Yazoo - State Farm Lyrics

High & dried, tyre rubber starts burning
Fill her up now before the table starts turning
Souped up, jacked up, cracked up, stacked up
Louie's got the gear
And Charlie's got his back up
And don't it make you feel good?

Says she's a dirt box
You're like a cannibal
Somebody feeds her, sure ain't the State Farm
Who buys the tickets and who buys the clothes
Puts the liquor in her stomach and the powder up her nose
Move. That's right
And don't it make you feel good?

Don't mind me honey
I'm just looking
Smelt your chicken
And I watched you cooking
Souped up, jacked up, cracked up, stacked up
You're a bad stain
And you need to be cleaned up

And don't it make you feel good?
And don't it make you feel good?

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Yazoo State Farm Comments
  1. ヾStuckOnAName

    i'm thirteen and this is good shit 👌

  2. Alexander Cabeza

    The 80's ,Club 950 in Chicago

  3. ærke Dansk

    l o v e i t f o r lief ............


    Qué grandeeee!

  5. Gubany Alexandru

    Fuck Me this is the real music

  6. Chema Robles

    no la oia desde 1984 jaajajaaaa ni sabia quin era, pero la hallé y arriba Cócoriiiiit

  7. iflyTony

    I can't hear this song without thinking of joan Crawford.

  8. Kevin Cwayna

    It didn’t invite, it didn’t call, State Farm picked me up and threw me out onto the dance floor. I landed among strangers dancing, all with themselves. We all ditched our friends, dates, tricks; hypnotically compelled by YAZ's beat to dance. Were we bathhouse trash? Basement dancers? Tricks of tamborine man? Merit smokers? What was the link? We were amazing dancers, that was clear, and enough for now. I buzzed with frenetic pleasure, grinning stupidly. At a club called Paradise, in Boystown, Chicago

  9. S L

    Who are the 16 whores who gave this thumbs down? The best!

  10. Jack Mercer

    wicked synth horn stabs <3<3<3

  11. charles stanfield

    "You're A Bad Stain, And Need To Be Cleaned Up!?

  12. RIXRADvidz

    1.25 and the Electric in Electronica Enters Your Head

  13. Luis Hernandez

    Incredible song I've been missing out

  14. Luis Hernandez

    Fuck this is epic the extended version is incredibly good too!!! Your a dirty stain that needs to be cleaned

  15. KevinWhittingtonAka Marvilloso

    Marvilloso - Gotta get that money

  16. julio ortiz


  17. Jon B

    LOL I remember listening to this and being on the dance floor and so high I thought the band was there live. Tried talking to them, just other fucked up partiers though

    Joseph Johnson

    That's fantastic

  18. 2ndcousin100

    You're a bad stain and you need to be cleaned up!

  19. RIXRADvidz

    Step It!! go down .75 and STePP iTT

  20. padams24

    Yazoo, had some real nice ones but this is the banger!!! :) Clark on that synth!

  21. MB4LUNCH

    Yaz!!!! Even better today.

  22. ealing456

    When people ask what synthpop sounds like, I always direct them to State Farm post-haste.

  23. Michael Mike 1965

    Alison Moyet is the voice of Yaz and her voice is so . . . well, Alison Moyet - all day!!!!

  24. John Patino

    I agree better than what is floating around out there now...........

  25. cheese

    Is the guy in the bathtub Bill Clinton?

  26. burro de la vida


  27. S1 W

    pyramid mix !

  28. hiynastrike

    what kind of music are you... Yaz from State Farm? It sounds hideous

    Macha Mage

    hiynastrike Well played.

  29. RIXRADvidz

    White Boy Funk. and don't it make you feel good?? MOve. GO!

  30. MrDjh66

    Way ahead of its time

  31. Daisypetal100

    Yazoo's best song. Thumbs up.

    Christelle Peyois

    Very good song but for me Yazoo,'s best song is situation

    Sam Owston

    @Christelle Peyois without a doubt

    keldra alpine

    Fuck yeah.

  32. panaico2

    beatiful music

  33. Alex Ortiz

    omg, what happened to all this great music?! So glad I got to enjoy it and dance my ass off. Good old days.

  34. Timothy Cullinan


  35. Sabra

    Yep. They don't make 'em like this anymore!

  36. julie diana

    143,463 views 349 likes!

  37. Michael Anthony

    Loving this still 2016 boy

  38. killmoresalmon

    Heard it on Peel. Loved it ever since.

  39. Mark Tyner

    I still have this 12 inch - though I don't have a turn table anymore - great song

  40. Paul Kennedy

    Hi All, after a few pints and the mood is right, who couldn`t groove along to this song? Great lyrics and Alison really should consider doing a bit more rapping...who doesn`t like a dominatrix telling what goes on in the back rooms of a club and what "goes down" when  you get home and the party continues...

  41. Maurice Carter

    Chicago house music WBMX all day and night long!

  42. Daisy Petal

    Their BEST song! I want to get up and dance!

  43. SweetSweetWaldo

    Yaz in North America. Another group already had the name Yazoo.

