Yazoo - Too Pieces Lyrics

Write me a letter
A face in the hall
Hiding from someone
Afraid of the fall

And she's waiting for someone (waiting for someone)
To take her back to where she came from
And she'll wait alone for hours (waiting all alone)
She won't mind because there's someone

In a story she remembers
She remembers in the letter
And the tears locked up inside her
Make her heart break open wider
Shuts her eyes and takes the picture from the wall

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Yazoo Too Pieces Comments
  1. lior paz


  2. javi gil


  3. Mirno More

    Still remember the day from 1982 when I first heard this song... Well, it is amazing. Maybe it is conected with youth. Smile from Serbia.

  4. LdaHashZero

    Love this song <3

  5. Argira Selene

    Beautiful song !!!

  6. Paulie

    This is my favourite song off the album! Brings back lot's of memories.

    Are you 'avin a laugh? Is he 'avin a laugh?

    not sure it's my favourite. bit drunk right now.. but the melodies are amazing, both musical and vocal..... lyrics are great. love this album wholeheartedly.

  7. MrGibbo04

    Wonderful, nuff said!