Yazoo - In My Room Lyrics

(Our Father, who art in Heaven)
(Hollowed be thy name)

I stand alone and watch the clock
I only wait for it to stop
And in the room locked up inside me (thy kingdom come)
The cutout magazines remind me
I sit and wait alone (thy will be done) in my room

And in my room against the wall
There is a picture very small (on Earth, as it is in Heaven)
A photograph I took some years ago
It shows a picture of the room I know
I sit and wait alone in my room (on Earth, as it is in Heaven)

The walls are white and in the night
The room is lit by electric light

(On Earth, as it is in Heaven)
I stand alone and watch the clock (and lead us not into temptation)
I only wait for it to stop
The doors are shut and all the windows lock
The only sound is from the clock
I sit and wait alone in my room (and deliver us from evil)


(And deliver us from evil)
(And deliver us from evil)
(And deliver us from evil)
(And deliver us from evil)
(And deliver us from evil)
(And deliver us from evil)
(And deliver us from evil)
(And deliver us from evil)
(And deliver us from evil)
(And deliver us from evil)
(And deliver us from evil)
(And deliver us from evil)

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Yazoo In My Room Comments
  1. Jan jan

    Amazing song....and album ❤️❤️❤️


    One of the best bands of all time, they lead where others just followed. Vince and Alf pure class.

    james smurf

    the female vocalist is Alison Moyet (one of her albums is named ALF)

  3. Y. D. Allison

    I totally agree with you grandprismatic!!!

  4. DJ Lloyd

    Legendary band legendary beautiful song! 80s rocks!!

  5. Elaine Rosefelder

    Throughout the Zombie Apocalypse...

  6. Arty 47


  7. Mel Taylor

    How fantastic to listen to this again. 17 and can still remember all the lyrics to this album !

  8. Bex

    I love this song

  9. August Forte

    I stand alone and watch the clock...

  10. fpswills

    My dad has this on a CD with 2 15 inch subwoofers you can't hear people when the bass is hitting

  11. Tanya L

    I always thought they were Yaz. Hmm anyway, great stuff regardless!


    Yaz in America, Yazoo in Europe.

  12. grandprismatic

    One of the most underrated songs of the day

    The Brown Swede

    I come back to this song so many times. So powerful!

  13. Dragon Energy

    "Our father who art in heaven". Love this track. This is Vince coming out about his Christianity.

  14. keith wood

    God gave us one of the greatest music albums ever ....Viva Vincent Clarke of The Basildon Clan 😊


    keith wood - former Depeche Mode member as well

  15. Dahstin

    My Room.

  16. melissa paxton

    i was in a bad place hms at the time so on the button still love it

  17. Jörg Drechsel

    und ich hab noch die LP😊

  18. Elaine Keary

    Love this song .🙌🏼🌟

  19. Sue Wills

    cool tune eighties so cool yee haa

  20. MelIssa G

    what are you

  21. Exception Null

    Hail Mary full of grace the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, JESUS.


    Wow Mother Mary and Jesus are BOTH Yazoo fans - I mean I knew they were good - Vince is a synth 'god' but ... now I really AM impressed. Blessed be thy Roland

  22. Exception Null

    Deliver us from evil.

  23. Paul Kennedy

    Hi All, when Yazoo reformed for the `Reconnected Tour` in 2008, Alison got back in touch with her acting abilities when performing this song by giving the cushion clutched to her bosoms a fair old squeeze! It is without doubt one of their best songs and is a standout on this album.

    melissa paxton

    had bigger hits but for me this was a poineant tune at a time when i was in a bad place

  24. Joy Gimbel

    Never realized were "yazoo" not sure how that could happen:) doink

  25. Zoltán Horváth

    A szobámban :Megint felsorolhatatlan Yazoo sláger! ZOLI

  26. niagrawater

    I always thought the lead singer was a guy. Imagine my surprise when I saw on youtube it was a girl. Great music either way.

    Jesse Hall

    The weird thing is, I thought the lead singer for Oasis when 'Supersonic' came out was a woman :D Might have been the sound system in the club we used to go to. Don't like Oasis BTW...

  27. Ella Green

    The spoken word is my husband's voice. And no, I am not a groupie or stalker, lol. And yes, his voice sounds very sexy and a lot deeper. GREAT TUNE, my hubby or not......... LOVE IT!