  44. Jimm Bear

    I can't believe this was from the early 1980's sounds more modern and cutting edge than most of the stuff on the radio today.  Yaz was sooooooo ahead of their time.

    Paul Kennedy

    +Jimm Bear Amen to that. The electro funk on this track, makes that so called current electronica sound pale and washed out in comparison. The lyrics are genius as well. Superb.

  45. teresa basilio

    Love this so much!

  46. Scott Burkey

    I've been listening to this since it came out and never get tired of it. Here I am in my late 40's still jammin to Yaz and Erasure and Depeche and Bronski. Yaz is the best and Alison can sing like nobody's business!


    I'm right there with you!

    Jamey Mosley

    Scott Burkey me too !✌️



  47. Tracy Stevens

    The breakdown at 1:37 is off the hook! Love it.


    Es como Erasure  en demo

    power dance Mix

    @MIGUELSAGITTA debe ser vincent clark

  49. Paolo Chirico


  50. ADL Dilauri

    the first time i came your house on ashland ave you had tour de france and wordy rapping hood on the turntable. 

  51. xj diva

    "Move! That's right..."  Welcome to where techno house began - just like Coca-Cola, Yaz is the real thing!

  52. cross MARIAN

    Bando de Diabo véio

  53. TheSer810

    I found this LP at my stuff

  54. Greg/Tracey50

    It's you're a bad stain and you need to be cleaned up. The Lyrics are here with the video.

  55. Lisa Sullivan

    I think it's Your bed's stained and you need to be cleaned up. But yes, great lyrics!

    A.C. B. ART

    Lisa Sullivan uh, no, love

  56. MusicNation

    It Makes Me Feel Good

  57. RIXRADvidz

    HAMMERIN' JAMMZ so today so fresh so NOW ''don't it make you feel good?"

  58. Aaron Howard

    Still sounds great! This song was so far ahead of its time.

  59. prnclrk

    Still a great song! God, does this song hold memories for me.

  60. Greg/Tracey50

    your a bad stain and you need to be cleaned up...what a lyric...i like it

  61. Hector

    dj's in detroit use to BANG this sHIT at parties!!

  62. OwnaDge

    what a songggggg xD

  63. frank sauer

    they were the best allison was the best

  64. Lester2955

    Anyone have the Fast Version of this song???

    It was on a Dan O Rama Production number about Joan Crawford.

  65. Estevan Ramos

    Thursday's show was awesome in L.A. at the Orpheum. Will be at the Costa Mesa show on the 24th, long, long, long live the 80's, the inspirational era!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. eisenkreuzmusik

    See ya!

  67. Marcus Neumann

    geiler sound. fett fett fett. ich will meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehr

  68. thehun01

    That's a helluva tune

  69. yellowox

    I saw them three times ... Manchester,Wolverhampton,Hammersmith ... absolutely great live ....for a band that only recorded two albums ... what a great concert experience ... one of the USA gigs will be filmed for a dvd release

  70. ladyloveselectro

    They were AWESOME, saw them last night at Hammersmith and they played this too. Electro forever!

  71. Brian Harris

    I'll let you know how they are live...four weeks and counting...


    Went to see them on reconnected tour in Newcastle, absolutely awesome, like they have never been away, long live Yazoo

  73. YazooMusic

    The 12" remix version of this song (released as a double A side with "Nobody's Diary")reached #1 on the US dance charts in 1983. It was the third (and final) #1 dance hit fo Yaz, following "Don't Go" and "Situation."

  74. Jampar68

    Such as?!?!

  75. Darran Mather

    love it! 'go'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Brian Harris

    One of my favorite Yaz songs. I have nearly front row tickets to see them in Chicago in July. I can't wait. I hope they do this song.
    I'm glad the American release of the "You and Me Both" album included this song, which was originally a B-side. On the album, it replaced the much inferior "Happy People," which was included on the U.K. release.

  77. WildmanBorneo

    Top Tune....will see them in June, Plymouth UK


    WildmanBorneo that was 9 years ago did you get to see them

  78. 54spiritedwill54

    I miss the 80´s

  79. bpmcorp

    They are back at it, summer dates announced for UK shows and USA TBA !!!!!!!!

  80. John von Ahlen

    pure genious. minimal electro pop. 20 years on - and it still sounds fresh. play this at my funeral would you? it rocks :)

  81. godadameve

    Hi, HDSmuzik, Are you referring to SYNTH settings for this sound? Did Vince use a PRO ONE? Or the SH101?

  82. sastal

    I agree. Imagine how it would be without the ducky!

  83. Nighty

    Video's a bit dull.

    Louisville Slugger

    Nighty shut up and dance

  84. Stephen Bluhm

    taint stupid, it's just for those of us who don't have the cd and just want to hear the music.

  85. Syntpop

    :o)..oh I miss the 80´s

  86. go lucky

    wow...classic 80' this is the best tecno house. don't go..

  87. billybeyond

    moyet remains one of the best voices of our time.