Yazoo - Only You Lyrics

Looking from a window above
It's like a story of love
Can you hear me?
Came back only yesterday
I'm moving farther away
Want you near me

All I needed was the love you gave
All I needed for another day
And all I ever knew
Only you

Sometimes when I think of her name
When it's only a game
And I need you
Listen to the words that you say
It's getting harder to stay
When I see you

All I needed was the love you gave
All I needed for another day
And all I ever knew
Only you
All I needed was the love you gave
All I needed for another day
And all I ever knew
Only you

This is going to take a long time
And I wonder what's mine
Can't take no more (can't take no more)
Wonder if you'll understand
It's just the touch of your hand
Behind a closed door

All I needed was the love you gave
All I needed for another day
And all I ever knew
Only you

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Yazoo Only You Comments
  1. Robert Scaife

    For my wife

  2. Angelina leigh

    So weird hearing this version vs Selena's. Both are good though just to different tones. This only is more upbeat, Selena's is sadder.

  3. Mark Anthony Tan

    Home at the end of the world

  4. David Hubbert

    Still stands the test of time what a truly fabulous tune.

  5. Miya Speake

    I’m ngl because of once upon a time, I do listen to this song when trying to date someone, cuz apparently it always works 😂

  6. A Day in the Life Nico Y

    I totally forgot about this song until it played on one of family guy's episode...love this song

  7. Elizabeth Smith

    Going deeper... The Chocolate War, 1988. That brought me here. 🖤🍫

  8. Javi Mo mo

    Que pena que toda esta buena música muera con nuestra generación

  9. xxangelita101xx 101

    Sometimes with lyrics is how you can express your feelings and a song! good melody and song!

  10. ipek ipek

    If you were here, they wouldn't gain the power to hurt me. :(

  11. Stephanie Tinoco

    I heard this song from a movie called can't hardly wait and from Lucifer.

  12. mark kinrade

    Flying pickets version is the best

  13. Teezman

    Shout out to 4th and orange

  14. Donald Andres

    The Goldbergs brought me here...

  15. bolivia_barnes

    Lucifer brought me here

  16. Sarah-Jane The Person

    I really like this song ❤️

  17. Akhil Satish


  18. Hank Clarckson

    Thank u for This Powerfull Track.

  19. Some & More

    Enrique iglesias song :)

  20. David

    I could never get enough of this song.

  21. Ray

    This is truly a beautiful song but i think The Flying Pickets made a better version.

  22. Ronnie Salazar

    Tim and Dawn 💚💜

  23. Yee Yee

    My mom was reading her journal from highschool and it was about her breakup and she wrote this song down lmaooo

  24. Robert Thomas

    The Flying Pickets brought me here.

  25. Shawn Andersen

    Great song.....1982, graduation......

  26. Clever Rocker

    Did this song in my Christmas concert!!!!

  27. Unstoppable Yea

    That is what I have to sing in house Assembly only people at my school will know

  28. Nikkis Mom

    Here because of "Girlfriends Guide to Divorce". Phoebe's mix tape.


    Anyone from behaving badly.

  30. Keifu Chan

    Back when teens were just innocent teens..well compared to now in 2019 at least. Don't know what to call them these days.

    Loren TheGeek

    Lol they were not. Teens have always been messy, they're just a but more up front about it these days

  31. Shark with freakin' laser attached to his head

    Good taste in music brought me here

  32. Delphine Fournier

    Que de bons souvenirs ces années là ! J'adooooore !!!❤👍👍👍💜💜

  33. Rubey Kimberley

    13 reasons why brought me here

  34. Chloe Rignall

    Can’t believe I used to sing this with Po, Marie, abs and liv this is such a memorable moment in are life at school such a shame we don’t see each other as much as we used to

  35. Patrick King

    I remember this from Can’t Hardly Wait

  36. linor davidov

    i’ve been watching once upon a time for 2 years now. i’m on my 8th time. i was at a pharmacy and heard this playing and it gave me goosebumps haha. i love that show so much.

  37. Matthew S

    Once Upon A Time brought me here

  38. Simply Just Amber

    Anyone here from lucifer and once upon a time x

  39. tithi

    This is so good and so GAY!!

  40. tapoutmaster24

    Cant hardly wait?

  41. Pierre Habimana

    A Million Little Things: Season 2 Episode 8 (the ending soundtrack)

  42. Mike Cundiff

    This one will get popular now.....there was a cover of this on A Million Little Things. And people are trying to find the lyrics.

    The movie I remember this from, was the first I beleive. Cant hardly wait.