    Ella Green

    @BlogBitch As far as I know Vince still is married to Tracey Hurley, however, the male voice is not Vince's. It's Dave's ;)


    @Jitka Fuskova That your husband had any contribution to this classic and groundbreaking album is something to be  proud of, I know I would be. Sorry but I am a pedant and D. Davis is credited with 'extra chit chat' as was Eric Radcliffe's Mum. Vince Clarke spoke his own composition for this and 'I before E except after C'. that is how it is credited on the album (I just checked). Like I said I am a pedant and it in no way diminishes the fact that Dave was there and part of the creative process. 

    Ella Green

    @BlogBitch Hi there, Blog (I have very hard time calling you B***h, lol)......... Anyways, I am Jitka, pleased to meet you via youtube 'thingie'. I can guarantee one thing and that is that it is, indeed, my husband's voice. I totally understand where you're coming from and why you would be sceptical (or skeptical).

    Dave was just a young 'dude' and happened to be friends with Alison, Vince and Jimmy Sommerville. Eventually he got to know Andy, too (Erasure, of course). He was asked to be part of this song and he did it, just for fun. He also never asked for any recognition in any songs that Vince, Alison and any other folks did, he only had done voice in very few, 'In My Room'/'Clock' just happens to be one of them.

    Back then, he was a young British Military soldier and retired after 31 years of service a few years ago. His voice is the same (I was shocked, too, to be quite honest), actually, three weeks ago, while on vacation in the Czech Republic (hence my Eastern European name), a friend we were introduced to (Scottish guy teaching English in my home town), heard the song and leaped into 'WTF'! mode, lol. He was sitting next to Dave and said;" Fucking hell, mate, that is YOU!" lol.

    Dave explained how he got to know Alison Moyet, Vince, Jimmy and Andy Bell, etc. Long story short, yup, it's my hubby's voice and yes, he knows of D. Davis and Eric and his Mum, too. 

    Again, I totally understand why you would have some doubts, any and all, these days people write crazy stuff on social media sites like-there's-no-tomorrow, but in this case, I can confirm and guarantee you that you will never see any credit for this particular song with my husband's name on it, nor any other. He said to me a while back that these were years that were super fun and very enjoyable and great 'relax' from his military duties. He saids he was lucky to know these great artist only for one reason..... they were good and down-to-earth folks and great friends back then. 

    I will spill some beans', if you want me to.... no nasty gossip, of course, as there is none, but funny bits I know from him and reasons why my Dave (my Dave) does certain things the way he does them, lol. It's actually quite funny and now I do know why .................. (silent eyeroll while smiling). 

    Feel free to email me on my name, and since it is only few hours before midnight, I wish you the Best & Super Happy NEW YEAR 2015 (to all your family and friends, too). 

    J. (xoxo)

    Hugo Mejia

    Ella Green ttttttgfdkkcbjkli

    John Jameson

    And none of this inane banter distracts from the fact that you can find a voice like Vince's (or Daves) for that matter anywhere within a hundred miles of the M25 but the only place your gonna find a voice like ALFS is perhaps just above Andy Bells head! ;)

  28. Jon Southurst

    The Chocolate War -- What Dead Poets' Society wanted to be, but wasn't.


    Jon Southurst Thanks. After your comment I had to go look up "Chocolate Wars". I've only read about it at this point and DPS produced neither the ambition nor the scope as it appears CW achieved. Think I'll give it a quick read. Meanwhile, DPS remains Hollywood pap that appealed to high school preppers whose only exposure to Latin til then was of the pig variety.

    Emerson Ready

    I just rewatched The Chocolate War a few months ago. Such a great flick that went under the radar.
    Good call.

  29. Bruce

    From the Chocolate Wars

  30. jannepori

    Thompson Twins - Hold Me Now

  31. T o V e R

    sooo good

  32. Elextro Alan


  33. carbon man

    I'm 18 again .........feelin old !

    Deebee Daydreamer

    that's quite a contradiction


    I used to make out with my wife to that song!
    We just turned 50 in these the last few months, brings back good memories.....

  34. Kenneth Love


  35. J. R. Morales

    The best album ever!!!

  36. csaba cseresznye

    Great song! Like this.

  37. Peter Batty

    got the album first time round, it still sounds great today..

  38. sinister066

    one of the best and weirdest songs YOU! will ever hear. now go listen to more yazoo. you will not b disappointed.

  39. deanwhitbread

    No it's Vince

  40. Billy

    Thank you