Her voice is great, but it is an insult to the original.

  64. fraser doig

    @Salsashark516 can you explain exactly how they missed the mark?

  65. Salsashark516

    Big fan of Yeah Yeah Yeah's, but they really missed the mark here.

  66. kfoxon

    Love Karen O.

  67. Lindsay Bonavolonta

    my ears just ejaculated love.

  68. Jølle Elvestad

    liking sonic youth is not about personal opinion. it just is. like love.

  69. hendrixfan143

    @123412341234het The only people who say this are the people who haven't seen sonic youth live.

  70. bulba1395

    no 15 minutes of feedback? haha still a great cover

  71. betoski

    <3 awesome cover! love it!

  72. 123412341234het

    @iceray0 And Sonic Youth are over-rated. Here comes your rebuttal regarding how wrong Iam. Its easy to liberally spray your opinions at people. It doesn't make you right or your taste in music any more valid. And just for the record, I have nothing against Sonic Youth, just not my thing.

  73. Xylen Roberts

    The only thing I didn't like about this cover is that it leaves out the instrumental breakdowns between verses. I understand why the droney noise section wasn't included, but they probably could've figured out how to tackle the breakdowns in between.

  74. iceray0

    @Awesomo4003 Sense a condescending tone from text on the interwebz? You must be god.

  75. gilles champenoy

    hummm karen.....i love yu !!! lol

  76. Roberto Valdez


  77. chillidogdupree

    Please. This might be true about a song like White Cross but this cover is actually better than SY's original.

  78. Just2Rusty

    Props for covering a good song. Even if I don't like their version.

  79. Fleshjam

    Well go ahead with the hands down but Sonic Youth's Diamond Sea is a perfect song just by itself, I mean it's a nice cover by the YYY but I think it doesn't even compare with the spine chilling soul orgasmic original.

  80. DoctorBebop

    Hey how about you suckz0rz n00bz0rz

  81. iceray0

    HAHAHAHA this is so funny, when I saw that someone tried to cover this song I started laughing so hard, NEVER try and cover a Sonic Youth song, it's not possible. I gave this song a try and I don't think it even comes close to Sonic Youth. Attempting the song gave them mad props but what they did with it took all those props away and then some. I'm with MankinCartoons here Fever to Tell was the only thing this band did that was worth a damn.

  82. John Bill

    ill give her some mad props

  83. Mark Halfhill

    I've never been so in love with a cover song

  84. merdufer

    this just shows that sonic youth writes pretty good pop songs.

    but i still want crazy effects!

  85. Andrew Powers

    Disagree, but both good bands.

  86. vicentebfl

    realy cool