Yazoo - Winter Kills Lyrics

In your love
On bright days
You grew sunblind
You thought me
To remind you
How winter kills

In daydreams
You drove too fast
And got nowhere
You rode on half fare
When you got too scared
How winter kills

Tear at me, searching for
Weaker seams

In your eyes
Makes me cruel
Makes me spiteful
Tears are delightful
Welcome your nightfall
How winter kills

I tear at you, searching for
Weaker seams

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Yazoo Winter Kills Comments
  1. Alessandro Stefani

    Does anyone know what she is whispering in the first chorus?


    "And got nowhere" ?

    Alessandro Stefani

    @ReaktorLeak That's in the verse, but thank you ^_^ I mean in the first chorus after "Tear at me searching for weaker seams" she whispers something. I wish someone has complete lyrics


    @Alessandro Stefani D'oh! Sorry, I replied too hastily. :)

    Alessandro Stefani

    @ReaktorLeak Like a sprinter hearing the starter's gun fire :-D

  2. Guillermo Ortega


  3. Mark L


  4. Elsa Bella


  5. t4exanadu

    Heard this on The Americans and I had to check it out.

  6. Craig Matthews

    If possible it gets even better every time I listen to it. An absolute masterpiece

  7. Edwin van der Laine

    Vaikka tätä ei kuuntelisi moneen vuoteen, niin sille on aina paikka.

  8. debbie nichols

    Love this song very different for Yaz it’s hauntingly beautiful! Demonstrates the true talent

  9. David Maholchic

    Deliciously sinister

  10. Roberto Carlos Hernandez Moran

    *A masterpiece by Yazoo, Allison at her best!*

  11. prospero

    ...... Untouchable

  12. Mary Moore

    this is the shit. sounded way better on my record player though

  13. Vito Zingaro

    i need to listen this song minimun once a year to keep my brain in order
    thanks yazoo im fallow you since 1982

    Mark Sweeney

    Listen more often.

  14. Jesse Granados

    Favorite song on this album!

  15. fmotp Walsh

    Possibly the creepiest song ever recorded about a relationship - that's a compliment. Alison may not have been blessed with the most melodic voice, but she sure kmows how to use it!

  16. Scotty Russell Music

    this was my first ever record i bought.

  17. MsMinerva17

    La mejor voz femenina de todos los tiempos...💜

  18. Eric Fyfe


  19. Arty 47


  20. orver1

    Sounds like the Moonlight Sonata.

  21. jeff burgess

    Tear at me searching for weaker seams....greatest lyric ever?

  22. Jamie Walton

    So dark but so beautiful . It blew me away that Alison plays the piano in this one

  23. Radek Ventruba

    Alison, thank you.

  24. Final Fantasy XI

    The Keyboardist master behind Depeche Mode and Erasure.

    Jamie Walton

    Actually Alison Moyet plays the piano in this one . Look it up

    smart price

    There is no man or "master" behind this one. It's Alison Moyet's song - she wrote it and played piano on it. "She could play, I couldn't". Vince Clarke. He did a few sound effects on this one, but that's it.

  25. Gary MacMillan

    Alison Moyet - 20 times more talented than Adele and 20 times poorer. There's your wage gap.

    Ludwig Van

    Shitty state of affairs, right?

    debbie nichols

    Gary MacMillan totally agree Yaz was not part of the pop music genre

    debbie nichols

    Gary MacMillan agree she was /is not mainstream love her she is awesome

    Marc Stover

    dunno....Adele is super talented. Alison is my fav though :)

  26. Jimmy Richards

    1982 brought me here.

  27. 88feji

    Wow ... this is truely genius ... sends chills down my spine ...

  28. El Iberocelta bard

    absolute masterpeice

  29. Martin Windi

    I was looking for songs by the artist "Winter Kills". That's one way to find an amazing song!

  30. Dee Vah

    Prefer this version to the later ones. Her voice isn't quite so deep here, as she is younger. Our voices deepen as we age. Fantastic either way. Upstairs at Eric's my favourite album :)



  32. Basty Elwood

    The gothest song period.

  33. PrinceCharming25

    I love this piano song so much

  34. orgonko the wildly untamed

    this vs "Hello" no contest Alison UK's best female vocalist ever!!

  35. Angel R. Diaz

    great song from another group who was ahead of its time (:

  36. PrinceCharming25

    I really REALLY want to learn to play this on a piano. It's so beautiful! Seriously, how can such an underrestemated song remain "unknown"?