  43. Jessa Abanes

    Lucifer brought me here

  44. İrem Kalkan

    the first one second immediately reminds me walter bishop.. his tired, hopeless, sad, contrite soul.. i could see it in his eyes..
    missing fringe:(

  45. Tristan Cassidy

    Once upon a time

  46. DragonKnightKing

    My gf just passed this Halloween made me think her instantly so many feeling

  47. Tirthankar Mandal

    #LUCIFER 😍😍😍😍

  48. fla la

    Was this song ever in *13 Going On 30* ?
    Or have I always imagined that?!

  49. Lizon Kafi

    im the only one whos here after watching ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK.

  50. TheReal PW912

    Anyone here because of the office uk?

  51. Stu4rty007

    I guess Tim finally got what he wanted..

  52. Regina De jesus

    Algum(a) brasileira(o) que veio por "Once Upon A Time" ?

  53. Elie Abdelahad

    Can’t hardly wait

  54. Zoe Burton

    Anyone from family guy?

  55. S_ Att


    OR GTFOH !!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Mandy

    For Paolo why does not else understand me .... so many mistakes and now el meu amic

  57. The Running Man

    Who will still be listening in 2020?

    Like if you will be 👍

    Mikhail Campbell

    Love selena gomez version beter however you know from the 13 reasons why

    Jackson- Fury

    Yea boi I be listing to this

  58. Castronaut

    The Americans, anyone?

  59. Jason Bourney

    Coca-Cola Premier League advert brought me here 🎶⚽

  60. Lloyd Duddridge

    Woodford Town FC brought me here.

  61. Erica Joy Poquita

    Once Upon A Time brought me here! 🥰

  62. Rowena Sapun

    Tried to search and listen to this song while watching orange is the new black.sweet list of songs given by alex to pipers on her bday in season 3 episode 4.i am a fan of 80's music but seemed to miss this one.beautiful lyrics......thanks for the download.

  63. Adam Young

    Oi Finchy ?! Fuck off !!

  64. Clara Rejane


  65. Henry McGuinness Guitar

    Beautiful, beautiful. I play this every day

  66. Aidan Harris

    Hating this song is against the 80s law

  67. Joel Johnson

    This would be a cool song to play for Deadpool and Cable or Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman.

  68. Paula Guimarães

    Viollet and Henry💜❤💜❤

  69. Abram Perez

    Who is watching in 2020

    Like if you are

  70. Gabi Silva

    Hello Oncers ❤❤

  71. MasterJammer

    Tim and Dawn

  72. Carley Adair

    Weirdly this reminds me of my black cat who was always wondering away . He would come back only yesterday moving further away until he never came back and we found him dead . I always thought all I needed was his love just for another day . I miss him dearly.

  73. sans_frontieres

    The Chocolate War anyone?

  74. Quicsel 98

    coca cola for you

  75. Mia Miami Cat

    Good vid 👍🏻

  76. crazee1465

    13 reasons why brought me back to the 90s with this song.

  77. Jakob Moore

    once a oncer always a oncer

  78. theunknown cat

    Everyone is here for Once, but I'm here for when Walter had a breakdown staring at a flower.

  79. Matthew McAlister

    Did anyone else come here because they actually like the song?


    it's so refreshing when you go to a music video and there are no " so and so brought me here' comments.

  80. Leroy Jenkins

    The law of 80s movies

  81. Kelsie Bell

    I'm here because someone who liked me played this for me a while ago, I rejected them but now were vest friends and I realized now I have feelings for them I'm so stupid

    Random Name

    Kelsie Bell Tell them quickly before it’s too late

  82. The Gael

    Dawn and Tim <3

  83. Luxurious Fool

    I actually heard it from my car radio this morning 103.1 The Wave

  84. Mysteria Venezia Winchester

    Once Upon a time and Fringe brought me here :)

  85. Riddle


  86. k Kwok

    To the memory of my beloved wife

  87. gotspf1

    I came here from the 80s. My all time favorite song.



  89. Lion Heart

    In a time when emotion was well and truly put into a song...

  90. Imre Kiss

    2019 anyone? :D

    Imre Kiss

    Only U @michele visconti?
    ciao lady ;)

    Imre Kiss

    @michele visconti
    are u girl?

    michele visconti

    @Imre Kiss No. i'm a man. why?

    Imre Kiss

    @michele visconti ohh i thought u are a girl, michele is girl name...:(

    michele visconti

    @Imre Kiss
    "Michele", Italian is a male name. "Michela", instead, is a feminine name.

  91. sherry pacheco

    Me Is a OUAT Fan :)

  92. Stormy Sky

    I'm here because my dad loves this song

  93. Leonardo Luna

    more songs like this pls anyone?

  94. Selena Gomez

    13 reasons why

  95. 26etf

    fuck you

  96. Noor Kassem

    Jack Antonoff Brought me here

  97. HarmonicPsyche

    Anyone else here because of “Fringes of Hope” in Mother: Cognitive Dissonance?