Yazoo - Anyone Lyrics

Fate took a freeway to my room
Said to much while he stayed
And left too soon.
Bright on an evening sea,
Washed in with the tide
Deep in each other's dreams
Where all but dreams had died.

Wretched in your thoughts
Gentle hate within the love you brought.
Words fade like flowers shadowed
There beneath your wall
Wind cries from every angle
Dead leaves left to wait for fall.

And in my darkest hour
When I can find no light
My goals are out of sight
And nothing warms the night.
I close my eyes
And with such sweet surprise
I can be anywhere
I can be anyone.

And in my darkest hour
When I can find no light
My goals are out of sight
And nothing warms the night.
I close my eyes
And with such sweet surprise
I can be anywhere
I can be anything
I can be anyone
I can be anyone.

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Yazoo Anyone Comments
  1. david henderson

    Stunning song

  2. Frogstar Lilypad

    chuuune .. what more can I say .. me thinks they should do the pyramid at glasto. they would smash it :)

  3. Marc Sound

    No one like Alison. No one like Vince

  4. aramanth

    I love that loop of sounds that play...
    proof that electronics can be lush, warm and soulful.
    "Anyone" and "Ode to a Boy" were fine moments on
    _You and Me Both._ Thanks for posting!

  5. Francoise Installe


  6. Darren Walmsley

    Yazoo is ace

  7. lilian carrasco

    Buena cancion

  8. 2007AMAURY

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this song !

  9. Rosalie S


  10. Gman4MF

    beautiful always ♥

  11. SonomaBill1

    a highlight of my listening life, hearing this live on the Reconnected tour.   Here's to hoping that maybe it happens again whilst i'm still upright.

  12. sanfoxmusicband

    Alison y Vince.....

  13. Thomas Georgantas

    ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

  14. Stephen Otoole

    Takes me back to my bedsit years in Brighton in the 80 s - happy days - sad days - youth ....


    In My Room :)


    As a youth me and my mate were wandering around streets of a northern city, and we discovered an open door of an abandoned house and I heard this playing from a room interior. Opening the door, a dansette was sitting there and this was playing. It was on repeat the whole side b. But the room was eerily abandoned. This'd been early '84 - and I'd heard 'Eric's' so I'd recognised the singer's voice. This album cover was stuck on the wall with blu-tac. Always remember it-really odd. Like a latter day Marie Celeste!

  15. Mourad Gamha

    Excellent voice,excellent melody👍👍👏👏👏

  16. Tamás Papp

    jörg kumpel! das ist ein gefüll. ich war damals 12. alles voll mit liebe und sichereit.
    Made in hungary. Damals. Das war new wave mit anderen. War schöne zeiten.
    Ich denke momentan: gerne leben in 80' jahren. Das leben hat noch deutung gehabt.

  17. jörg Wagner

    da hab ich erst nicht gewußt,
    welche Bedeutung es haben kann,
    na damals haben wir doch noch gedacht, wir hören einen schönen disco titel.

  18. Paul Kennedy

    Hi All, when Alison crescendos to `I Close My Eyes` ...it could make a deaf person hear again and create another earthquake out in the Pacific. What a brilliantly powerful and soulful voice she has. Superb.


    True although I always wish there was more development in the song after it, the music begs for it.

  19. Rayssa Monroy

    I can be anywhere... I can be anyone.

  20. KGB2101

    Deep thoughtful profound

  21. Elextro Alan


  22. italobastard

    I can only imagine what Erasure would have been with Alison ,,,, instead.

    Michael Joynt

    It would be Yazoo...

    Michael Kays

    italobastard can't imagine as Clarke/Bell are the songwriters of Erasure.

  23. Jarek skręt

    Izolka68 ..dobra robota:))

  24. blackpearl2119

    this is a masterpiece. omg Alison,that voice..<3

  25. Clare

    something about this tune...

  26. Alex Fong

    Vinyl baby!

  27. 2007AMAURY

    For me, one of my favorites songs.....!

  28. John Williams

    I wore this cassette tape out.


    ONE COPY??...i bought this album three times...the only album i ever did that with was Dire Straits Best Hits.

  29. Halliwellsson

    Alisons vocal gives me the chill...