    PrinceCharming25 It was the 'b' side to a very successful single here in the UK back then, so an awful lot of people do know it!

  37. Albert Ziemniak

    Pan Bufet Yazoo? Ech plus sto do fajności...

  38. andrew1236

    all about quality!

  39. sam epstein

    I saw Allison moyet on her recent tour in nyc, if she didn't do this song I would have been disappointed...SHE DID NOT DISAPPOINT....GREAT SONG

  40. Maha Nadir

    the americans brought me here! great song


    +maha nadir Great and very intense scene.

    Dynamic Hypnotic

    Music brought me here.

    Drunk Roku

    (hahaha) That is literally an awesome comment.

    Mark Sweeney

    Brill song,brill series.

  41. ariataraba

    i was watching the americans when this one fell on me i nearly collapsed,i think i havent heard it in thirty years,thank you so much for uploading.

    Mark Sweeney

    You have excellent taste.The Americans and this classic.

    John Leeson

    I knew only of Situation by them. However, if it was MY copy of Upstairs at Eric's was used on the show, I'd make sure I was on the set during filming! Of course, the actual vinyl would be at home...
    Watched EVERY episode. I can't hear U2's With or Without You and not think of Paige walking back on the platform...

  42. Angharad

    All I can think about when I hear this song these days is my late husband, Richard. He passed away December 30th 2014.


    You're right, Billy. Thank you for your lovely reply.

    steve humphries

    god bless ,hold on tight to your lovely memories x

  43. Marcus Trancoso

    An Yamaha CP-80, a kick and Alison's voice. Great!!!

  44. Dean Getchell

    Fantastic song .

  45. Thomas Georgantas

    Thanks a lot, it's amazing..

  46. Esa Niemelä

    Never forget. Hypnotic song. Amazing.

  47. mahoelihaai

    i bought the 'don't go' single back then and this was the flipside...after a few listenings I liked more this song than the tophit 'don't go' itself...don't go's a good song but dated,this one is timeless


    I couldn't agree more. Every time the season changes I start singing this song.

    wee Cleg

    Totally agreed! Me too!

    Veronica Bilkova

    i think dont go is timeless too


    whole album is timeless

    C D

    Best song!

  48. Nigel Willson

    awesome song!!!!!

  49. MyCommodore64

    thanks for sharing

  50. joel trevino

    Damn, this takes me back to the days I used to wear the Blue.  driving in my Fiero GT, I would crank this up on my radio as I would drive off base to the local gay clubs.  It helped me keep my sanity while I struggled on with being myself and not being kicked out for it!  Good times! 

    John Wood

    I feel you


    i can relate joel x

  51. Addi Strasser

    One that stays with you forever...

    Nigel Willson

    @Addi Strasser oh yes!!!!

  52. upfrontbear74

    Alison is AMAZING

  53. Khalil Nasir

    i so fucking love this track


    =) beyond ill will

  55. Mark Caroll

    She could have used a whole lot less reverb, sounds like she's singing in a barrel. What a terrible effect.

    sam epstein

    +Mark Caroll You know nothing about making music, the song is supposed to be HAUNTING, THERE FORE THE EFFECT ON HER VOCAL....GET WITH IT

    Mark Caroll

    +sam epstein I know she's using too much reverb on her vocals, and instead of sounding "haunting" she sounds ridiculous. A little more of her natural voice, and this would be a beautiful song. That's my opinion, just because it isn't the same as yours, doesn't mean it's wrong.


    You're wrong.

  56. riandata

    Great song. Brings back memories!

  57. Steven Walker

    wow she is really the best , this house is amazing!

  58. Il était une fois

    In your love 
    On bright days
    You grew sunblind 
    You thought me 
    To remind you 
    How winter kills

    Lost in daydreams 
    You drove too fast 
    And got nowhere
    You rode on half fare 
    When you got too scared
    How winter kills

    Tear at me, searching for 
    Weaker seams

    In your eyes 
    Makes me cruel
    Makes me spiteful 
    Tears are delightful 
    Welcome your nightfall
    How winter kills

    I tear, searching for
    Weaker seams

    Daniel Dunham

    Il était une fois , I will always appreciate a person who takes the time to post lyrics. Thank you.

  59. Ricardo Araujo