Yazoo - Ode To Boy Lyrics

When he moves I watch him from behind
He turns and laughter flickers in his eyes
Intent and direct when he speaks, I watch his lips
And when he drives I love to watch his hand
White and smooth almost feminine, almost American, I have to watch him.

In his face age descends on youth, exaggeration on the truth
He caught me looking then but soon his eyes forgot
And everything he seems to do reflects just another shade of blue
I saw him searching into you and ached a while

I watch his lips caress the glass,
His fingers stroke its stem and pass
To lift a cigarette at last, he dries his eyes
From a shadow by the stair
I watch as he weeps unaware
That I'm in awe of his despair

[Chorus repeat]

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Yazoo Ode To Boy Comments
  1. ricric

    So smooth.

  2. Anita Foster

    My absolute favorite!! ❤️

  3. max swenson

    I'm pretty sure this is what a Fellini movie sounds like.


    Max, You have totally got it !!! Thank you so much.

  4. DJ Lloyd

    All I can say is....
    WOW!! Powerful,beautiful, mystical and magical!
    Alison and Vince ur music will never die!

  5. Dark Mice

    I knew Mr. Blue.

  6. Lon McGuire

    Lap dance.

  7. gretagrain

    waiting for you

  8. gretagrain

    do this underwater

  9. Matthew Random

    Best of the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Rasim Alijagic

    Yazoo, et najbolji

  11. Tamás Papp

    perfect stereo song

  12. BAZ INGA

    Is this a gay anthem?

  13. Scott Beckstead

    Simply one of the most unique and simply brilliant songs I've ever heard.

  14. EsromFF

    I love to watch his hands.......

  15. Tamás Papp

    great blues song

  16. Halliwellsson


  17. Eric

    How could I've forgotten about this? How many times I continuously put the needle back on this song!

  18. 88feji

    What a groundbreaking song .. so unique in structure alternating between singing and whispering .. and that minimalistic background music ... a seemingly incohesive way of song making with incohesive seeming elements yet it all hold together so well you can hear a beating heart within, so visual, so seductive ... this is one of the most artistically sophisticated songs I've ever heard ...

  19. Michael Edwards

    And of course, something I realised just yesterday, 34 years after I first heard the song, the title is a word play on one of Beethoven's most famous works, his 9th symphony, the "Ode to Joy", the European Union anthem

    Michael Kays

    Michael Edwards wait huh what? Explain?

  20. Michael Edwards

    Stand out track from a dodgy album. But what a band!

  21. Cl4rendon

    So minimalistic and yet so powerful declaration of admiration of Alison towards Vince.
    They had an ambivalent relationship to begin with, which ignited the whole project, so brief and intense.
    I love this one so much for its tender & heavy poetic revelation - Alison`s finest moments next to " Winter Kills".

    Peter Brazier

    So cool so perfect

  22. jLopez

    fuck, so good.

  23. paul bellenie

    This song is perfection, I fell in love with this many years go..

  24. Tamás Papp

    Perfect stereo song. Full emotional.

  25. Raina Russe


  26. C. S.


  27. David Berry

    This is Yazoo at their best! Just listen to the perfect lyrics. Been a favorite of mine for 30 years....true genius!

    Below the Asteroids

    Indeed it was the soundctrack to my 20s in the 2010s...

  28. bijou bijou

    love it💗💗💗💗💗💗

  29. andrew1236

    Is not Alison a legend?

  30. Florian Voß

    Oh, bernhard, nun treffen wir uns sogar per zufall bei yT ...

  31. Steven Walker

    at her best xxx
    she is royalty in voice terms

    Marcia Alvarez-Vega

    @Steven Walker Yes, she is!!!!

  32. Wim Spierings

    I loved them  Yazoo ....my first love with music...12 years old....played it so many times.....

  33. J Patrick

    This song!  The The early 80s! My youth!.... I memorized this. Loved this!  So terribly embarrassed to say that I had no idea that it was a woman singing until a decade later.  Everything was so androgynous and I loved everything about this song. In my defense I was in college and there was no mtv. Her voice was so perfect.  Still one of my all time favs.  Thank you Yaz!

    enter username

    J Patrick it took me till now to figure that out. XD

  34. Martin Lyons

    The Bass Synth on this is just awesome and the cowbells brilliant, loved this song ever since I first heard it way back in 82


    strange since it was released in 83 ;)

    Martin Lyons

    You`re right 83, which is of course what I meant


    Don't apologise yet...you may be right..you may well have heard the song in a club before that...as, when i went to Scotland in 1981, a song was doing the rounds and got every Scot(and me) up onto the dancefloor,...it was a little-known song at the time called SITUATION(the remix..i asked the DJ)....i came back from Scotland and went  straight to the record shop(miss them!!) and asked for a copy of SITUATION by YAZOO...."sorry mate...no such song!!!" was the reply...i know i've got my dates accurate...or am i to be proved wrong??...who knows...but SITUATION was doing the rounds back then...maybe they were sending copies out to generate and stimulate some interest...it got MINE...and i was wayyy ahead of the game(for a change...told eveyone i knew about it before it arrived)..for anyone reading this who wants to get ahead of the game on mellow music with a beautiful vocal..google BREATHE  by JASMINE LAMPORT(HUGE ADVERT...FREELY ADMIT IT...some may forgive me if they hear her vox)..........i co-wrote it...and it's beginning to shift....ENJOY....p.s. MY FAVE BAND WAS YAZOO!!!!...they were awesome..and how sad that DON'T GO only reached no.2   ....beaten to no.1 by "COME ON EILEEN"...what a crime!!!


    +bitleyTM On Discogs it says 1982 ^^

    It keeps adding /de after .com so I am not sure if the link works. I need(ed) that information since my music library is carefully maintained, so I am very picky about the release date.

    Martin Lyons

    So I was right, thank you Zedek 

  35. scott keenan

    Another great track by 2 fine artists that are brilliant at what they do.

  36. veronica Alleyne

    so deeply sensual

  37. Robert Dakin

    WOW still in my top ten af all time. The pairing of these two was genius, this is music/performance with feeling and power

  38. jodallion

    her voice is beyond compare!

  39. pliedtka

    One of the best Vince pieces.

  40. jared7able

    My little brother and i used to blast this out of a vw bug with 2 PYLE TWELVES 2 PYLE TENS- BOSE MIDS AND TWEETS all powered by MAJESTIC BACK IN 1988 It sounded unbelievable!!!

  41. jared7able

    Love it sooooooo much.

  42. Joseph Patrick Buckley

    Third to the last song Rick would play at the STARCK CLUB at Dallas 83-85

  43. 123xxrobertx

    it reminds me of an older better times ! just classy !!!!!

  44. musicistachica

    What a sexy song...her voice makes it that much hotter.