Yazoo - Tuesday Lyrics

Woman of thirty seeing the sun
Packed up her suitcase started to run
Looking for someone looking for none
Pack up and drive away, away
Pack up and drive away

It was her birthday morning
Realisation gradually dawning
A man in a grey suit whispered 'I'm calling'
Pack up and drive away, away
Pack up and drive away

Woman of thirty, husband and kids
Chained like a dog she had to rid
No point in coping off came the lid
Pack up and drive away, away
Pack up and drive away

Three thousand miles of honesty dreaming
Perfect imagery is gleaming
No more shattered clouds were deeming
Pack up and drive away, away
Pack up and drive away

In her heart it wasn't easy
Mumbled words and feeling dizzy
Reasons fight against excuses
Mothers have their ways and uses
Driving slowly she was losing
Dream was stirring only dozing
Eyelids awaken to the daytime
Just an illusion broken sunshine
Woman of thirty there's no choice
I can't hear your helpless voice

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Yazoo Tuesday Comments
  1. james smurf

    I cannot believe how quickly this album was made and yet the production value is awesome :))

  2. Frogstar Lilypad

    foooookinell a proper blast from the past :)

  3. alexis alejandro nunez donoso

    Temazo Ctm!!!!

  4. Vijay Kumar

    when i listen to this song feels going back to golden era of 80's

  5. Max Shea

    I never heard this one until the Yazoo Best of was released in the nineties. They also never released "The Other Side of Love" in the U.S., but I got that on import single sometime in the eighties.

  6. Marty Boosey

    I was a young 17 year old when this came out .I met an old women .My life got turned upside down this song was what happened to me :)

  7. Yann Antimoine

    ice machine part 2.

  8. TheHideChild

    Oh, shit! I really am back in the 80s when I listen to this.... wow!!!!

  9. TheHideChild

    Beautiful!! (Even though it sounds like an Atari game...)

  10. Sandrine

    All-time underappreciated song...Lucerne, Switzerland '86 is how far I went to find a copy...🌸🌈👭🍺🍹🍻🍸🍻🍻🍻🍻🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🐈🎃🐦🐝🌈🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🚽?

  11. steve cundy

    cool song, cool yazoo

  12. Cl4rendon

    This was and still is a monument moment for me, to when the days get shorter and the gloom of autumn evenings creep in ...

  13. Nic Lawson

    Great album.

  14. Basty Elwood

    It would be cool to hear Amy Lee covering this song

  15. 390h8er

    Today, this would make a really good grime banger. An MC could easily spit over it. Definitely ahead of it's time.

  16. dee dee

    I so can relate to this.... Sometimes I just wanna drive away...


    take only what you can put in one bag......pack up and drive away....

  17. Aaron_GKV

    Guys, i need some help. Im looking for a song wich has mainly that tone that starts sounding in 1:13... it's a childhood memory and now im 29 so i dont remember title, group, year... all i can say is synth-pop... i've checked OMD, Jean Michelle Jarre and others but still no clue, and when i heard that tone i almost had a heart attack... the tone goes up and down like a PI pi PI pi PI pi... i know you will laugh hard but... that's all i got... If u think u know wich song im talking about, please tell (And i know is not Rick Ashley's never gonna give you up so dont rickroll me xD)


    Living on Video by Trans-X?

    Ian Crates

    Ice Machine - Depeche Mode (written by a guy called Vince Clarke) was the b-side to their first single, Dreaming of Me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kINAICKaAHk

    Heidi VanderVeer

    Did you ever figure out what song it reminded you of? Have you tried the other Yaz tunes on this album, Only You or Midnight ?

    Dario Blažević

    did you find out? cmon i need to know

    Mirno More

    Try with "Chauffeur" by Duran Duran... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUX9pf_wJmg

  18. agthaog1986

    i love the closing at 2:39 the bassline is soo cool. the undertone is perfect as well. 1 of my favorite peoducers ever

  19. Harmon Harmidis

    This is a masterpiece! Maybe they best!


    i agree it has a subtle classical fee lyet still keeps its synthesize undertone. hes 1 of the greatest producers in my opinion and her voice is A1

  20. Nicolette Van Meerendonk

    Ben weer even terug in de tijd. heerlijk

  21. Drazen Babich

    Haunting and deep.


    Drazen Babich woooorrrdd

  22. Irving G

    I love the chilling undertones Moyet creates in the final half.

  23. RIXRADvidz

    Curse you American Marketing for not including this song on the original ''Upstairs'' album....adding to my MegaHydra playlist, open to the public.

    Mark Andrade

    Where can I find your playlist? 


    on RIXRADvidz  channel....in the playlists list.  some other bizarre lists there too...


    wooww they left this out in america. wow im fortunate enough to find out about it when i did.


    i accidentally bought the US release, and was disappointed that this song wasn't included. :(

  24. Jorge Andrés Arango L.

    Upstairs at Eric´s could have been the second Depeche Mode album, this song sounds sort of similar to Ice Machine.